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So I removed them and put them in my pocket for later without her knowing.

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Incest Fantasy mom son mom son incest hot mother. About twenty minutes later my mom called me down from my room and asked me into the livingroom where she was now standing and she started to explain that what she was doing was just a fantasy and it could not become reality because shes my mom and before she could finish I told her that" if we both wanted to experience each other we should just fuck and get it done with".

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So I pick up some speed and with that she starts to let out groans and she tells me "oh yea baby thats what mommy wants, make titties bounce, oh fuck me hard. Then I pushed up her skirt to reveal her soaking wet panties that where now transparent. At this point I knew I had her so I took out my cock and her jaw dropped as I told her "mommy please.

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As my mom gets up to get cleaned up I force her back onto the sofa and ask her "where the fuck do you think your going? So then as I headed for my room once again I heard my front door close and a voice saying "Frank im home". The incedent happened three weeks after my eighteenth birthday when I was in my room on my day off work having a good pull on my cock watching Amber Lynn Bachs tits bounce on my laptop screen while everybody was away to work or.

The feeling of my cock in my mom for the first time makes me feel so good I tell her "Mom I love you so fucking much I will fuck you when ever you want.

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When I got down stairs I quickly threw a drink of water into me and headed for my bedroom but as I was about to walk out th kitchen door I saw my moms baby oil that she used al over her body while laying in the sun waiting for it to burn her to a crisp. She then fixed herself and walked towards the door and this when she caught me lying there with my raging boner in hand.

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I could still hear her in the house so I thought o myself maybe she forgot her phone or something for work. I pushed her onto the sofa so she could relax while I licked her snatch.

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I was enjoying myself so much at this point I comletely forgot to go to my room and get dressed that my mom started screaming once again this time saying "oohh Frank im cuming on our hot young cock oohh". Before my mom could get to the kitchen I put down the baby oil and ran to the garage door to hide.

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I dont reply because I am licking her so much I want her to cum and after five minutes of some furious fingering she cums on my hand and I remove it to taste it. As I look up I see mom sitting there on the sofa with a smile on her face watching me enjoy her juices, As she asks "enjoying that honey? I can now feel my balls fizzle as they are about to explode.

I then got my first taste of my moms scent and I was in heaven as my mom put me in a head scissors and asked me "does mommy taste good baby". At this moment I thought she saw me till she said "oh god im going to get my son to fuck me when he gets home I promise".

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As I was pulling my cock I noticed that it was hard as a rock but my spit was drying up and I needed a drink to make more spit. This made me feel sick that my own mom wanted me so bad but could not help the blood racing to my cock and within seconds I was as hard as I have ever been and so the next thing I know is im whacking myself to the sound of my own mom finguring herself to the thought of my cock.

My name is Frank im mom twenty year old student living at home with my mom,dad,brothers and sister. So in a raised voice I told her "mom I heard what you were saying about me and its ok because I want to fuck YOU now". Oh Ifucked I thought to myself as I stood there butt naked with baby oil in my hand. She then ran into the kitchen to get away from me but I followed her with my cock still saluting her as I acussed her of being the sick one for shouting my name while she fucked herself.

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So in the Garage I looked to see if I could find any clothes but there where none. Score 3.

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This made me smile because I remembered when she lay out for too long and burnt her so badly she had to take off work and then it hit me that I could use this as a lubricant instead of my spit. I couldnt believe I was about to get so lucky as to lick my moms hairy pussy of all her juices that she whipped up earlier. By this time I realised that mom had stopped calling me and figured I was out.

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As she does this I decided to start putting my hips into fucking her mouth and she again removes it to say "thank you honey for getting that itch now lets see what you can do with your tounge". So after a while later I realised that mom wasnt going anywhere and decided I had to make a move for my room or I would definatly get caught so I was able to open the door without a noise and slowly walk towards the stairs but my mom was sitting on the sofa in the livingroom and I was trying my hardest not to make a noise when I noticed my mom was sitting groaning in what I thought was pain so I casualy walked over to the back of the sofa about to ask my mom whats wrong.

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So I decided to go down stairs to get a drink quickly and get back to my movie so I got up of my bed and realised I had the freedom to walk around the house naked and thats exactly what I did. I then thought I had the upper ground when I tried to show her its OK because I now wanted what she wanted but she told me to go to my room. Now im on my knees in front of my mom licking her cum of my fingers.

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Her eyes lit up in amazment that her son did indeed want her too. for Free! But she didnt react so I went to my room as I thought she didnt want me anymore.

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