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It's been several months since Millie and Chuck were eliminated from The Amazing Race their swan song aired last Thursdaybut the couple still can't quite get over the mistakes they made on their nail-biting sprint to the finish against rival team Jon and Kelly. Here, America's best-known virgins discuss the race and their relationship. The final moments of the episode implied that your future together was somewhat in doubt. Chuck: We are still together and we're working things out right now. You don't have enough time, believe me. Millie: When you're racing, you feel like, "Oh my gosh, we are so mean to each other, so we must be wrong for each other.

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How did the race affect your relationship?

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I had the map turned upside down. SLDN put out a press release this morning. In a morning-after interview, the L. The duo competed with 11 other two-person teams, most of which were eliminated one by one in a race around the world, beginning in Los Angeles and continuing through Europe, India, Malaysia, Korea, and Australia. Chip: That was very frustrating.

It was so funny and comical at that point. So instead of turning left, we turned right, and we got to the airport 10 minutes later, and so we were on the last flight more or less. I mean, everyone made mistakes. But the race definitely affected our relationship. No one even knew we went on this Amazing Race.

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Chip: That was the only time I felt we might have been out of the race. And we go from there.

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I mean, everybody on the race was so great. Um, but—you know, after the race, there was a lot of stress between us. Reichen: Yeah, coming from Nashville, Tenn. Did you get to do any of that?

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Was that hard for you guys? Chip: No, we see it when you do. Were you horrified when the car went spinning off the road [in Hawaii, in the final episode]? During the entire run of the show, I know from being here in Los Angeles, that the status of your relationship was like the hottest topic in West Hollywood.

And we had found out so much about them too and about their lives. It just made us feel more comfortable for them to know what they were dealing with and who we were as people. We just want each other to be happy. Did you feel then or at any other time that you might be out of the race? So, do you have any advice for gay couples who want to get on the next Amazing Raceif there is one, or any other competitive reality TV show? It just shows that they have great character too. Are you through? Air Force Academy, and a former Air Force officer, while Chip, 36, is a Yale and Harvard Business School graduate who is now a financial consultant specializing in funding entertainment projects.

So I will definitely be doing that. By the time I was rappelling down the building, calling him an asshole, it was so—funny.

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Reichen: Yeah, we finished on February 14—. It was great. We were no different. What was that about? And we got places a lot of times before other people. Reichen: We got the final episode on tape a day or two before, but just the final episode.

It was just not time for us to release it to the other contestants. Reichen, when I ran into you just before the race started broadcasting, you talked about you and Chip going to private viewing parties with people in their homes around Los Angeles. Did you think that would be detrimental to competing? Reichen: Yeah! Reichen: Some said they did, and some said they had no idea. We had so much fun.

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Reichen: At that point, yeah. After winning the race on that final episode, the duo were shown greeting all the eliminated players gathered at the finish line, while they made a dramatic, heartfelt voice-over statement about how their victory would demonstrate that gay people are just as capable and have the same values and goals as everyone else. Indeed, Chip and Reichen are the eighth and ninth openly gay male contestants to take off on The Amazing Race all of whom have spoken to Advocate. Reichen: Well, we had been together for three and a half years before the actual ceremony of February 2 [].

Because if you look at the statistics, I think we finished second five or six times. Chip: What I think people are mixing up here is what the state recognizes for insurance reasons and all the rest of that, so you can qualify for certain things, and what does your spirituality recognize.

What made you decide to come out to the other teams on your anniversary? Chip would get miffed because I would get distracted because I thought Jon was so funny, and it was flirtatious. I have say, I knew you guys were trying to work it out in some way when my partner, Christopher, ran into you at the grocery store in West Hollywood. And the only time you finished first was when you did the Fast Forward [winning a challenge to skip to the end of a race segment], right? It was so fun shooting these jokes back and forth.

It would have been fun to win more trips or finish first and have that confidence, but again, our strategy the whole time was just to keep not getting eliminated [to make sure] we got to the final three.

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Do you think they figured it out anyway? Reichen: I know! Were they still together? I mean, the gay jokes were flying every five seconds—if you could have really seen how it was, I think it would have been so fun and humorous for the viewing public.

We lost out on little things just by— yeah, it was frustrating.

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Hey, guys! What really got me angry was [thinking,] What are we doing wrong? And we continue to try to work those problems out. Reichen: When we went on that hour train ride in India after the Supremes [Monica and Sheree] were eliminated, you know, we really made a close, close friendship with Jon and Kelly, and that was definitely not portrayed in the editing and in what the viewing public saw.

So, Chip, how frustrated were you that you kept coming in not quite first place at the pit stops? I like to be in control of the vehicle, and it was just so hard for me to sit back there, and then when we started spinning, I thought, Oh, my God!

I was horrified. I mean, it was taken totally out of context. Reichen: They had no idea. So you decided it was more important to have Reichen navigating. Finally, having been revealed as the winners of the race—beating second-place finishers, engaged couple Jon and Kelly, by mere minutes and third-place finishers, David and Jeff straight best friendsby about a day—Chip and Reichen can finally address all the gossip head-on.

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And I screwed up at the very beginning, at the very first airport—it set the tone. We were constantly telling Jon how pretty he was and how gay he was and reminding him how gay he was and, you know, he would come back with the gay jokes.

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When will that air? Is there anything else about the way that you guys were portrayed that you found misleading? You guys seemed a little apprehensive about disclosing that you were a gay couple. And at what point did you know that you really were going to win? One of the remaining teams at that point was Millie and Chuck, who did not seem very comfortable with all of that. That was the only time I think I felt that way. By that time, even, it was so funny. Chip: Absolutely. Chip: And that set the tone for the rest of the race.

The bars of West Hollywood and the Internet chat rooms nationwide buzzed with definite confirmations that, yes, they had broken up and, yes, they were still together. So do you consider yourselves a couple now? They also competed with their own demons, as they competed aggressively to stay ahead of the pack, lost their tempers, and debated when to come out as a gay couple to the other players. Chip: Relationships evolve and, as Reichen just said, to reiterate, um, people work on things and they want to—and we love each other.

It definitely strengthened it on the race—we got to know so much about each other, and winning together was just an amazing experience.

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What other teams off-camera were very supportive? Reichen: Oh, my God! That was the most scary moment of the whole race for me, because, one, I was just really sick of sitting in the backseat. I mean, I would laugh so hard when Jon would do that with me.

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And if you watch, every other team had the same system: One person drove, one person navigated. You did. Chip: The final leg clicked. When we were pedaling in India, when we did the [transporting of the] chickens [by bicycle], I knew Reichen had stronger legs than an elephant and faster legs, but that was very close. But other than that, I think we got really accurate editing.

Chip: It was very frustrating.