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Batman has the worst luck when it comes to the women in his life. They are either bland damsels in distress, villains, or are so morally grey that it creates a toxic relationship.

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The episode that best exemplifies this is "This Little Piggy," which opens with Batman and Wonder Woman flirting while on a stakeout that's interrupted by the villain Circe. Dark Nights: Metal implied that on several worlds throughout the multiverse Bruce and Diana fall in love--though the Batman Who Laughs has burned those worlds to cinders.

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At one point, Batman sees Diana bathing on Themyscira, and he becomes so overcome that he kisses her shortly afterward. They came to respect and understand one another. However, Bruce wanted to show Diana his great respect and admiration for her and gifted her a rose to show how he feels about her. One of the tamer pieces of evidence of the flame that Batman and Wonder Woman hold for one another comes from Legends of the DC Universe It's a relatively small gesture on the part of the Dark Knight. It's almost happened a of times. Injustice Gods Among Us finds the villainous Superman of the series dreaming of an ideal world where Batman and Wonder Woman marry, which implies that, on this alternate world, Superman saw something between them.

It catches her off-guard, and the two share a kiss before charging into battle. She decides to just remain friends and colleagues with Batman. They were to take over for a warrior who has committed to fighting "the Hordes of Gehenna" for all eternity. Despite those vastly different backgrounds, they've often found common ground in the Justice League, and they've had romantic brushes with one another across comics, cartoons, and film.

Diana punches Bruce in retaliation, but it's made explicit that this moment stuck with Bruce. They come from very different worlds--with Bruce Wayne being the billionaire orphan hailing from the crime-ridden urban hellscape of Gotham City and Diana being demigod royalty from the hidden island of Themyscira. Batman the Merciless in particular came from a world where he and Diana fell for one another before the latter was killed by Ares. Wonder Woman has had moments with both Superman and Batman over the years, but the prospect of Diana pairing off with Bruce has often stuck more prominently in fan imagination.

It's weird and hard to explain beyond that, but it culminates in Wonder Woman and Batman sharing a real kiss. One such ring came for Diana, as she had once experienced death and came back from it. Not too long ago, Batman was engaged to Catwoman. Batgirl and Wonder Woman are part of a convoluted ruse to trick the villainous Copperhead by pretending to be in love with Batman.

During this time, Bruce and Diana admit that they may have latent feelings for one another and almost kiss Find him sharing cool comic art and cute animals on Twitter, joshdavisonbolt.

Bruce and Diana give this warrior a day of freedom while the two fight the Hordes on his behalf. However, a day in our world is years in his realm--even if one doesn't age in his realm.

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However, she thought of her memories with Batman, and this attracted a nearby Star Sapphire ring which is the Violet Lantern Corps which focuses upon the power of love which recruited Diana into the Star Sapphire and saved her from the Black Lantern ring. At this point, Bruce and Diana developed friction over their different approaches to administering justice.

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A far earlier example of the flame between Bruce and Diana comes from Brave and the Bold 78which we've actually talked about on CBR before. Before charging to their apparent deaths, Bruce admits to Diana that he wishes he were perfect like her. She uses an advanced machine owned by the Martian Manhunter to peer into a possible future where Diana and Bruce pair off, and this satisfies her curiosity.

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In that moment Diana develops real feelings for Batman that defuses by the end of the comic. In the lead-up to the big wedding, Wonder Woman and Batman were called to an alternate universe to settle an old debt.

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She changes Wonder Woman into a pig, and much of the episode is spent watching the Justice League try to catch "Wonder Pig. There was some energy between them in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice for sure, and they came to rely on one another after Superman's apparent death between that film and Justice League on their route to creating the team. By Josh Davison Published Jul 10, Share Share Tweet 0.

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