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An old exotic from the first Destiny game has returned. This allows the Bad Juju to fire at full auto, all while kills reload its magazine automatically, increase its damage, and provide super energy. In Destiny 2you can obtain the Bad Juju exotic weapon via a quick and easy quest chain and a short mission. The step for this part of the Bad Juju questline is to simply complete one bounty and obtain one Boon of Opulence. Just head over to any Vanguard strike, shoot mobs in the head and kill some more, and, hopefully, you can avoid dying. This area will have a of icons that you can interact with.

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Toland: I leave you here.

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Toland: Inflict your desires upon reality, Guardian. The Guardian destroys four blights. The skull is collecting the essence of all death beings.

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Category: Emperor Calus. The Guardian ventures into the Ascendant Plane in search of the essence that Calus described. Call it a little bad juju, if you please….

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Quest: Faculties of the Skull, Symphony of Death. The Guardian goes through the portal and is returned to the Tribute Hall. Nothing Left to Say Category: Riven.

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Graam, Born of the Hellmouth appears. Call it a little bad juju, if you please… The Guardian enters Calus's throne room and defeats a group of Taken. Category: Toland the Shattered.

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The Guardian approaches Toland. Quest: The Other Side, Spellbound. Quest: Knight of Two Realms, Truth. Season of Opulence.

How to get bad juju in destiny 2 in brief

Quest: Wish-Ender. Discuss this Transcript on our forum. The skull cannot be contained until it has had its fill of death. If you believe your weapon wants to murder all existence, then so it will.

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Emperor Calus Riven Toland the Shattered. The Guardian approaches the Castellum discovering Cabal fighting Taken and a floating skull. Nothing Left to Say. Category: Riven. The Guardian enters Calus's throne room and defeats a group of Taken.

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The Ishtar Collective. Toland: Paracausality! The Guardian acquires Bad Juju.

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One good death deserves another. Might of Riven appears.

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What a trip. Claim what has been lost.

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Vanguard Communications, Season of the Hunt. Bad Juju.

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The Guardian defeats Might of Riven.