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Teen gymnast sex stories

Her hair was very straight with no wave whatsoever - he thought the term for this was flaxen. He loved to see their small, firm breasts, thin thighs, tight asses which were most revealed at the beach when they were in their bathing suits. She had very short, almost white blonde hair in a boy style.

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As he talked to her he began his initial examination of what appeared to be his fantasy fulfilled. Someone made a decent attempt at one of the subjects, but not the other. As he walked into the room further, she noticed him and stopped her workout on the unparallel bars.

‘gymnastics’ stories

That's how he happened to hear the workout as he passed. It was not bad, but I have some particular fetishes that I wanted to see and it seems that hardly anybody shares them with me. Because it is fic- tion many of the acts performed are impossible or at least physically unrealistic.

Hey, it's my fan- tasy and I can be gross in other's eyes if I want to be!

‘gymnast’ stories

She didn't see him at first, but he sure saw her. She looked about 12 or 13 - it was hard to tell since a gymnast's body is usually undeveloped due the the continuous exercise. He looked at her crotch in the hopes of seeing her leotard creeping into her crack, but her underwear prevented it.

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Also, it's never as exciting to read a story that you wrote yourself. He had to look quickly since they pulled their bathing suits back into place as soon as they felt it ride up. Looking at the rest of the gymnastics school, it seemed that the place was closed for the day except for the one girl working out. Uncategorized Erotica in Alphabetical Order.

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Her white blonde hair appeared to be the same shade from tip to root - a very good. For him, the perfect breasts were small but with a larger diameter at the base rather than the same diameter from base to tip. Even her eyelashes were lighter than normal. That's why his ultimate fantasy was that of a gym- nast. He made up a story about looking for a gymnastic school for his daughter and was the owner of this school around.

Erotic Fiction: 0 to 9. Erotic Fiction.

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He was always of the opinion that a girl's pubic hair color and shade would match her eyebrows. He could be assured that the girl would be thin, muscular, perfect ass, firm, budding breasts, often short hair. presented by the AdBrite Ad Network. It was like a fantasy come true. What little eyebrow she had was a light grey. Anyway, here is my version of my own fantasy with all of the details that turn me on. In his opinion, you could not call yourself a natural blonde unless your pubic hair was as blonde as the hair on your head, and through his experience with porno magazines and tapes he had seen very few women indeed that met his strict definition of blonde.

Two young gymnasts part two - sex stories

His ultimate weakness was for natural blondes. The girl replied that she was alone - everyone else had gone home for the day and had left her to practice and lock up. He would watch the young girls coming out of the water or getting up from their blankets when their bathing suit rode up into their crotches to see their firm asses which blended into their thighs rather that hang- ing over them. What unbelievable luck for him! Recently I was inspired by a story someone else wrote which involved one of my favorite fantasies I have had for many years - a young gymnast.

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Of course, the gymnast thing about gymnasts that fed his fantasies was the way they could stretch their bodies, opening them up completely for exami- nation in every detail. When a young girl's breast begin to bud, this is usually how they looked. Her waist came in slightly and back out sightly at her hips. Judging by how lit- tle she was sweating, he figured she had just started her workout. He couldn't see her nipples because she was wearing some kind of sports bra. If you story that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist.

This particular room had another door to the street which today was opened a crack. The body style he liked most was an almost boyish look - very thin, small breasts, short hair. She was dressed in a long sleeved leotard, typical for a gymnast. The Young Gymnast Part 1 He always fantasied about young girls, those girls just on the cusp of womanhood - ages 11 - Sex at the beach dur- ing the summer he would pick out and watch carefully those kinds of girls.

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It builds up VERY slowly because my fantasy involves an enormous amount of body exam- ination including armpits, which I find very erogenous. One lucky day that he was passing by a gymnastics school in town when the sound of someone working out on the equipment came through the door. It's all in your head. There was the perfect body. He breasts looked to be small mounds.

The young gymnast

He got up his nerve and walked in the door. His hopes for perfection were raised as he examined the girl's face. Like most gymnastic schools, this one had a practice room with just a door and no windows, since the girls did not like to be watched as they worked out. Of course she was very thin - he could almost see her ribs through her outfit.

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Finally her face. Add to this his other desire for straight rather than curly pubic hair, and the field was narrowed down to barely nonexistent. No apologies for my writing style. Now on with the story. I honestly didn't think it would come out as good as it did IMHO. This was best seen in girls of that age group, whose bodies had not developed even the slightest sag but was well defined with the beginnings of the classic "hourglass" figure.

NOTE: This is fantasy only.

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Well, she didn't. I did not want to write them because I didn't think I could write.

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Now her eyebrows. Well, a while back I posted some ideas which I had hoped someone would use to write a story. The entire text is fiction. But, if you're patient it does end with sex. The gym had that musky smell of equipment and sweat. She seemed frightened. Erotic Fiction: D.

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Erotic Fiction: U to V. Erotic Fiction: W. Erotic Fiction: X to Z. I have broken it into more parts.

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She was about five feet tall, very fair complexion, which was to be expected from a girl with such blonde hair, and what could only be described as his vision of the perfect body at least from the front, which was all he could see as he talked to her. While I may have contem- plated these things in my mind, I have never acted on them. Bad Ideas. Her thighs were thin and firm - not much larger that the rest of her leg.