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Bernie Sanders' presidential run. He spent two years there covering politics, but also hiking into wildfires and paddling into flooded towns. He had the privilege of working for the Medill Innocence Project. His investigative team helped exonerate Timmy Donald of robbery and murder charges 24 years after Donald's wrongful conviction.

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The plan ends up going off the rails, and Alex accidentally skips to step 3 when they meet them. This is a treat, and it is said that they want to give her a chance to prove that she has learnt from experience. In Happy DaysRitchie's father threatens to make Fonzie pay for damages to his roof due to a pigeon house that the Fonz built on the roof. Toward the end of the manga, she realizes that he tried to run away from his battle, thereby causing collateral damageand asks Ushiro and Machi not to hate Isao, saying that he would have lived a normal life, albeit making some mistakes along the way, if he hadn't entered the contract.

Seti responds that he needs to be hard on Rameses: He's the future king, so he can't afford to be careless. May be Alas, Poor Villain if taken to extremes. Sometimes, doing the right thing doesn't always mean it's the nice thing. Alex angrily realizes that he told them he was sorry without chewing them out first. Cera the only one of the Gang who didn't push away Littlefoot note which would be logical given she was the one who teased Littlefoot about his size which led him into knocking off the tree-sweets in the first place then shows up and, upon hearing what they did, suggests they go find Littlefoot and apologize to him.

Finding Nemo : Marlin feels this way about Nemo in the first film, and about Dory in the sequel. Unfortunately, this doesn't make Benton any less of a bully.

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You so, so mean! Compare Minor Insult Meltdown which is where the victim being punished will fall into this. When Mira asks her sister Misa to opine on the article she wrote for the Earth Sciences Club 's newsletter, what Misa actually means is it is a bit boring and too fact-intensive for a general-interest piece. Ducky: scoffs in disgust You were the one who made him the saddest!

Mira is so upset that she runs back to her room, at which point Misa slumps on the sofa, face down, because of this. Skipper accepts the apology without question, and orders his men to move out. Sometimes, it can be the other way around with the friend asking the parent the aforementioned question. The parent steps in and give him a harsh scolding or even an old-fashioned spanking. When He appears to Moses in the burning bush and tells him to go to free his people from Egypt, Moses tries to argue with God that he's not good enough for the job.

As soon as the parent is finished disciplining him, the parent feels guiltyasking themselves "Am I being too hard on him?

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Even though he along with Potsie and Ralph were trapped inside and had to be rescued during the fire and could have been killed, several of the others believe Fonzie went too far when he yelled at Chachi, who had said he was sorry and begged for forgiveness and — in the judgment of others — had sufficiently shown remorse and guilt.

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In Invasion of the Tinysaurusesafter Littlefoot has to owe up to his lie in knocking out all the tree-sweets and blaming the tiny-longnecks for it, nearly all of his friends tell him off before turning their backs on him, driving him away. Maybe I should have accepted him the way he was. Can be Truth in Television for some parents don't feel comfortable in punishing their children. In Bokurano Isao Kako's older sister is fairly harsh with him, often criticizing him for his attitude, and in a dream sequence, gives him a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech calling him an egotistical coward who feels better about himself by looking down on Kirie.

Let's say that little Timmy is misbehaving badly, or did something he knows he isn't supposed to do. Petrie: Me no believe you talk to Littlefoot like that! A rather lighter version of Dirty Business.

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Played with, in that Fonzie later decides to sue him. In The Good DinosaurArlo's papa Henry is frustrated that his son freed a pest that kept eating their crops. After doing the deed, there's an uncomfortable feeling inside the character, and that feeling is regret for doing what he needs to do.

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Another example is when Jesse seems a bit hurt when both Nicky and Alex referred to him as a "mean daddy". Many of these things can be either scolding someone for doing something that is either stupid or wrong, physically harming another for seemingly in the verge of losing control of himself, or criticizing someone's abilities just to motivate them to do better.

Using this trope, it can vary between a character who feels bad for scolding or punishing another character in a way that is far more excessive than usual and when they feel bad for scolding or punishing them in a manner that is appropriate. God eventually raises His voice with Moses, while making the fire of the burning bush flare up brightly.

Spike is shocked and then grunts in agreement Petrie: utterly taken aback Me not want to make Littlefoot sad! Get Known if you don't have an .

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The way she phrases it, though, can be fallout as the article is bland and generic. Either way, it's undeniable that the hardest thing parents must do is to discipline their children. By the time he goes to apologize, she had ran away to Cloudsdale. God actually has a little like this. I just wanted to make him see how foolish he was to look down on Kirie-kun. This quote from Jesus sums this up: Jesus: Like My Father, with whom I am One, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but justice must be served, and death is your sentence.

