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Maybe thats all she was doing not actually masturbating.

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I was just about to say what Emma Louise said There is nothing sexual about it. She went pn to admit she has been doing it with her teddy for some months, i again reassured her it was perfectly normal and not to give it another thought but i don't seem to be getting through to her.

We tell him to stop only because of hygiene reasons. Tweens and teens 11 year old daughter started periods Tweens and teens 9yr old daughter getting phone calls from "boyfriend" Help! This made me LOL. Bless her thought she was pregnant!

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It is just the same as scratching your bum of something:lol:. Tweens and teens My 14 yr old son has started smoking. My youngest son is only 4 and forever has his hands down his pants playing. I'm the same it's the craft feather bit that got me, been up all night with my little girl and I'm not half as grumpy now I can't stop laughing Sent from my iPhone using Netmums.

My sister asked what he was doing and he giggled, got a bit embarrassed and said "it feels nice! We bought the usbourne book too when my daughter noticed her body changing. Hi, my daughter was distraught after her bath last night and admitted to me she had been touching herself with her barbie doll in the bath and now thought she was pregnant!

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Iv had to explain to my OH its only natural, its a sensitive area that feels nice to touch so shes gonna touch it but he goes mad!! I bet sex hadn't even entered her head! She didn't embarrass him about. It can be terrifying for the parents though because to us they're still our babies!

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My thought exactly Lucy. Even though I know it's all normal it doesn't mean it's not going to be scary nor big reality shock for us Moms and D x. This is completely and utterly normal!

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Search for a thread. I don't think i even thought about it until high school, And I think the OP's feelings about it at this age is about on par with mine. How do you know she does this? It is not "sexual" to Anything that feels nice you are going to want to do.

Chances of having twins again? It's all normal love. Lol scratching your bum!

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See last answer. It's an excellent book, and I've read it too so we are on the sameso to speak! In answer to Rut55fxf. Has anyone else had a similar experience with their daughter and would they reccomend getting a book that explains these things? They do a girl version and a boy version.

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Tweens and teens 14 year old daughter still not started periods. My sister once walked in on my nephew who had a hard winky and he was gently tickling it with a craft feather. The only time I would have a concern, is if was doing this, accompanied by making sexual comments and displaying a more sexual behaviour towards other children.

We don't try to embarrass him about it. Those parts of the body are deed naturally to feel nice when they are touched, even from very early on.

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Tweens and teens 17 year old daughter having sex. He was 8 at the time. Im a nursery nurse and alot of younger kids 'touch' themselves obviously not in a sexual way just exploring. Sorry but this made me nearly choke on my lucozade!!

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Tweens and teens Help caught 10 year old son masturbating Tweens and teens My 11 year old started her period. I'm dreading it when my toddler and baby starts getting older and starts to come of age where they're developing and exploring. I reassured her it was perfectly normal to experiment etc and that she certainly wasnt pregnant but she is still very anxious about it and keeps getting worked up into such a state that she's almost sick. The worst thing would be to have an issue with it. In answer to Anonymous.

Just as the post mentions, my daughter will refer to different sections of the book as and when she feels she needs to.

I'd invest in some door locks for your own pleasure though. I don't believe my 9yr old even knows what to do. I have masterbated since i remember, perfectly normal! My 22 month old daugher doesnt leave her fairy alone It mortifies my OH. I have been introducing the potty and she will literally sit there messing with it giggling!

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My eldest is 9 i wouldnt feel comfortable knowing that either. We arent meant to discourge them from doing it either as it can be detrimental. Can't find your answer? In answer to Emm51pbf. Tweens and teens my 12 year old is out of control and has started to hit me. Sent from my iPhone using Netmums. In answer to cas49akr. Help See chat rules. Tweens and teens 10 year old has started her period.