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This story would be best you could ever read. This story is absolutely real but I cannot reveal my identity. In my family there is my papa, mom, me and my uncle that is papa younger brother Papa is a manager in mnc and he always lives on tour. My mom is a house wife.

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Rate This Story :. By the time they both have undressed themselves. It included a politician, a businessman, a bus driver, her boss, our neighbour uncle, my friend's dad, and a rickshaw driver. I almost cummed though I'm not moving a bit. He was also in good company with me too, and I had known him for over a year. The next morning when I went to take bath, I saw my mom's panty, and nightie being hung for drying.

A tall man came in. I was surprised to find my mom not at the bed.

Now I smelled something fishy. I lied on bed, closed my eyes, and at some time later I slept off. Srinath stood up and went to the door. Lights were all switched off, but I could almost see everything very clearly from the bright light coming through the window. Yes it was, as I thought, they have already completed a session.

Now I can see everything clearly from the light coming from outside. I didn't move a slight thinking they may know I'm awake. Night 1: Me and my mom slept on bed and him on the floor. Then Raghunath laid down and my mom came over him and led his cock slowly into her pussy. We reached there on a Saturday evening, as the first exam was on Sunday, and the next ones on Monday and Tuesday.

What a great feeling it was! It was my mom who accompanied me for the test. I was just ashamed and afraid to question her though I often heard a lot of her 'adventures' with them. Watching my mom getting fucked- Real Sex Story This is a real incident happened in my life. I heard a moan of my mom after some time. I acted like I have slept.

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I did hear some rumours associated with my mom and him too, which I ignored. Truly I wished there should be something happening. Raghunath was such a pussy-hungry man that he sucked my mom's pussy dry. They ended up in a passionate kiss Which itself rose my cock instantaneously and they both came back and slept at respective positions.

Then I found both of them awake, and are coming from bathroom. Home Stories Submit Search. Suddenly my mom's cell phone rang.

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She is such a sexy hot figure that every man wish to fuck at least once. This happened about an year ago in Chennai India when I went there to write an examination. After about an hour of foreplay, I found him mounting his cock into my mom's pussy. They fucked and moaned, this continued for another hour, by the time I had slept off unaware. My mom took out his fat hard cock and put it in her mouth. Night 2: The next night decided, I didn't sleep. They tried 69 position then, and they are sucking each other like dogs. Coming to the story, we needed to go to Chennai for an examination one day.

He continued sucking my mom's pussy for another 10 minutes. They talked real dirty about her which hardened my cock, and they told they really cherish the wish to fuck my mom someday.

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Srinath fondled and licked her boobs during this time. Mom made him nude and sucked his cock for a long time. She has reached her climax. Srinath was fucking my mom in missionary position then. After about 15 minutes I heard some hushed up voices of them talking. My cock got rock hard thinking what a slut my mom is. Hesitatingly she attended the call. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum.

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At about I was surprised, who could it be, and what will they be doing now. Since my dad is working in Germany it was only me and my mom at home. Oh man, I cum by seeing this heavenly scene. Almost an hour or more might have passed, I woke up.

I decided to watch it out if anything is happening the next night.

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Yes, it was my dad calling from Germany, which I came to know from her talk. After about 10 minutes of doing that, they both shifted to floor. I was curious to know who it was. As the night, everything at the beginning happened similarly. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours.

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They still hugged and spend together fondling for another 15 minutes. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. A close friend of her, named Srinath, aged 28, who is a colleague of her, had accompanied us as he know Chennai very well. History: Later after several days on inquiring closely about her, I came to know that she has got fucked by at least ten men near to my home.

Of course she had relationships with some men I know which I will tell later. She has lifted her legs and has begun slight moans. I got bolder and asked about her to 3 of my close friends too. Within a few minutes, as expected, he too began his action. I saw them moving to bathroom. We had to stay at Chennai for 3 days. It was the scene of my life- He has lifted my mom's nighty and is sucking, which definitely should be her pussy.

Yes, Srinath has come near the bed and is doing something, which later I opened my eyes fully and looked. My mom compelled me to sleep early at 10 it as we need to wake up early.

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Then Raghunath came down on my mom and began sucking her pussy, while she was sucking Srinath's cock, which I saw him coming into my mom's mouth soon. It was a great scene to see my mom sucking someone's cock like a bitch. I suddenly grabbed them and masturbated and cummed on her clothes in the bathroom. Srinath brought the phone to her, and when she looked, I saw her responding in shock.

The most interesting thing was that, even while talking, Raghunath's cock was inside her pussy and Srinath was sucking her boobs. But that night turned out to be a treat for my life. He booked a double room at a hotel near the railway station.

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I was surprised, it was the manager of that hotel, Mr. Raghunath, which Srinath had introduced to me the first day. My mom, Geetha aged 39, works in a private company. I already was flowing with my juices. Everything went as usual, I didn't suspect anything too.