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Every girl has a price, Every seek has that wants price


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I'm not high maintenance.

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Sorry, not trying to be disrespectful, or blasphemous. But if I were alone in life without a support system, employment, or the basic necessities of life, I think it would get a whole lot easier for me to change my perception of my self respect to put a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food in my stomach. My father always told me: ''Nothing can buy your character, your values, your behaviour'' He diddn't only say, he behaved according to this.

Jesus Christ taught the real true values and showed us the important things in life We consider Him The Lord, and our savior, and he was poor. I'm not and have never been the kind of person who sees sex as casual and have never engaged in it outside of a relationship- it's tied into my self respect, so there's little chance of me taking a guy's offer no matter how much. It's disgusting, and would never save the world by doing such a thing.

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For fifteen minutes of "bit gross"? I think you should acknowledge that there are a lot of women who won't just have sex for no reason other than money.

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The likelihood rises again if I have other people to support. Would you do it then?

See a problem?

Great answer! Jesus gave the free will to the humanity. We do what we have to in order to survive. I have never had sex to keep someone around. I wonder if your father would reconsider if he knew the offer was in the billions When you consider it in those terms, would you reconsider? I want to financially support myself. I have never done anything sexual for money before! That seems like when Satan said to Jesus Christ: Matthew: ''I will give it all to you," he said, "if you will kneel down and worship me.

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This is deep in me. Let's make the deal 15 minutes in exchange for save all of humanity by opening their eyes to Jesus. Other girls may be more pliant for fame, intelligence, charisma, flattery, and yes, some for money, etc. First off, with god nothing is impossible, right? Jesus taught me the opposite, and I will follow His example, so I'd never do such a thing.

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I don't like the idea of being a sugar baby. Would you reconsider? So it's OK if you give it away for free, say to keep a guy dating you, but if a guy offers to pay for it, it's suddenly an evil act. This is blasphemy. Are you an anti-feminist? That sounds like a construct created by men to keep women oppressed.

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If she's capable of buying everything she wants to without you, then she has no reason to sell herself out. I think everyone has different levels. It's disgusting and wrong. How much would you hold out for before you finally agreed to give a handjob, blowjob, have sex? And not respectful at all and impossible. I don't think so. Mary did. Money may be a priority and seems to be important to you, but not for us.

I think it all depends on your situation in life- I have a home, a job, a support system to fall back on, and enough money to live comfortably. Right now, I can afford to walk away and stand on my principles, but when it comes down to basic survival things tend to look a lot different. Then let's shift away from money.

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Seriously, if Jesus asked you to spend 15 minutes in bed with him, would you? I would say that it's based on their current conditions. Show All Show Less. I only have had sex when I felt like it, and I said no when I didn't want to. Juliana7 Xper 3. Can enough money turn a no into a yes?

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I have a weakness for sexual attraction and humor, personally. Just asking a hypothetical question to see whether you would obey god has not. So that may make it an interesting offer for women of means as well. I can imagine that half the girls who swear up and down that they wouldn't ever do it would change their minds fairly quickly if lets say their parents were laid off or somehow lost everything they had, or someone close to them has outstanding medical costs for a fatal illness, or their family fell victim to crisis and an average job wouldn't cut the costs of continuing a comfortable lifestyle for their children, or something like that.

I won't answer this. So if Jesus came to you and said he wanted to lay by your side, would you really say no?!? So NO. I'm not 'buyable'. We have another kind of values in life. How about if Jesus asked? One night and you could save 6,, souls from eternal damnation. Girls, do you believe every girl has a "price" at which point she'll do anything a guy asks? And we definitely are not buyable, no price. I don't think we are all the same on this. I believe everybody has a price women- men and that because if it goes a level above every one will accept jesus judas its an example i also believe that a man could have a price to give a handjobblowjob anal etcso in the same logic also a woman and because for her it could be more price the price would be lower Killfest Xper 3.

Add Opinion. So if the guy had blue eyes and a hairy chest, you'd do it. They should exericse it. Your honesty and clarity are a breath of fresh air. And I mean it. I don't know if I agree completely, but the point is that when pushed to a certain point, you may do things you never thought you would.

In my current situation- no, there is not enough money for me to perform sexual favours for a guy. I wouldn't reconsider because this is all nonsense. I think the girl of a girl doing sexual favors for money is much higher if she is poor, has poor struggling family, maybe has a kid, than if she were upper middle class, had family to fall back on, etc. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Is this still revelant? But money doesn't give an automatic in for everyone. Don't mind them!

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Sexual Health. But money does nothing for me.

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We are christian. If she would be able to live ificantly more comfortably and luxuriously with that money, she'd be likely to take it.

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But I live a pretty secure, sheltered life with my boyfriend who I love a lot. My past shows this to be true. And that answer you question.