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The episode starts with sanskar getting ready for office………he came out from the washroom without shirt and just a blue denim pant……he went to his cupboard and was confused that which dress to wear…. Sanskar: this is nice…. He started looking for his blazer…….

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Poor Khirad is so sweet in her attempts to manao Asher …aap bohat achey lag rahey hai.

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Poor Khirad does not know what hit her as the loving husband who dropped her off at the engagement party suddenly begins to ignore her, avoids her company and rebuff her every attempt at connection with. She can find humour in almost anything and lives in the great state of Texas USA but she misses England.

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On a technical level this is one of the better episodesnicely editedwell-acted and all the elements of the story building up like steadily gathering storm clouds ready to pour out their contents on our unsuspecting heroine. Germany bookmaker bet review by ArtBetting.

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When I first watched this I was so angry at Asher and this time it was even more irritating. What you said! Khirad cannot stand next to Khizar who is her classmate but Asher going off on a conference with hot cousin who committed suicide over him is just fine.

When some men get angry they throw things, the shout or curse but for the higher minded, better educated sorts it seems an icy wall of impenetrable silence and contempt is the modus operandi.

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About US Submit a review. About the author: Sadaf View all posts by Sadaf Sadaf is an obsessive drama fan and loves reading books. Khizar actually came over as quite sincere in his attraction to Sara and his dislike of Asher, so Noor Hassan deserves some credit there.

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However the point is made very clearly that she is alone in this world, that her only connection is as she pointed out to him in the last episode ,Asher. I also noticed that newly engaged Talha did not seem to mind Khizar and the other male classmates of his wife attending the wedding and teasing him about his bride. On paper it is almost inconceivable that Asher Hussain: elite class Yale graduate, successful businessman, golden son and all around chosen one could possibly feel insecure.


Although Art and English literature are her favorite past times, she is graduate in Biochemistry. All rights reserved.

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The first time I watched I never expected what happened in episode 11,it came as a complete shock! But in reality: as the old saying goes, love makes fools of the best of us. It takes a day or so for Asher to calm down but it is quite obvious that by the time he leaves for Islamabad despite his cold behavior he has calmed down at least a little.

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