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I had a really weird session and tonight I thought I'd share a couple of weird and awful stories from over the years. To start, I ran a session a while back where the level one fighter who's been basically a simple farmer all his life in a little village that left for grand adventures with a party. The very first creature they encounter? A Banshee by accident.

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Before I left, the GM asked me to come to his room in his apartment. She and Han were apparently on the outs, so she was currently single.

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I took note of the DM and the deers of the convention game and never played anything they ever touched again. Then one day I got back after spending a weekend with my friends; I found out my mother, after attending a fundamentalist revival camp earlier, was told by her pastor to take all of my material and throw it out, as it was the work of the devil.

A friend and I who love gaming get invited by this guy we know to a Star Wars gaming session. I had created my own races, each with their own backstory. The game ended early. This is what your character wants. This NPC was some kind of tree-hopping Tarzan barbarian type named Raven who talked in guttural language and could barely put words together.

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Notes are flying. He apologises to my character. I really got into world-building and wanted to be a DM. I started creating my own world, complete with multiple maps, cultures, cities each with their own map layouts with locations of dungeons and multiple maps of dungeons. He survived the purge and Luke sees him as a mentor.

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I had a GM who liked to smoke major amounts of marijuana during our sessions and he would conjure up these really engaging worlds to play in. You play for 15 hours straight. Her BF was the GM and had essentially made her invulnerable.

This game of dungeons & dragons has been going on for 38 years

Yep, the NPC who twice assaulted and then murdered my character was meant to be set free. Boyfriend: Okay, so my brand new character is driving along the coast toward [City]. To another player he gives a giant Puma named Dio that he can ride.

And he had one of his NPCs totally hit on her.

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Yesterday, we asked you to share your most horrific tales where your fellow players, or Dungeon Masters, turned out to be Eye Beasts. We both paused. Here are some of your worst RPG horror stories. He would send me notes like:. Fuck that shit. Our first combat was decimating a village and killing every man, woman and child we saw. Every time we offed an innocent, he would cackle.

Dm or pcs: whose story is it, anyway?

Then, like many good things, it comes to an end. During a pee break, I told them I was going to the bathroom and never went back. Because he was high most of the time, he wanted us to follow a very specific train of thought when we undertook spirit journies to improve our characters we had to RP the stat improvement. She had a character that was a tinkerbell fairy that could pull anything she wanted from a magical dimensional bag.

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TwiceDead :. Some stop playing. Secrets are being revealed.

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Most RPG players have had that magical group. And sad. He ran us through the Temple of Elemental Evil and she fought every monster with some awesome relic item or detected all the traps or knew every lore about every being inside. I was playing in a that game in Melbourne, some time back in the 90s. I told him I needed to go. And you are alone. Then the gamemaster dropped the first bombshell. So first, the gamemaster sets the rules and setting: this is just a few months or so post- Jedi and Luke is setting up the new Jedi Academy, so neither of us are allowed to have Jedi player characters.

I miss role-playing. Especially if you are a female gamer. Okay, story red flag, but whatever. In the prologue to the game, which was a fully narrated cut scene, my character was again assaulted by the same NPC and then murdered.

Both of us were game - we like tabletop stuff, we like Star Wars D&d, why not? I should have just walked out mid game. My mother was a fundamentalist Christian. No, we were corrected, this was his player character who would go with us guy our adventure. Orc Master tells us all we can be evil. This was almost the story I was going to tell, except the guy who was hitting on me was the GM. And my character was a Gangrel and not flirty at all.

Well, I played a thief. And then brought back to life by the gods for a mysterious quest. The latest and greatest iPad Upgrade your tablet to what Gizmodo called "basically a perfect piece of hardware.

D&d horror stories, come share!

The character I was given was a Paladin of the goddess of vengeance - and motivated by the fact that she was raped by an NPC earlier. World of Darkness tended to be like that. Crits are being rolled or fumbles. After that, my friend and I continued to participate out of politeness until we could find a courteous exit.

Then, it kicks in about 6 months later.

Your most heinous stories of role-playing games gone wrong

I was crushed. Go with it. You know the one: you stay up until 6am. Here are the most horrendous stories you shared with us:. And something like that happened every single time. My friend ribbed me for it, but rankled less after his PC was allowed to beat the crap out of my NPC.

As the game began, we soon got whisked off to the royal hall where we had a meeting with Queen Leia. So, I relent and walk to his room and stand in the doorway because no way am I going all the way in with a guy who thinks that I want to roleplay tree-sex with a stupid, half-naked barbarian. For me, it was like online dating on crack. Your pals scatter to the four winds. When I describe my character, the GM kept asking if she was Asian. Case in point, the brujah vampire hit squad armed with machine guns hidden in a van we took to following, then crashing into, then almost dying from.

TrashBoat :. So not a remotely fun start to the game.

Narrated d&d story: i used to be that guy, a confession

There are some trigger warning for extreme asshole DMs and game deers in this post who believe that rape is a cool game story element, so I apologise if offence is given. Escaping into a fantasy world, surrounded by like-minded nerds, is just the best thing ever. The same adventure he was already god of. I never forgave my mother for that. Pretty much all of my writings, drawings etc were in the dump, and that was that.

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You mourn it because life will never be the same. And it was worse than we ever suspected. None of us know one another. Then he would snicker really loudly. I can remember one actual conversation being something like this:. For life. I handed him a sword and cut his head off.