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Skyrim Forums. Welcome to Skyrim Forums! Register now to participate using the ' Up' button on the right. You may now register with your Facebook or Steam ! Drakkar New Member.

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So basically Altmer are 1,90m to 2,00m high I don't know feet or inches, using meters instead; I wrote it in an online calculator and I suppose it suffices for a start, hehe. I just decided to go with my gut in the end.

Thanks for the post. I guess I thought "High" referred to like a royalty, or pure blood type of thing. Historical fun fact: back when the vikings were still around they stand at a scary height of 5'7". I found many barrels stacked, so you would think you could put a character up to the barrels and boom you can measure it?

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I decided to stop testing household objects and skyrim objects, because like before the scaling is not correct in a video game. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Skyrim Forums.

I like being really big in games for some reason, so it looks like I will be steering clear of the Wood, and Dark elves. They were described by people that stood around at 5 feet, but good diets and lifestyles have made humans grow taller. Or was it biscuits?

Guess I was wrong Flamingtaco Active Member. Share This Tweet. Ive personally yet to meet any human ethnic group with a average height of 6'8", the elves might pull it off, but it's still a ridiculous guess. So recently i tried to figure out the height of my Nord.

Not that easy i found many races like Breton, Imperial, and Dark elves measure up to 6 feet than, and Nords would be around 6'3". Welcome to Skyrim Forums! Like x 2. Altmer: 6'5" i found some person did reseach and measured her High elf to a door and guessed she was 6'5" Bretons 5'10" seems like an average for France and celtic nations Imperials 5'10" Dunmer 5'10" Nords 6' My dad is swedish and can trace his bloodline to the vikings and he is 6'1", Nords seem to be based off vikings Bosmer 5'8" i have never played a wood elf just a gut feeling Argonians 5'11" slightly taller than 1.

Of course that makes sense, since I don't think they made Skyrim to match up to scale with real life objects.

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My tables in my house are about 2'10" tall and i found races like Breton, imperials, and dark elves which are all the height at 1. Demut Veritas vos liberabit.

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Wood Elf Male: 5'3" avg, 5'7" max Female: 5'0" avg, 5'4" max Dark Elf Male: 5'7" avg, 6'1" max Female: 5'3" avg, 5'9" max Imperial Male: 5'8" avg, 6'2" max Female: 5'4" avg, 5'10" max Argonian Male: 5'9" avg, 6'3" max Female: 5'5" avg, 6'0" max Khajiit Male: 5'9" avg, 6'3" max Female: 5'5" avg, 6'0" max Breton Male: 5'10" avg, 6'4" max Female: 5'5" avg, 6'0" max Nord Male: 6'3" avg, 6'8" max Female: 5'9" avg, 6'2" max Orc Male: 6'4" avg, 6'9" max Female: 5'10" avg, 6'3" max High Elf Male: 6'7" avg, 7'2" max Female: 6'2" avg, 6'11" max.

Show Ignored Content. Jedah New Member. I am 5'10" so i tried using Real life comparisons to Skyrim to see how they match up Instead of giving you a long answer i'll just say inconclusive.

For example I took the barrels in the game, A normal wine barrel is 3ft tall. I've always wanted to know the exact height differences of the races. I remember seeing that post, it was actually the best guess of a player of what the race heights should be, and if I recall correctly it was posted prior to Skyrim's release date.

Dagmar Defender of the Bunnies of Skyrim. Nord, Orc, and High Elf seem to be a bit inflated.

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Thorn In the Hist we trust. For Male characters females seem like they are normally a inch shorter or same height except for Bosmer female since they are taller than their male counterpart.

I thought it played into them being prideful, and a little bit condescending. Rimfaxe96 Well-Known Member. By the way, why are there no Bosmer? Informative x 1. Jep New Member.

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Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Thus it's not cannon nor a reliable source of info.

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I had no idea that High Elves were so huge! I found this on a GameSpot forum, so I'm not positive it's accurate. You may now register with your Facebook or Steam !

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I was quite certain that Bosmer females were taller than males. I agree, but as I said before that post is an uncannon guess not real.

Next i tried to use dining tables. Register now to participate using the ' Up' button on the right. Travis Member. Besides if the imperials are based off of the Romans, their height should be around the 5'4" area yes the Romans were shortand the Nords are based on the vikings so around 6'2".

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The Laoch He is the Prince of Order. I suspect the person who posted it likely didn't know what they were talking about or come from a very tall family. That would be the same size like some of our well-grown humans in reality, interesting.