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Ever since I was a young boy, probably around 10 years old, I have been obsessed with body swapping as a fantasy and as a fetish.

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Tomorrow's Lives Human body. You start to feel more and more comfortable in it, and you start to really get the fantasy of how it would be if it were your body.

A body swapping adventure in a fantasy world of magic, monsters and princesses.

Aside from empathy, the Be Another lab has used the technology in other situations in which swapping places might have a positive effect. Wahl, an actress, model and artist, was one of the participants in a body swapping experiment at the Be Another lab, a project developed by a group of artists based in Barcelona.

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If she moves her arm, you see it. Rikke Frances Wahl left swapped bodies with her male partner using virtual reality heets Be Another Lab. When Wahl swapped with her partner, Philippe Bertrand, an artist who works at the Be Another lab, they wound up stripping down to just their underwear.

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If you could be anybody in the world, who would it be? Share using .

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The idea of suddenly taking the form of your neighbour, a celebrity or even your dog is fun to think about, but seemingly impossible to execute. Then they asked them to control the body of a dark skinned digital avatar using virtual reality goggles, before taking the test again. If you move your arm, she sees it.

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When that rubber hand is a colour unlike their skin, participants scored lower on tests for implicit racism than when they watched a hand of the same skin colour. She acquired her new body using a machine called The Machine to be Another.

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With this kind of experience we can promote empathy, but also maybe help people better understand themselves too. Both users don an Oculus Rift virtual reality heet with a camera rigged to the top of it. The creators of the Machine to Be Another hope to achieve a similar result.

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This is usually just a theoretical question. The video from each camera is piped to the other person, so what you see is the exact view of your partner.

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The set-up is relatively simple. Yet a few people have experienced what it might be like to step into the skin of another person, thanks to an unusual virtual reality device. Scientists have made people believe a dark-skinned hand is their own, and found it reduces prejudice Thinkstock. By Rose Eveleth 28th April A few have done so, discovers Rose Eveleth, and they report profound emotional changes.

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Around the BBC. This is the scene that Wahl remembers when she thinks back on the experience. And they would like to offer the machine to doctors to help treat those with eating disorders who might have distorted ideas of their own body.

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