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When it comes to sex, there are plenty of ways to experiment.

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Multiple orgasms. If there is a penis size difference, you may want to have the thinner guy handle the anal penetration, at least to start with. The feeling being so full is incredible. It's not like it looks in porn, but with proper preparation and expectations, it can be a mind-blowing experience.

If you want to know what it feels like, have your partner use her finger or a small dildo on your ass while giving you a hand job or a blow job. Use plenty of lube. And because of that it was super arousing and sexy — it was very hard not to orgasm quickly because of all excitement.

And it feels amazing. Now… Is double penetration as good as it looks in the movies?

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Then, as ly discussed, they both pulled out and came on my face. I started giving them both handjobs and alternating blowjobs. That said, it was fun, pleasurable, but not really great.

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Source: allovertheplaces. While you're at it, explore getting a prostate massage as well. After a lot of touching and moaning, I focused my mouth on our friend and my SO started warming up my ass. Source: Whatchamathing.

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Oh, and you definitely need a good sense of humour in the party as there will be lots of touching and getting into position. But as somebody smart has said: where there is will, there is a way.

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And if you need to get the third partner, there are the logistics of it. Note : Sliquid Sassy lube has proven to be the most enjoyable across a wide range of anal play lovers glycerin-free, paraben-free. Good luck to you both.

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Once she is use to that you can slowly work the dildo in. I have also been double penetrated when on my side and one man is in front of me and another is behind me. Source: LateKissy.

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Very interesting insights:. Source: Husbandisacuck.

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Learn more about these plugged beauties here. Feeling him stretch my ass while my pussy is stuffed drives me over the edge. Hearing them grunt and moan and feeling their hands on me is just… rawr. Then you can try the strapon so the man could both penetrate woman vaginally and anally it's tricky to get it right, but possible. Personally I love my husband in my ass an a toy in my pussy.

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That's what we've seen in the adult movies…and that's the kink that some want to experience when they mean double penetration…. My body locked up during it cause it was so much good at once. After over 20 hours of research you'll find the best DP sex enthusiast stories, explanations of how it feels like, and how you can do it successfully yourself. I prefer using a vibe during sex, which is harder to do during DP.

Otherwise it feels great and has the added mental turn on of being taken by two guys as long as their attitude is in synch with mine. It is a bit awkward to pull off, and the movement with the person on bottom is usually somewhat restricted. Both for me and my partner — we loved it since we took our time. Alright, I hope this guide was helpful to demystify the reality of double penetration. Then you proceed to penis in vagina. Try it with the smaller butt plug at first while penetrating her vaginally with penis. While orally also technically counts as double penetration, that's not what people usually mean.

Roughly this position but I was leaning on the bed. It's handy to have several size butt-plugs to slowly increase the difficulty anal training. Maybe it takes some practice. Or you can use suction cup dildo and position it at the wall while fucking in doggy style position.

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I try to buy from them at least sometimes but the markup is steep so online may be a better option once you figure out what you want. I have had two men one vaginally, the other anally and I have had two men in vagina at the same time. On knees doggy or her laying on back on couch. Or even safer for woman is to try it first with dildos like a bad dragon dildo and butt plug by herself….

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It's less scary and more exciting than it seems from the first look, huh? I have the most intense orgasms with two guys. It was absolutely glorious. Double penetration can be tons of fun if you do it right. Bringing It All Together. I tried double penetration, years ago. Best position for double penetration? Get her as worked up as you can.

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The starting point is simply do anal first. It took me a little bit to catch my breath when we were done. Do try it and you'll have better relationships! When we got home, we jumped straight in bed.

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If you enjoy vaginal sex and anal sex, that's when you know you're ready for dual penetration. Here's video actually asking the question about DP to pornstars. In another round you could try penis in anal and a toy in her vagina… That might be more difficult like doing it with sex furniture.

Then to do the real double penetration you'll need to find a willing third partner.

What is double penetration?

Source: Anonymous. You can try different dating apps, FetLife, Tinder, be safe…and have fun! I guess that's the biggest downside to DP and anything anal related — if you want it to be pleasurable, it's gonna take time to open butt for receiving. If it feels as good for them as it does for me, I can see why. You can also attach a string to the plug so you can pull on the string and wiggle the plug during the sex. They say it feels incredible to them, too. Source: The sensory input was insane, much more than when a partner fucked me with his dick and a strapon at the same time — two people, two bodies, trying to get the rhythms right, trying not to push anybody back out.

Source: Pokeywife. Remember foreplay. Bringing It All Together Alright, I hope this guide was helpful to demystify the reality of double penetration. Source: ladysativa Double penetration usually refers to two penises or sex toys inserted into woman's body during the sexual intercourse.

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I came close to passing out from all the screaming and moaning. So, I laid down on top of my SO with his cock in my ass and our friend went to town fucking me. Let her control the penetration. For first time might plug her ass with a quality plug.

Here's other people descriptions of sensations of DP:. Depends on partners, and your level of relaxation. It may be better for you to have him inside you first, then let the other guy penetrate you vaginally.

What does double penetration feel like?

Or is it only reserved for naughtiest couples with high pain tolerance? I would only suggest it if you enjoy anal. To me it felt like just something different, exciting, kinky… And because of that it was super arousing and sexy — it was very hard not to orgasm quickly because of all excitement.

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It may be easier during it all to find another couple and get everyone involved than simply a single guy. What Is Double Penetration? Source: alittlebirdy1. All the men who have ever double penetrated me have wanted to do it again. This is the fullest you can feel. Source: StaunchCalves. It was by far the most intense perma-gasm I have ever experienced. In my experience solo DP with a dildo in her vagina and penis in anal there are issues with room and keeping the dildo in.

The plug will really stay in her ass easily and that makes solo DP easier. Source: millendercenterstop.