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Level of Monsters: Iceclad Ocean 1. The dire wolves and fro According to Alla comments: Has about an 18 hour spawn cycle, with the occasional skips. Cougarskin Boots Cougarskin Boots. ClericDruidShaman. Cougarskin Sleeves Cougarskin Sleeves.

Legion world quest danger: stormfeather (wow, human, paladin)

Direwolf Fur Cloak Quest. This area provides very good hunting that is also relatively safe. Has an 18 hour timer with variance to spawn, with the ability to sk Took 2 snow cougars and a shadow guardian to down him. BloodmawCaptain NalotLodizalStormfeathera lost piratedire wolf stalkerrabid snow cougar. Personal tools Create Log in. The portal spot here is also not very safe.

Be careful and be ready to run when you arrive. The Iceclad Ocean consists of two parts, the open ocean between it and the other continents of Norrath, and Icy Fingers, a series of small fragmented islands that lead to the continent of Velious itself. The first is Lodizal, a very powerful turtle who is aggressive to everyone.

Iceclad Ocean is largely known as a transit zone between the continent of Velious and the other continents of Norrath. Eyepatch of Plunder Eyepatch of Plunder. Also Known as the Mini-Lodi.

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Also, melee types can be bound at the dock located here. The boat lands at an island at, in the Ocean and the traveler must go over that island and take the Icebreaker to one of the main islands in order to reach the mainland.

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Kromrif Head Kromrif Head. Frosted Gem Frosted Gem. Iceclad Cutlassfish Iceclad Cutlassfish. Chill Dagger Chill Dagger. The loc of the base of this is The Tower of Frozen Shadow is located at the loc This is a wiki for a reason. Wizards and Druids can port to within this zone, very near to the bridge to the rest of Velious. WT: 3. Iceball Iceball. Anyone can contribute.

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Camp of Icepaw Gnolls 5. Otterhide Gloves Otterhide Gloves. Ring of Frost Ring of Frost. Fang of the Garou Fang of the Garou. Otterhide Bracers Otterhide Bracers. Otterhide Leggings Otterhide Leggings. Otterhide Tunic Otterhide Tunic.

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The Mighty Snowfang Hero. This means that when you appear in the zone, fresh to the new continent, you stand a good chance of getting jumped by some monster that was pulled here or just happened to wander by. Frozen Mantle Frozen Mantle.

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Also, the Danger: of Frozen Shadow lies in this zone. The Icy Fingers have long been the home of outsiders to Velious, starting with the ancient Tower of Frozen Shadow, up until now where the original gnomes who drove Icebreaker here are now busy becoming pirates. Skin of the Garou Skin of the Garou. The Iceclad Ocean's largest danger stormfeather the monsters that roam the islands, but compared to other areas of Velious, they are not that dangerous. Good punching bag f Kill the wolves and giants in the area south of the druid portal to spawn the dire wolf stalker.

They are typically spread out and easy to avoid. Great DivideIceclad Ocean. The Eastern Wastes are adjacent to the Iceclad Ocean and can be reached by traveling over the Graitspaigne, or Great Span, a large visible bridge that goes from the largest Icy Finger to the mainland.

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Grizlin BloodfangRitapa frost giant scout. Jump to:search. Eastern WastesGreat Divide. Otterhide Sleeves Otterhide Sleeves. There are also two dangerous creatures of note, both of which appear on the island with the Tower typically.

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Learn the Ways of Skinning and Tailoring. Velious Era added March. If you see something that is inaccurate or can be improved, don't ask that it be fixed--just improve it. Bloodstained Fang Bloodstained Fang. Drops the fang nearly every tim This is the boat in Iceclad Ocean that takes you from the small desert island to cougar island. The monsters are also a bit more spread out in Iceclad, making hunting generally safer. Spear of Winter Spear of Winter.

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Cougarskin Mask Cougarskin Mask. Stormfeather Talons Stormfeather Talons. ClericShadowknightDruidShaman. The ones in Iceclad are as much as 10 levels lower than the ones in Great Divide, which can be blue to a level Level start becoming green at 38and run at There are level differences, and the EW Spawns upon the death of an enraged walrus.

Was slowed with tepid deeds most the fight, careful with this mo This is also the home of the Icepaw Gnolls, and one arm of the huge Graitspaign lies here.

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The second is Garou, a rarely seen but very dangerous foe. Spot for raft from Northern Desert of Ro Captain Nalot's Triple Strength Rum. Cobalt ScarEastern Wastes.

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The cougars are what most people hunt, and are aggressive but not immediately, and are generally not mixed in with aggressive creatures. Located off the southern coast of the largest island, under an iceberg. Fishing Pole Fishing Pole. The largest problem is that the islands have very steep sides to them, and this can cause you to not see a monster until you are upon it.

Danger: stormfeather - azsuna | world quest

Its cycle time is mo Spawns under an ice shelf near the snowfang fishers. The evil from within spills onto the surface of the Icy Fingers on which it stands, and the guardians of the tower are more aggressive than the other creatures in the zone.

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Dock for the Icebreaker which goes to Dock 1 7. Camp of Balix Misteyes 4. Main .

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Cougarskin Sleeves Quest. People will often hang out here or, even worse, pull to here. Seaworthy Planking Seaworthy Planking.