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My age: 19
Hobby: Divorced Ladies Searching Women Who Want Fucked Horney Older Ladies Ready Girls Fucking
What is my nationaly: I'm senegalese
My gender: Female
My body features: I'm slender

Written on 25 March I had been seeing Mistress Eve for a of months and had greatly enjoyed each and everyone of the sessions we had shared. Which invoked a burning desire in me to please her. My interests when I first sessioned with Mistress Eve were chastitystrap-on play and mild cross dressing whilst being used by her. All in all I have to say by now I was quite her little bitch.

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It truly takes about 4 to 5 days for my slaves throat to contract back to its original state.

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Unlike my legendary seductive tease and denial sessions where you guys come back again and again… there has never been a repeat customer for my version of a forced bi session. It might not be the best business decision in the world to conduct my forced bi sessions like this. Session With Wael.

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Nor do I think there ever will be. Thus, a deterrent is needed.

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A very very strong deterrent. So this notion in your mind that I somehow am going to drag you by your hair into my bedroom and lean your head over the edge of my bed while one of my harem of studs I have hiding in the closet is paraded out over top of you to have his dick slam deep into your throat while you kick and struggle on the mattress is a hoax.

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In fact the reason I decided to sit down and write this little story about Chuck the throat wrecker is because I received my third consecutive this morning from slaves who experienced Chuck earlier this week… and still cannot eat solid food. I more or less would call it a piston… or perhaps… a ramming device… the kind they used to break down Castle doors in the Medieval era.

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Or breaking open throats… As it were.