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As you might have guessed from the title of this article, the internet is packed with people who want to know what it feels like for someone to cum inside them — at least, according to countless Reddit thre asking that very questionand cum-inside porn offering little help: What does it feel like for a penis to cum inside me? For your questions about pre-cum, read this ultimate guide. Commenter fascismforfun responds to the prompt, which again, asks what it feels like when a dude cums inside of you, by describing pleasantly heated goo:.

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ChillyChills Send a private message. My psychologist told me once that it also has to do with how we 'chose our mate for reproduction'. Many many people just do it 'cos it turns them on and they don't even think the comsecuences. I am currently involved with a man that I love very much.

MarcBeaulieu Send a private message. Aly Send a private message. From experience women naturally want their man to cum inside of them. But it can also make you more attached to her, as well - a lot of the orgasm and physical response is a chemical reaction. He's just him But to me, he is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.

But I have my suspicions that this is the culprit. I think myself people like it because it makes them feel more accepted to feel they are 'good reproduction material' in a perhaps unconscious way nothing to back it up, it is just my own thought. Does cumming in a girl make her more attached to you? That said, I can't respond from a female perspective but there are various couples councellors and sexologists who might suggest that the act of sex, if not the body fluids and chemicals shared, can in fact create a stronger bond in a partnership.

First things first: safe sex is always a wise choice. StrayCat Send a private message. Respond to Anonymous:.

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If you use condoms alone, you are 20 times more likely to get pregnant than using the pill alone. Of course, this is in very intimate and close relationships.

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Sex Tips. I've heard that studies show that Semen can improve moods in women, but im not sure if thats a myth or not Can I get some feedback, preferably from a woman's point of view. When he did, I was so turned on, I orgasmed twice, back to back.

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At first I said "no", but changed my mind in no time. I could not figure out why I went so wild for him out of nowhere. And the science does not support all the condom nazi's out there. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters.

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All Topics. In my case when my partner has the urge to 'do not pull out' feels so intimate and it makes me feel that he enjoyed himself so much that he doesn't care if we make a baby because we are in that phase of our relationship where if it comes, it comes. This reply was removed by the author. He's not rich. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. I have had many girls allow me to penetrate them without a condom and finish inside of them and they clearly enjoy the moment when I cum inside of them.

That's science. I'm female and OMG I so love when generally speaking my husband comes inside of me, however I'm now divorced, and trying to abstain, but anyway it's amazing really hits nerves and get me so worked up. Still, I say wear condoms. Edited on November 4, at UTC by the author. I was always so in love with him and had an insane mental, emotional, physical and sexual attraction to him.

Even if you don't come inside of her and you pull out, pre cum is always a risk and sperm can last up to a few days. But you mention your girlfriend is on the pill. Aly : I would relish the opportunity to explode inside of you. When a girl or guy feels comfortable enough to leave it to chance with the pleasure of cumming inside it can also mean they naturally are ok to reproduce with that person.

Notifications You have no notifications. On her cycle and her fertility. In the beginning of us trying again, I was very withdrawn and guarded. And for the rest of that weekend, I was all over him. Nothing can harsh your love glow like a baby you aren't ready for or an STI.

But, yes, having sex with no condom can increase some of the pleasure so you typically want to be in a safe, long-term relationship before riding bareback, if you catch my drift. I couldn't take my hands off of him.

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Aviza Send a private message. Alex Send a private message. Type your question. We ere together for a year before it ended. The average person would not describe him as a buff, Native American prince. It would seem, however, that it's the shared pleasurable experience that brings you closer more than the specific act of ejaculating in its own right. If I came inside her can she get pregnant.

Plan b is not suppose to be used as regular birth contork and is costly around 50 bucks. Good questions Anonymous. You can always suggest she takes plan B just I case the next day.

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My gf was always saying she wants me to cum in her, and eventually after a while I started cumming in her and have been ever since. Enter more details. Not to mention that you can transmit STDs to one another; even under the best scenario, where none of you is a cheater and she didn't bring anything from a relationship, just so you know, you can catch a STD's through non sexual means.

Remove the sheath and make the whole process more intimate, more primal, and yes, it's going to be a greater connection. Don't do it unless you are in a committed relationship and if you can't deal with the potential chance of being a father, just wear a condom.

Apersonwhoasksmen Send a private message. Her book BONK is great and covers all manner of wonderful sex facts. But you'll have to get a scientist to back that up.

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I suggest reading some Mary Roach. Does cum inside a girl actually have a psychological affect on her? One thing is certain for both men and women: orgasms relieve stress, alleviate depression and yes, help all couples bond. Edited on November 15, at UTC by the author. Hope this helps. Everything every woman on here is saying, is true. Every time my boyfriend cums inside me it makes me feel very close to him. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. However, a case can be made that once you share your DNA with a woman, there may be chemical responses that le to more bonding on her end.

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My gf who is my 1st sex partner is on the pill, and since we started having sex she never wanted to use a condom, and in the beginning I wasn't crazy about this and I would pull out everytime. And yours too. Well, generally speaking, if you were to cum inside a girl, it would suggest you were in a more serious relationship -- since that increases the chance of pregnancy and also other risks.

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Messages You have no messages. Really on my P's and Q's. But one night, during sex, he asked if he could cum inside me. I think emotionally, it suggests trust and that is a part of intimacy -- on both parts. Long story short: safe, loving sex does improve her mood.

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I've never heard of said studies, but one thing I know for sure is that you guys should be wearing a condom. It took a while for me to decide to be, however because he is an ex from a year ago. This isn't being a nazi, it's being responsible.

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I wanted non-stop sex and I was overwhelmed with love.