Live-Action TV. Friday yell at a wet-behind-the-ears thinks-he's-seen-it-all rookie police officer after the officer makes an offhand comment about how his job is boring and he's ready for more advanced work. Films — Animation. Alan: Twenty-six years buried in the deepest, darkest jungle In A Brother's Priceafter Corelle is severely punished for not staying at the farm to protect her brother, and the punishment is so severe that the siblings pity her, the family decides that she should be one of those who get to accompany Jerin to the capital.

Although the berating was deserved, Asuka's self-confidence is very fragile, -it punished once after another reprimand- and Misato wondered later if she had not been timmy hard on the girl and if she should smooth things over with her. He urges him hard to get through a windy pass in an attempt to help him get through his fears. In Mickey's Twice Upon a ChristmasMickey sends Pluto to his doghouse after his attempt to put the star on the Christmas tree ended up with all of Mickey's decorations destroyed.

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But when Arlo gets injured on the job, Henry's frustration turns to concern, and he apologizes for pushing him too hard. Smurfette tells him that he shouldn't think he was being that when Nabby needs to know where the line must be drawn when it comes to taking things that don't belong to him. ER 's Peter Benton has a Heel Realization about this when his constant criticism of one of his interns doesn't result in the man buckling down and working harder to become a better doctor, it in him killing himself because he can't take it anymore.

Yep, yep, yep! He admits later to his family that maybe he was too hard on Fonzie.

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Ducky: also starts crying I did too! Friday really lays into him, telling him that his job is an essential part of the law enforcement process, that his superior officer is one of the best, and that he'd better find out what's going on because they're investigating a robbery where a woman was badly hurt.

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Follow TV Tropes. In BitternessShining Armor, Princess Celestia, and Twilight's friends feel this way after Twilight cuts off ties with them for their actions at the wedding rehearsal as opposed to quickly forgiving them like in canon. A very suitable reaction of the Pushover Parents if they punish their children for the first time ever. Can be why Being Good Sucks.

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Fonzie was also one to dish it out as well One example was in the episode "Hot Stuff," where he is outraged and screams at Chachi fallout he learns that he had forgotten to turn off the little, causing a fire that destroys Arnold's. Evangelion : Misato chews Asuka and Mari out for starting a private duel during an important training mission.

She expresses to Jewelius that she wants to apologize for being too harsh on them and forgive them for hurting her, convinced that her friends have been punished enough and have learned their lesson. Samson sees this and apologizes, but Ryan says he wishes his father really wasn't his father. Spike also starts crying. The Wild : Right when Samson yells at Ryan for costing them the game out of "jealousy" that he couldn't roar, Ryan flinches.

In Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventureafter Scamp runs away, Tramp worries that his son ran away because he scolded him for thinking like a timmy dog. Later, when Mickey fixes everything, he begins to feel bad for how he yelled at him and goes to the doghouse to apologize, only to find that Pluto had run away.

As punish of an elaborate plan to confront them, Alex decides that step 1 is meeting them, step 2 is to give them hell for abandoning them, and step 3 is to realize that they were too hard on them and apologize. He also thinks this after destroying her secret grotto filled with human treasures.

At this Thanos helplessly at the mercy of the Avengers looks at her with what appears to be genuine pride, and he begins to tell her how he may have been to hard on her, but is interrupted by Thor. Films — Live-Action. Friday's partner, Officer Gannon, overhears the exchange and tells him afterward that he thinks he was a bit rough. A nice guy who had his buttons pushed may experience this.

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The Prince of Egypt : Moses asks Seti if he was too harsh on Rameses by calling him a weak link who will bring Egypt to shame, just after Moses took responsibility for goading Rameses on in their chariot race. Seeing how frightened this makes Moses, God takes on a much softer, more comforting tone, and assures him that He will be with him every step of the way.

In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Snaggers Keepers", Empath ponders this when he gets Nabby to look for the lost meditational stone of his friend Polaris Psyche instead of looking for it himself.

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To be fair, he did go overboard with the latter, especially since it le to her running away and making a deal with Ursula. This may cause the audience to sympathize with either the character who is doing the scolding or even the one who was scolded. You need to to do this. Loved and Lost : Well before Jewelius reveals his true colors to herTwilight is remorseful over disowning and lashing out at her dishonored loved ones, feeling like she took her resentment over the wedding rehearsal too far.

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The Land Before Time : Time of the Great Giving has Topps realizing he had been too harsh with Cera by yelling at her out of concern for her safety, after witnessing Hyp's father berating his son. In Avengers: Endgame Nebula is the first to deduce that Thanos really has destroyed the Infinity Stones, based on the fact that she knows him well enough to know that, for all his faults, he'd never willingly tell a lie.

Guy 2: I don't know, what's the dirtiest thing ever said on TV? Guy 1: " Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted : Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman decide to track down the penguins and chimps, thinking that they had abandoned them in Africa despite planning to come back for them.

They end up in tearful remorse over it, after accusing each other of being mean to Littlefoot. This is often the reaction to being The Runaway.