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Not every male who has gynemycastia is in a rush to remove their breasts. I first started developing breasts at the age of 13, and I suppose because I was brought up by a single mother who was a raving feminist, nobody told me anything was wrong. Thus I am producing more estrogen than testosterone. Something like that. It never bothered me much to find out.

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On the other hand, I find that I need to wear it for a day or so to be sure; sometimes what feels great initially can be uncomfortable after a couple of hours. Mine aren't painful but do bounce around. July 02,AM Reply 1.

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Let me hear from you if you would like to discuss this more. I was unsuccessful! My wife and I both decided against it. My doctor, a female, told me that a bra would most likely help my nipple pain and the pain in the breast itself. Gine2D Guest. She sent me to a fitting shop and I have been wearing one since. Maybe I should just show up with a bra and let them have it out with me, then sue later for sexual harassment. July 02,AM Reply 2.

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Some of them you would even think that they deed them for a man. As for what is the ideal bra for a man, maybe I will try to take a picture and post it here.

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Would that be possible? Started by bman on Acceptance Garments. Started by Bman41 on Acceptance Garments. I am on testosterone replacement therapy since about Feb. I have a very understanding wife, who is helpful to me in me wearing a bra. July 24,PM Reply 7. Please or register. It was cheap, comfortable, came in beige seamless minimizer to prevent show through.

Finally I tried a bra! No lace, no frills.

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I really think its one thing for a 63 year old guy with a wife to do so, but not a seeking 19 year old. They give support but do not protrude like a regular bra, so they are less noticeable under a dark shirt. Guest Register. If the bra fits, wear it.

Once I find a style that works, I try to buy several identical bras because I have discovered that you can't count on women's clothing inventory staying the same, at least not at the discount stores.

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I don't wear one but have seen guys that do. There's this widely-available piece of clothing which is manufactured to support human breasts. Because I swear, I feel like a 60 year old man. July 24,PM Reply 8. Next I tried the Gyno Vests made for this problem. They may notice the breasts, but they would anyway. I suppose that in theory I should have gone to someplace like a department store and gotten carefully measured, but I had no desire to go through that embarassment and I'm not eager to pay department store prices for frilly sexy bras.

Have a great day.

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July 22,PM Reply 4. Started by blad on Acceptance. I prefer the models with some lycra as I find them to provide the level of support that I need. I have had gyno my story life but it was not severe until I started medication for my prostate at age By the age of 60 I had obvious C cup problems. I stay away from thin white t-shirts where the straps are obvious, and I really don't think that people notice the bra. First I tried wide ace bandages but they just rolled up finding a place to pinch above or below my breasts.

Your milage may vary. If it is worth it for you to read "chest compression garmet" on the box instead of "bra", then who am I to tell you how to spend your money? This could help me, since I am very timid about going in public with a bra.

I can't say bra I've bra the fancy mail-order compression vests, but frankly my desire is to be comfortable, not Gynecomastia disguise the fact that I have breasts while making myself miserable. They were hot, uncomfortable and very expensive I spent several hundred dollars to find one I could tolerate. June 27,PM. Hello, I am a male, 63 years of age, happily married and trying to learn to live with wearing a bra. Are there any out there who have decided to not have story due to many reasons and have elected to Gynecomastia a bra?

So I usually wear one at night. I really have a feeling its from the gyne. s: [ 1 ] 2 Go Down. Fell free to spend ten times more money buying your breast support. A side effect is that the reduction in jiggling makes them less noticable. Welcome, Guest.

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I consulted with two plastic surgeons who both described the "anchor scar" and the fact that I was not going to get away with simple liposuction. July 24,PM Reply 5. I do not have hardly any story now, but when I take the bra off at night, the pain comes back.

There was a problem that with increased size I was experiencing painful broken blood vessles under my arms called hematomas which turned to bruises and left stretch marks. The fact that very few men bra large enough breasts to justify wearing a bra does not mean that the device works any worse on a male than on a female. Too bad I'm not. Author Topic: Wearing a Bra Read times. A side effect is that the plain models are often the cheapest. I have had good luck buying bras in local big-box stores. Back in school though, that would Gynecomastia been literally impossible to pull off with any amount of dignity.

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It got so bad I would grab my breasts when we hit bumps in the road and forget the riding lawn mower or boat bouncing. My wife wears them with her "Ds" when she does physical activities.

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But don't endure breast pain just because you are somehow hung up with the "men don't wear bras" idea. There are a of des which have no lace or decoration. Because there are so many people who wear it, there are a large of styles available and prices are low. July 20,AM Reply 3. For me, a bra has turned out to be a good solution.


Personally, I'll take advantage of the mass market since the products there meet my needs perfectly, are easy to acquire, and are cheaper. I have been wearing a bra for several months and find that it eliminates pain related to my breasts flopping. I have gyneomastia due to a medical condition which has caused me to not produce any testosterone. Badgene Silver Member Posts: I get a lot of story in my shoulders and my lower back.

I find that the discount stores have a reasonable selection of generic "everyday" bras, which is exactly what I am looking for. Started by Conor W on Acceptance. The bra does make me protrude more, but it is worth it for the pain relief that I get from wearing the bra. July 24,PM Reply 6. Have you tried the quality Gynecomastia bras? I would like to hear from you bra your experiences.

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August 03,AM Reply 9.