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He bent his great, shaggy head over Harry and gave him what must have been a very scratchy, whiskery kiss. Eleven thousand years ago a god was born. Cursed into the body of a human, Acheron endured a lifetime of hatred.

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Malfoy clenched his jaw, but lowered his wand and stalked into the Potions classroom without looking back. Her head snapped toward the door of the Potions classroom and she saw Ron, his face contorted in fury, his fists clenched. You're stuck with me.

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Snape was standing to the side of their table, leaning over Ron with a gleam of satisfaction in his black eyes. His pupils seemed to dilate for a moment, before his batlike gaze travelled to Ron. None of the three said another word for the remainder of the class. Several students turned their he. Whatever his father had told him about the events that had taken place at the end of their fourth year, it had been enough to slow his temper around Harry.

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Her stomach twisted funnily. She blinked, and scanned her notes.

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He always did. But she didn't answer. She turned to look at Pansy, who had miraculously gone quiet; the Slytherin tapped her wand against her thigh and said nothing. Unthinkingly, she performed the complicated series of twists and turns that led her to the lowest stairways. Ron merely glared across at Hermione.

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Hermione creased her brows in thought, hardly hearing either the praise from her teacher, or the chorus of annoyed half-groans from her classmates that followed it. Hermione sighed and followed them inside, trying to ignore Ron's glare. Disclaimer Two - It was entirely B. Bennett's idea.

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This sort of thing never came out in Gryffindor's favour. Pansy and her Slytherin girlfriends swept between them and into the classroom. Hermione whirled around at once. She shot a warning look at Ron, but he wasn't looking at her. He flashed Ron a dirty look, as if to let him know that he wasn't pleased to be having the conversation in the first place.

He wasn't cut out for the Ministry, was he -". Yet Harry was definitely in a state about something; she knew his face well enough now to know that he had been in one of his dark, nervous moods over lunch, and there were usually terribly good reasons for those. She sent me two paragraphs of "Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if Let me write it! Bennett had written it, you would have a nice, concise, tight story that would leave you happily tearful at the end.

She sighed, and began carefully crumpling her beetle wings into her cauldron.

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She looked at him reproachfully. He looked at Malfoy for a long, quiet moment, as if daring him to proceed. Harry jumped. If the conversation had something to do with Harry's mood, then she wanted to know about it. Snape arched an eyebrow at them.

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She stared out of the window at the briskly falling snow, hardly able to concentrate on class at all. Hermione gasped in indignation and turned to face Ron entirely, forgetting, for a moment, that she was in Potions class. And for a moment, I actually thought you weren't paying attention. But mwahahaha.

Sirius was still quite safe, Dumbledore hadn't entirely lost his influence over Hogwarts, and the Aurors had made it to Kent in time to protect the McDonalds from attack by the Death Eaters. Apparently, Malfoy wasn't keen on fighting with anyone that had survived a duel with the Dark Lord. Hermione, Ron and Harry sucked in a simultaneous breath.

He'd already taken a step forward toward Malfoy.

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Half an hour later, though, Ron still hadn't forgiven her. As if he hadn't slept in a long time. Clearly, whatever was going on, Ron knew about it and she didn't. She descended into the dungeons, chewing on her lip, forgetting that she shared this class with Pansy, too.

She likes Malfoy for heaven's sake That way, they can the circus as the freak act. Thanks also to Hallie, for helping me to mind my English. There were bags underneath them, Hermione noticed briefly.

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He exchanged a dark look with Harry, then caught Hermione's eye. Harry stood there, his wand only halfway raised, his green eyes narrowed and deadly. Thinking about your boyfriend Potter again? Or terribly bad ones, she corrected herself, hoping very much that whatever was troubling Harry, it wasn't his scar. She knew she'd have to do it just right, or else the Sharpening Elixir would disintegrate a sword instead of enhancing it, and Snape was certain to test her.

She'd been thinking the words, but she certainly hadn't said them. She's obviously an idiot. You know, you two could share a name, just combine them together. Hermione's mouth fell open. After all, it didn't do to have everyone noticing Hermione forced her books into her overloaded school bag, taking care not to crush her diary, then slung the massive thing onto her back and allowed her thoughts to return to Harry's troubled state, as she walked along the corridors.

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She hadn't looked at or spoken to Pansy Parkinson since they had begun Arithmancy together. Snape had been beyond unbearable lately, and it would only hurt Gryffindor if they walked in late to Potions. In her experience, that sort of reaction from Harry only meant that she was right. This year she felt she'd been left out of more than she'd been let into, where Ron and Harry were concerned. Harry and Ron released identical, involuntary sounds of disgust. His eyes rested on Harry, but though he opened his mouth, he said nothing. Hermione's eyes narrowed. He really wasn't acting like himself, and he hadn't been all day long.

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Although, she reminded herself quickly, it was all right if they were. Besides which, it was ridiculous that rumours still floated around Hogwarts about herself and Harry, and Hermione often wondered if everyone was entirely blind.

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She's been poorly raised. But then it's like I always said. She wouldn't answer. You'll need to work for your tuition now that your father's been demoted.

Puppy dog tales [1/?, nc17, ginny/hagrid, ginny/fang]

To fight in Snape's class was one thing, but Hermione respected Professor Vector with her whole heart, and she wasn't about to sink to Slytherin lows in the Arithmancy classroom. Five points to Gryffindor. She crossed her arms and positively simpered at something just over Hermione's shoulder. Malfoy's snigger was audible from across the dungeon, and Pansy's grating giggle burnt in Hermione's ears.

He was just waiting to catch her on a bad day. The cold drawl was instantly recognizable, and she wasn't about to stand by and watch as Malfoy taunted Ron into a fight, right here outside of Potions. Hermione jumped, startled.

What on earth is the matter with Harry? She glanced across at Ron, but he was refusing to meet her eyes.

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Hermione eyed him edgily. Shut up and die, PansyHermione thought coldly. Hermione had to strain to hear Ron's answer. All things considered, it had been a rather happy December, and it was very nearly time for the holiday break. Harry hadn't looked at all well, at lunch time, and thoughts of what might be bothering him were greatly bothering Hermione now. She noticed that he seemed to grow more agitated by the second, but she continued nonetheless. Hermione hadn't even seen him approach. She hadn't realised that she'd been staring at him until he glanced at her.

But how could it be?

Get comfy for the long haul. A wide smile crept across Pansy's face a moment later, however.

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Professor Vector chuckled.