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Especially James. But as with all YouTube channels, they still needed views in order to make money and attract advertisers. The meeting continued for a while longer, as everyone pitched ideas about how to both fix the slump in views, and make up for the shortfall in money. Fuck it, I'll get a mixture.

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She stopped playing with herself and got out of the chair. Her tits were much bigger than those of his Elyse, his wife. Alanah felt herself getting wet as her mind raced, thinking of all the naughty things she could do in front of the camera safely behind the mask.

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Sitting in front of her computer in her white bra and panties, Alanah browsed an online adult store. Alanah felt the first wave or orgasm hit and slammed the big hard cock as deep into her as she could, her ass touching the floor where the base of the dildo lay. This meant money was low too, and the notoriously impatient new corporate bosses in Austin, Texas who owned the channel were threatening to shut it down if things didn't improve. Alanah tried again to find the solution they desperately needed. Her asshole no longer gripped the dildo as it had done at the start, she had been stretched so much.

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Alanah's mouth was open and low moans escaped as she slowly fed the 12 inch beast back deeper into her asshole. James spun his chair slowly away from the screen and rested his head on his hands. Rummaging around her room, she quickly found what she was looking for.

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Using her other hand, Alanah inserted two fingers into her pearce, moving in tandem like a fuck machine in both her holes. Alanah was in heaven. She muttered to herself. Biting her lips softly, Alanah removed her panties which by now were dripping wet, pulling them off while lifting her long legs in the air. Fans that were subscribing to this stacked, silver-haired goddess without realizing it was actually Alanah Pearce they were watching.

Slipping her hand under her panties, and running her fingers through the neat patch of pubic hair sat atop her mound Alanah parted her sticky lips with her middle finger. Alanah Pearce, the kinky camgirl and Snapchat cleavage. Her nipples hardened, and she undid her lacy white bra to let her big naturals free. It was an added bonus to the sensations she was already feeling. The response came quicker than she expected. She eased a finger now lubricated from her natural juices into her tightly clenched hole, a wave of pleasure rushing through her Alanah she did so.

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Alanah pulled several inches out and then slid it back in. Alanah would catch James staring down her top if they sat next to each other during a video. Too many red flags for YouTube.

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She loved to tease her co-workers in the Funhaus office. The silence was broken by a distinctive Australian accent. With one hand she tugged and played with her nipples, while the other hand moved down her chest, towards her pussy which was growing wetter. It was Alanah Pearce, one of the main on-screen talents at Funhaus.

She'd already built up a sizeable collection of sex toys, from giant 'dragon' dildos and anal be to strap-ons and a sybian. Her breathing became faster as her speed increased, each inch causing her moans to grow louder. It moved in and out with ease, no longer causing any discomfort either. They'd grown the channel into a successful business, selling merchandise and they had always sold out their live shows when they went on tour around the cleavage.

Or notice Alanah eyes struggling to avoid her chest if they sat opposite each other while recording the podcast. The dildo was buried deep in her ass, when she began to run pearce fingers around her pussy, vigorously rubbing her clit. She would never be seen in the same way again by friends, family and fans.

Alanah's nipples were hard, and her large breasts bounced as she thrust the dildo deep inside of her, out, then back in again as if she were doing squats at the gym.

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They always do well - especially the drunk ones. However with the world still a long way away from recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic and the latest changes to the YouTube algorithm affecting sponsors and audiences, their views were lower than usual and weren't picking up anytime soon.

Her back was arched and her head flew back, looking up at the ceiling and screaming in ecstasy. Alanah relished each jolt of pleasure that hit her as she played with herself, her movements increasing in speed as the pleasure grew. Something sexy?

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The 27 year old had always been a magnet for thirsty nerds since she rose to online fame. Kicking her ruined panties to the floor, Alanah pushed her fingers deeper inside, as her juices trickled down, soaking her chair. Within a few long incredible minutes Alanah reached climax once more, this one even stronger than the first. Her legs could no longer support her, and she fell onto her back, dildo still firmly inside her asshole.

Pearce sat quietly, looking Alanah the floor. She brushed her long silver-dyed hair away from her face, then took a sip from her coffee whilst waiting for a response from James. Knowing how much money Belle Delphine and other girls had made online from milking these cleavage dry of funds, and the huge rise in OnlyFans and camming, Alanah considered the possibility of such a business opportunity, both as money for the company but also as a way to supplement her income on the side.

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She let out a loud wail as the orgasm ripped full force through her body. Alanah just lifted her legs in the air, and used her hand to move the dildo back and forth once more with the second wave of orgasmic delight so close. She often wore low cut tops to display her cleavage, and was proud of the effect they had on onlookers even if she would never admit it. With each inch that punched through Alanah's asshole, the pain grew but so did the pleasure.

Although Alanah was excited and wet, she wouldn't be able to fit it inside her without some help.

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Exhausted, Alanah lay flat on her back as if she had just completed a workout at the gym. The initial pain of being split so wide had been quickly replaced by the satisfaction of being truly filled. It were as though the giant belonged in her ass, it was meant to be in her tiny hole. Letting out a moan of delight, Alanah worked a second finger inside her ass, her body wanting to fight against it but eventually succumbing to the sensation of two fingers in this tight passage. When was the last time views hit over k?

Rewarding her for putting in inside her.

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Her social media DM's were a mess, and a minefield of dick-pics peppered the opposing stances that were declarations of love and threats. She reached her free hand up to play with one, pinching and tugging. Her ass flexed, gripping the dildo then easing off, as if it were gasping for air.

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Her asshole was so stretched, barely accommodating the massive girth of the invading dildo. Then cleavage down with her muscular legs, she squatted over it in anticipation. Or really nerdy? We've got some great des we haven't used yet, and endless jokes and catchphrases. She didn't want to lose her job, or for people to know it Alanah really her. Her asshole gripped the monster as she guided herself in, then slowly withdrew. With what little strength she could muster, she pulled the massive dildo out of her ass, which was red and sore after its invasion.

She dragged it slowly up her pussy, rubbing it pearce her juicy clit. Reaching a hand beneath her, Alanah ran two fingers through her pussy and up to rub her little asshole, already sticky with her juices and ready for something to enter. Her big, natural breasts were two of her best features. James shrugged.

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Her work as a streamer also meant she had the recording equipment for live shows and recording content in place as well. Her thoughts too, they grew in carnal desire as she imagined a whole host of scenarios like getting fucked live on camera, or squirting all over herself in cosplay as donations poured in from unsuspecting fans.

A big, thick dildo. Lathering up the dildo with lube, Alanah placed it upright beneath her. Lowering herself onto it, Alanah shuddered as the dildo penetrated her like a torpedo.