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In. Spoilers Hide Spoilers. Grandma's Kisses is a really bad episode and Squidville is and good solid one.

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The line "Now, you must acquire a taste for freeform jazz. SpongeBob learns he doesn't have to act or be immature to get his grandma's love.

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Muddled message: Grandma SquarePants just states what SpongeBob already acknowledges, "You can kiss your grandma and still be an adult," even though the Bikini Bottomites are still making fun of SpongeBob. On one hand, he convinces SpongeBob that they have to be mature, while on the other hand, he later acts immaturely, making him a hypocrite. Grandma's Kisses. It really doesn't help that this also happens in later episodes like "Funny Pants", "All That Glitters", "Waiting" etc, just to name a few. Grandma's Kisses Don't make fun of people just because they were kissed by their grandmother.

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Namespaces Discussion. Don't make fun of people just because they were kissed by their grandmother. Patrick is very inconsistently portrayed.

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SpongeBob's emotional outburst at the end before his grandmother calms him down goes on for too long. More information OK. menu Personal tools English Create Log in. SpongeBob then gets office supplies from Grandma even though he has never worked at a business community, as he has always worked as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab. Squidward and the Bikini Bottomites never get comeuppance for laughing on SpongeBob.

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Views Read View source View history. Comments Loading comments Cookies help us deliver our services. SpongeBob, Patrick, and his Grandma are likable characters in this episode. Summary SpongeBob is mocked for being kissed by his grandmother.

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