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The decision to allow what is destined to happen, happen. Because who we are is enough.

Present tense

All we can control is our perspective, our decision to breathe, our mental state as we remind ourselves what we are, and have been capable of. And the universe did, every time.

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We must let go of our inhibitions and need to be anything other than what we are. Just exist and let go. What is that little voice in your head saying? I swear these thoughts could be my own.

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Just exist in your messiness, in your confusion, in your pain, and change and moments of doubt. So I let go of the fear and the need to fix, said what I had to say, and walked forward, trusting that the universe would bring what was meant to happen right to me. Yet, on the other side of that movement is the opportunity to turn our entire lives around.

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In the face of pain—and really, in our everyday lives—we must stop trying to fix, mend, resolve, understand, and control what happens around and to us. Yes, there are going to be road blocks and bumps, times when we completely lose our footing and fall flat on our face. But a large percentage of those negatives cannot be controlled.

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Then realize everything is, and will be okay. Cancel reply.

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Yes, there are terrifying times and moments where everything will unravel and fall apart. Just let yourself be.

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Like this: Like Loading Akshay kumar das says. I want, more than anything, to outline the path, to make it beautiful, to clean up as many messes as I can some even before they happen.

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Wh at is it that holds you back? Share your thoughts!

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I think, sometimes, we get so wrapped up in what others will say, in what could go wrong, in the fear that surrounds a decision that we become too hesitant to move. Thank you.

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The love of my life would never have written himself into my story, had I not told my friend that I thought he was cute and then, of course, her subsequent gesturing of him in my direction across the crowded bar. Great post, keep writing Loading Kim Chadwell says. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by. Let life unfold all around you.

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I still do. Is it positive or passive, excited or hesitant? The start of my career would have never happened had I not written, without inhibitions, an article that was pressing on my heart for so long. The ability to take a step back, breathe deeply, and trust.

Short term

Yes, we will experience pain and loss, watch people we love leave us, or be broken in ways we never thought possible. The acceptance. I just love reading anything you write.