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I did it for years. My first month was miserable. He took me in the room, never shut the door and I had my first cock that was not my brother or his friend. By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. It seemed natural at the time and it had been going on almost 4 years. Over the years, whenever my brother and his friend asked if I was hungry, it was code for me to suck their cock.

My parents said this was for my brother and his friends and it was best I stay home. They would say nice things about me to my parents and say how grown up I was for my age. They were planning a weekend party and I really wanted to go.

While I was sucking his friend my brother him if he would be alright with me coming next weekend. If so, would they get naked, too? Later in life, I would masturbate thinking about the good old days. I played and lost all my money again and again.

Posted Jun 12, by anonymous views comments. As if sucking cock and swallowing cum isn't! When my eyes focused, my roommates cock was hard and rubbing against my lips. He stood up, took me into another room and pulled down his shorts. Not a lot of money, more of bragging rights.

I was stationed overseas, my first time way from home and super home sick. His cock started getting hard while we were talking about it and he had to adjust it.

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He smiled and said if I hungry, he would give me 5 dollars. I smiled back and licked my lips. I was old enough to know this was a little weird… but innocent enough to think it was fun so why not enjoy it. My brothers friend asked me if I would like to play.

If sucking meant I could be with them, I was more than willing to do it. The party started like any other party. One of the guys asked me if I was hungry. I always wanted to hang around with them as any little brother would. He was on his 2nd tour and had taken me under his wing to show me the ropes. I watched for a little while, they were played my penny poker with a 10 cent minimum. The weekend before the party my brother had his friend stay overnight.

The first time you sucked a cock?

If so, did that make you feel proud of what you did for them? He said he thought I was already coming. When I got back to the game I realized one of the guys was black. The next day they convinced my parents to let me go and promised to take good care of me. We were drinking a lot.

He looked right at me and smiled when he adjusted it. I could feel his semi hard cock on my cheek.

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One night the two of us were in no shape to go back to base and we got a room to sleep it off. We arrived early to set up and put the food and beverages in the refrigerator.

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After that I gave him a blowjob several times a week for about 3 months. I was sound asleep and something woke me up.

How old were you when you sucked your first cock?

For me I was 14 he was my best friend. I never masturbated while I was as with them. I wanted to show my appreciation and I leaned forward taking his cock in my mouth. Each time I would be asked if I was hungry and soon had sucked 5 cocks.

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At first I said no, then a few hands later I said I was hungry. We gave each other hand jobs but one time he pulled my head down to his cock and I liked sucking him. About 2 AM most of the guests had left and there were 8 guys including my brother snd his friend left. My brother and his friend were seniors and about to graduate high school. He showed me the local sites and plenty of bars.

No never got a kiss… not sure if I would have liked that, I know that sounds odd that I loved having his cock in my mouth and I swallowed his cum, but being kissed would have freaked me out. I turned my head and put my mouth on his bulge. I hesitated, but said yes.

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He had my cock in his mouth and it felt great. As in my post, I was routinely sucking my brother and his friend. I played for a while and soon was out of money.

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I felt a bit smug when I would see one of the kids my age and I was with the older guys. He pulled out and said for me to go play poker. It felt so good. Wish I could do it all over again.

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Please, do tell! I folded my cards and said I was out. Little did I know what that meant at the time. Most of the time I got to hang around with them at high school events like football games. I swallowed all of it. For some strange reason, being kiss afterward would have been weirdly "too personal", I suppose.

Re: how old were you when you sucked your first cock?

Yes it became a regular thing…. We both just dropped it and started talking about other things. No, not directly did they ever thank me. I never got with my brothers friend one on one. We started wrestling around and he managed to get his crotch in my face.

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Would you masturbate afterwards? I had his hard cock about ready to explode when he opened the door and said the other guys should see what 5 dollars would buy them. We started talking about girls we wanted to fuck or have fucked. Then I lost again and the black guy asked if I was hungry.

It was always the three of us. He thrust his cock deep and cummed so hard it started to spill down my chin. I never sucked other cocks, only theirs. He stopped and looked at me and smiled as he slid down his sweats and his cock flopped out. I did have one more fun night that involved poker. I immediately took it in my mouth and started bobbing on it.