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They've ditched the Link List since then, but Go-Gaia continued to grow, eventually changing its name to "Gaia Online". Initial drawings point of the site were its focus on fashion and collectable fashion items.

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Gaia, un proyecto para catalogar millones de estrellas. Gaia spre its wings.

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Compression stops space missions from drowning in data. Gaia satellite set for launch to map the star. Galactic surveyor Gaia moves en route to launch pad.

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Collection of international news items about the Gaia launch. State-of-the-art grating for Gaia ESA selects prime contractor for Gaia astrometry mission Biggest space camera will map Milky Way Gaia: The 'impossible space mission' ready to fly. ESA's satellietfabriek aan de Noordzee.

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MP3 available for download here. A billion pixels for a billion stars. State-of-the-art grating for Gaia. Gezocht: broertjes en zusjes van de zon. ESA uses cookies to track visits to our website only, no personal information is collected. Gaia on a mission to map billions of stars in the Milky Way.

Con "Gaia" un catalogo stellare mai visto. Biggest space camera will map Milky Way. Keeping ESA's 'lady of space' cool.

Hell portal

Gaia video processing unit test model delivered. Launch preparations begin for Gaia galaxy-mapper. Gaia Mission Passes Vital Tests. Thermal testing of Gaia's Deployable Sunshield Assembly begins. Eye of Gaia: billion-pixel camera to map Milky Way. Billion pixel Gaia camera starts to take shape. Charting the Galaxy - from Hipparcos to Gaia.

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Dutch contribution to the Gaia mission. ESA selects prime contractor for Gaia astrometry mission. Picometer metrologie voor de Gaia missie. Hell and the heavens. Mapping the Galaxy, and watching our backyard.

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Gaia's instruments installed and ready for testing. Close Home. Gaia's 'eyes' and 'brain' pass tests. Basic Angle Monitor delivered for integration. An accurate distance to the nearest galaxy. Gaia: the cosmic camera that will chart a billion stars.

Gaia sunshield deployment test.

Hell portal

First Gaia mirrors completed. Nawkeurigheid van Gaia-satelliet waarborgen. The year in space Gaia's mission to map the Milky Way. Aarde loopt elke dag risico. Gaia's incredible mapping mission. An eclipsing-binary distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud accurate to two per cent. Gaia: de volgende doorbraak in de sterrenkunde. Mapping the Milky Way. Cartograaf van de Melkweg. Russia asteroid impact: ESA update and assessment.

Astrometry: Europe's star power.

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Un milliard de pixels pour scruter le ciel. Satellit Gaia: Vermessung der Milchstrasse. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Gigapixel-Kamera soll Sterne und Planeten jagen.

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Gaia to lift off from Europe's Spaceport on a Soyuz launcher. Lancement de Gaia.

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Astronomen gelingt die bisher genauste Vermessung des Alls. Gaia, un "calibro" da sogno per la distanza Picometre metrology in space. Qu'est-ce que Gaia?

The game of gaia

Europe's next space-astrometry mission: Gaia. The billion-pixel camera.

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Standardkerzen: Astronomen verbessern All-Messlatte. Space probe Gaia searches for galaxy's dark energy. Gaia celestial mapper he out of UK. A dormir, que surt el sol.

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The Gaia torus is complete. Via Lattea, un miliardo di stelle per Gaia. Gaia launcher separation test and Payload Module acceptance vibration tests completed. Gaia Payload Module Integration Completed. AstroViews 8: Gaia und die Vermessung der Galaxis.

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Gaia, the billion star surveyor. Gaia, la carte du ciel en 3D. A quoi sert Gaia? Future exoplanet missions. Gaia's mission to map the Milky Way Nawkeurigheid van Gaia-satelliet waarborgen Compression stops space missions from drowning in data First Gaia mirrors completed Astronomen kijken reikhalzend uit naar Europese Gaia-missie.

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Grootste digitale camera aller tijden. ESA's 'billion-pixel' camera.

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Delivery of Gaia's primary mirrors. OK Find out more about our cookie policy.