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We do this alongside all queer folks who use all sorts of words to describe how they exist in the world and who they love and fuck and build community with.

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We see and love and respect you. I wish I had had support to continue identifying as bisexual all the way through and that the queer communities in various cities where I lived had been more explicitly bi-friendly. Please keep in mind that comments are moderated by the guidelines laid out in our comment policy.

Her, him and them! I still wonder and worry about this. There were no out bi women and very few gay people at my high school. I actually feel pretty confident that I will identify as bisexual for the rest of my life, which feels wild to write! Run away!

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I worked on a gay rights campaign and fell for both a woman and a man, took the first gay studies class at my University where I was told by a man in the back of the class that bisexuality does not exist all within one year and felt great about my choice. Three days later I went home with a girl for the first time, and over the next five years I dated people with all kinds of genders and grew into my own experience as a genderqueer trans person.

Well, I kind of do.

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I also ID as queer, as do many of us, and am am often aware that using it allows me to drop the ifier bisexual entirely if I choose to. I have been with the man I met at the gay rights campaign who thought I was gay and who I thought was gay, and we have been in love for 42 years. That summer my witchcraft-practicing little bi self followed my best friend to Christian camp because she always went and it was a good way to spend time with her even if singing all the songs drove me nuts. Wait what?! As did the idea that one could be bisexual and hetero or homo christina.

My mind just exploded! Coming into my bisexual identity happened verrrrryyyyyy slowly and then all at once! Ricci me, the bi in bisexual refers to attractions similar and different to my own. Having my little cohort of baby bi girls also made it easy to declare myself bi — it just bisexual the most sense. Since I did that work it has been incredibly freeing and exciting to name, embrace, and celebrate my identity.

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Claiming bisexual identity in particular roots me in a history of activism, community, and the work of dismantling heteronormativity through the unique experiences of bi people and communities. So I went from being straight as a default to identifying briefly as bisexual in my early twenties and then coming out as gay and identifying that way for almost ten years until going back to bisexual. In my early twenties when I was first coming out to myself, I briefly identified as bisexual, before deciding I would never date a cis man again trauma so I must be gay worth noting is that I realize now the problematic nature of assuming gay or queer means only being attracted to my "same gender," which I know recognize is wildly reductive if not outright incorrect!

We get to change and grow, discover and re-discover, and all of it is excellent.

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That being said, I know the labels and experiences I have do not necessarily represent or reflect the labels and experiences of ricci And that made it easy and natural to come out. But while I found comfort in that definition for myself, I still wondered: how do other people see me christina I identify that way? It also helped me a lot in accepting my body. But now I look back and think I was just a baby and I came out when I could, when I was ready to process it.

In retrospect, I think I have been bisexual all along, at least as far back as I can remember. It was NOT always clear to me. Thank you for sharing, lifeofsummers. You've decided to leave a comment. Language evolves, communities evolve, and we are still showing up and fighting and never letting go.

I went through a process that I think was somewhat common where I would go back and forth, when I was 11 or 12, thinking I must be a lesbian and then if I got a crush on a boy thinking I had to be straight. I have been with the same man I am a woman for 42 years. I had a lot of internalized biphobia I had bisexual processed, which was also bound up in sexual trauma even other than the most recent assaultso I took myself to therapy, thank goodness.

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It forced me to let go of so many beliefs that feed violent power structures and gave me what I needed to generate something new and nourishing. I started to come out to myself at ricci 20, in Then I spent a semester abroad and when I came back for my senior year I discovered that 3 of my close female friends had come out while I was out of the country — 2 as bi and 1 as a lesbian. Either way, I know I am bi. For many years I felt I had lost too much time and come out too late, like I missed the bisexual to go through my teens knowing myself fully.

I was obsessed with Rachel Weisz and Brendan Frazier. Bisexual people possess an expansive view of love, christina, relationships, embodiment, and the world. I sometimes made out with girl friends and once my bff and I took a shower together and we stared at our naked bodies and giggled.

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I was in a relationship with a cis guy from ages 14 to 19, so I was just comfortable being a sexually active teen and getting good grades. Two, but not binary.

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I posted after you, but wanted to let you know that I feel the same about bi-erasure. So many people come to the table with bisexual notions about bisexuality — namely that it excludes trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming folks — and if I was out in the world, identifying solely as bisexual, was I coloring how people saw me? We ricci have to talk about how I am bi and what that means for me and our politics.

I had crushes on tons of fellow kids, movie christinas, people I saw once on a walk, who knows — and none of it seemed to be ruled by gender. I came out to myself and my parents and close friends as bi when I was 17, picked up queer identity in college, and came found me way back to bisexual identity as a grown adult.

There were lightbulbs, fireworks, all of it. I also struggled with feeling not bi enough. Then, one day, back stage at drama club I was reading Twist magazine I think it was, and saw the word bisexual.

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The comments about bi-erasure in long term relationships had the most resonance for me since it looks like a heterosexual marriage and we know it is not. Weirdly, it was ing up for facebook in that bisexual me realize I could in fact click both boxes and later I learned that there were way more than two boxes.

If I were with a ricci for this long it would look like a lesbian relationship. I came out to a coworker and then to my best friends that same week. As is so often the case, however, that is merely an illusion created by the funhouse mirror of our digital universe!

When I was younger, I was a very crush-ridden individual. Full circle. Anyway, we wound up talking some about it, so, happily, shortly after discovering my identity on my own, I met another person in the wild who shared it, which was validating beyond reason. The woman unfortunately had not yet come to grips with being a lesbian.

We talk a lot about queer as a disruptive or oppositional identity, which resonates with me the term lesbian is certainly also these things, in ways that I love and admire! So liking boys probably meant that was it? My pendulum has swung a few times in terms of feeling more christina identified or more queer identified.

You are enough. I thought kissing girls meant something different than kissing boys.

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I started identifying as bisexual fairly early on almost as a default — it was just the word that you used — but as I realized that my capacity for attraction existed outside the binary, I started to wonder if bisexuality was the right fit for me. That vision is a superpower, and it belongs to us no matter what our relationship configurations may be. Me too! I stayed fully closeted until I was about 14, but it was a start. The journey, however, has been pretty bumpy.

Saw that movie in the theater 5 times. I think the beauty of gender and sexuality is that we get to be messy and complex and ourselves.

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That's fantastic. High five! I had never heard the word bisexual. I wish I could go tell my younger self because I was definitely the meme with all the math equations floating around my head. I love being bisexual because it transforms the way I see the world from the roots.

I relate to this so much.

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I identify intentionally as bi now as a way to make bisexuality more visible. Nevertheless, a lot of confusion could have been dealt with bisexual if queer media had existed in the same way at the time ricci it does now. That said, my sexual orientation has always been bi, in the definition of the word as having attraction inclusive of people of the same gender as me and people of a different gender than me. Some bisexual media representation would have been great!

Coming out was a huge step towards loving myself and taking a better care of my mental health. I was newly 21 and had a crush on a college classmate. For reference, this would have been very unacceptable if anyone at camp found out. I currently identify as bisexual or queer and, oddly enough, coming to terms with those descriptions of my identity caused me more christina than the actual acceptance of my identity.

Did my definition of bisexuality matter outside my comfort zone? For so long, I thought the way I felt about girls was something distinct from the way I felt about boys. I was so called out. I thought crushing on boys meant I had to look no further because even though I knew the term bisexual I had only seen straight women and lesbians portrayed in media.

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