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Raj: Or, we could walk right behind each other all night and look like one person going really fast. The four all change into different costumes. Leonard is dressed, of course, now as Frodo. Raj: What? No, no, no, Raj has to be an Indian God. I laughed so hard at this episode.

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History Talk 0. Register Don't have an ? On the night of the party, the guys arrive at the apartment in their costumes. Finally she refuses to even go to the New Year's Eve costume party at the comic book store after Zack embarrasses her.

Howard enters proclaiming "I'm Batman".

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Zack leaps into the apartment as Superman, but can't remember, "It's a bird. After Zack finally realizes what's going on and storms out, the guys decide to apologize to him and give him some Milk Duds. None of them, not even Zack, are brave enough to stop the car theft. Young Sheldon.

'big bang theory': costume party!

Sheldon as the Flash pacing. They even purchase a Wonder Woman costume for Penny.

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Waiting for the name of the winner. Green Lantern waiting for the others. Witnessing a carjacking. Batman gets punched by Wonder Woman after a sleazy remark.

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Penny drinking in her apartment. Do you like this video? Zack immediately forgives Leonard and his friends and goes with the guys to the comic book storeleaving a peeved Penny behind. The guys discover that Penny and her ex-boyfriend, Zackare back together and they take advantage of his lack of intelligence and make fun of him.

The justice league recombination

The Justice League Recombination. Penny as Wonder Woman. Raj thinks that Aquaman stills sucks. Penny doesn't want to go and suggests that they ask Bernadette or Amybut Howard says Bernadette is under quarantine and Sheldon says Amy doesn't believe in wearing costumes, leaving no choice, but for Penny to go.

Play Sound. That New Year's Day evening, Leonard warns Sheldon that he wants to change the thermostat temperature. Stuart announcing the winner.


Sheldon then imagines himself as The Flash, speeding to the Grand Canyon to scream "Good lord, how you frustrate me, Leonard Hofstadter! Penny relents, puts the wig on to avoid the "Leonard" question, and the group later wins the costume contest. Once he is 'back', Sheldon tells Leonard, "Fine".

The faux Justice League of America. Sheldon demands that he make his victory speech, however, Stuart interrupts him and lead the countdown to midnight.

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The real Justice League of America. When midnight strikes and it becomes the New Year,Zack is kissing Penny, she looks guiltily over at Leonard for the duration of the entire kiss, while Leonard gazes back at her. Wondering if Sheldon really understands her. Chuck Lorre Productions, Universal Conquest Wiki. No one is going to be looking at her hair. George Cooper Jr. Missy Cooper Meemaw Jeff Difford. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. None of the guys, not even Zack, can convince Penny to go.

You'll be the prettiest girl there. Sheldon replied by saying, "This is how The Flash paces".

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This episode first aired on Thursday, December 16, Penny is going as Wonder Womanwhile Zack dresses as Superman. Penny reveals that she is only with Zack because she doesn't want to be alone for New Year's Eve. It is hinted that she still hasn't fully gotten over Leonard. Explore Wikis Community Central. Big Bang Theory. The guys find a "super" use for Penny's ex-boyfriend, Zack, when they enter a costume contest as the Justice League. Leonard agrees as long as he goes as Green Lanternleaving Raj to be Aquamanmuch to his distress. Since Zack would not go without Penny and the Justice League wouldn't be complete without Superman and Wonder Woman, Sheldon says that they'll have to go in their Muppet baby costumes, but then they make Leonard talk to Penny.

Sheldon trying to make his speech.

The justice league recombination

Sheldon as the Flash is pacing back and forth though Leonard says that it looks like he's jogging. At the store, the guys realize that Zack would be great as Superman for their Justice League group at Stuart 's New Year's Eve costume party, who would replace the short Leonard as that role. What do we do about Penny? It's Superman. You think that that costume makes you look fat. Penny and Leonard looking uncomfortable after Zack kisses her at midnight.

The big bang theory costume party

The episode concludes with the group witnessing an ongoing car theft on the way back home and despite wearing Justice League costumes, they comically scurry off. Howard that no one will be looking at her hair glancing at her cleavage while he says it and gets punched by Wonder Woman. It's a plane.