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Different orders abide by different rules and have different expectations for their members.

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Nuns generally spend their entire lives in their convent. Yes, there are several different kinds of nuns. The whole process usually takes years.

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Rhys McKay. There are several different types of nuns. Some nuns, especially those that live in colder climates, may wear regular clothing under their habits.

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Some orders have very strict requirements about who can or cannot become a nun. Nuns who break the three main vows chastity, obedience, poverty may be dismissed from their community. When a woman decides to become a nun, she leaves the civilian world behind and has to follow a whole new set of rules.

A nun is a member of a religious community usually a woman who commits to a life of faith, poverty, and chastity. Below are just a few of the most common restrictions nuns especially within the Christian tradition have to follow:.

The secretive life of nuns and the many rules they have to follow

Others may only wear a t-shirt and shorts. Unfortunately, the process of breaking your vows is a long and complicated one. Nuns who have taken solemn vows tend to live in cloistered communities, like in a convent or monastery. Their lives are dedicated to prayer and religious study. From the vows they make, to what goes on in their daily life, this article will deal with all of the interesting facts about nunhood.

Do nuns shave their legs?

In hotter countries, nuns may even just wear underwear. First, nuns are divided by religion — Christianity specifically CatholicismBuddhism, and other religions may have their own nun communities.

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What do nuns do? What is a nun?

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For example, certain Christian and Buddhist congregations require their nuns to be single, without children, and without debt. Get more from New Idea. Here's everything to know about becoming a nun.

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Although most people associate nuns with the Christian or Catholic religion, other religions such as Buddhism, Judaism, and Taoism also have similar communities of religious women. Nuns who have taken solemn vows tend to live in cloistered communities.

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While orders may share a general religion, each may approach the faith from a different perspective or with a different focus. This way, they are separated from society and can commit to a religious life without distraction.

Why do nuns cover their he?

Sisters, on the other hand, take vows which are much simpler. The process itself varies from order to order. These usually look like long robes or tunics, plus a headpiece to cover the hair. Becoming a nun is a difficult process that requires a lot of time and sacrifice.