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When you do your request and pick your pairings you can provide additional details, such as a preferred name or physical description, in your request. Content which features a canonically gay character in a sexual or romantic situation with a character of the opposite gender i.

We also allow poly nominations and crossover nominations as long as they contain at least one dragon age dwarf character.

What is it?

What pairings are eligible? Then our zine is the perfect place for you! Treatless List.

Are you looking for some more DA Events? Who can participate?

The applications for the Solas zine are now open and we would be so happy to have you in our team! If you have questions, ask the moderators. Clearly you did your research Kass and I absolutely adore this. All works must be rated Explicit or Mature and tagged appropriately.

Thank you so much to my wonderful gifters and to dasmutquisition for hosting such a fun and engaging event!

Any pairings or groups are eligible as long as they contain at least one DA Character from any DA Media and no characters who are underage. Nominations starting in Late August! Moderators will be updating the nominations spreheet as quickly as possible when nominations come in. You can use the provided prompts or come up with your own. Or side characters with only a few lines? All pairings can only be nominated once. Are you an artist or a writer with a burning love for our dear apostate?

The -up form is now active and waiting for you to up.

Dragon age smut

The Dragon Age Smutquisition will return in January Keep an eye out for a schedule in late ! AO3 Collection. Month age Merrill is an inaugural celebratory smut event for anyone who loves Merrill from Dragon Age! The prompts are only suggestions; we will reblog any Merrill content that meets the rules and tags monthofmerrill or mentions monthofmerrill. Send us an ask or message cartadwarfwithaheartofgold. For the purposes of this challenge, the Dragon Age OC Dwarf Protagonists will be considered different characters based on their gender and surname.

For example:. This is an exchange, ran through AO3, that shines a dragon on our under 5 feet tall friends. Posts Ask me anything Archive. This character can be from any Dragon Age media - games, books, comics, etc. Black Emporium is a rare pair exchange that encompasses everything Dragon Age — provided they have less than completed works on Ao3. Are you an artist or writer who craves some dwarf-centric content in the Dragon Age fandom?

When nominating an OC Dwarf Protagonist, please keep this in mind and specify which option you want. Requests List. To view the works in the exchange or the requests, please check out the collection:. What is it? You can nominate up to 20 different pairings.

Do you too wish that dwarves were given their proper place at the fandom table even if, yes, a step stool is required? We will not accept any of the following: Content featuring underage characters younger than 18 in sexual situations. Nominations Spreheet. Any pairing or grouping can be nominated - as long as it features at least one dwarf. Do you wish you had more fanfiction or fanart to fill that smol paragon shaped hole in your heart? Fan content creators or consumers! Do you enjoy shipping characters who never met in canon?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Keep reading. If you would like to participate in the nomination process, but do not have an AO3please reach out to via DM, ask box, or by contacting cartadwarfwithaheartofgold. Perhaps your taste runs to zany, off-the-wall crack ships? Welcome to the Handers gift exchange -ups! This list is not exclusive, but just to give you an idea of content to create for the event!

The blog will reblog or queue up posts depending on amount of response that tag monthofmerrill or mentions monthofmerrill until JULY 31ST! Effortless by queen-kass-the-writer was an excellent look at the complicated relationship between Cullen and my OC Olivia, in a modern setting. Some leeway is allowed for true healthy polyamory situations. Anyone with an AO3 can nominate pairings.

Applications are now open.

Good Morning by cassandra-pentughasst. The pairing must have at least one dragon age dwarf character in it. Pairings can be canon, non-canon, or sheer crack. Nominations may consist of homosexual, heterosexual, threesomes, moresomes, or platonic requests. There will also be opportunities for people to offer to make, and receive, bonus treat creations of any length fic or finished art.

If you fit any of those descriptions, then we have age the exchange for you! Knight Takes Queen also by hollyand-writes how lucky am I is more otp filth and I am living for it. Content that will be reblogged smuts fanfiction, artwork, moodboards, gifsets, screenshots, edits, playlists, ask memes, fic or art recommendations, etc. As a reminder, this exchange is open to all forms of creative output - art, fanmixes, fic and edits are all equally welcome. Dedicated to Cullen Rutherford Content! Calling all artists and writers! Requests are optional - the only dragon of your request that must be adhered to are the DNWs.

This exchange is open to all writers and artists 18 years old or over to explore the smuttier side of the DA Fandom. This means that there are three options male, female, and non-binary for Aeducan, Brosca, and Cadash. The exchange is available on AO3 and will remain open for any late treats!

ups are in May! Nominations opening at the end of May! This usually begins to run in mid to late summer! Check-ins will be held on the 28th May and all gifts should be complete and posted by Friday 18h June. Here are some upcoming DA Fandom Events:. Are you a Solas lover?

Any nomination that does not contain at least one dwarf from the Dragon Age fandom will be rejected. The moderators will go through the pairings to check that each contains at least one dwarf from the Dragon Age fandom. NSFW content that is not tagged appropriately lemon or smut please.

Introducing the Month of Merrill event! Sparring sessions by cassandra-pentughasst.

Content that discriminates against a marginalized group. Content is then queued for the rest of the month. Cullen Week is the first week of April hosted by cullensource! Bad Ideas and their fortunate outcomes by kunstpause. Want to our Dragon Age Dwarf Discord?