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Xander tried not to change anything, because one untimely decision could have major consequences later. So much for making plans. Xander Shan. Answering my own challange: Kamino Cloners. Xander has been asked to have his soul shoved into the clone of an ancient hero of the Republic.

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But when 5 hours pass and Ezra has still not returned, will the rebels be able to find him -- or get him back? Now though? I added it to my reading list so I can finish it at a later time. It was a little heavier on the romance than I expected, but that's just my tastes. I am only on chapter three and I love this fanfiction. Ezra Lost Rating: 5. Reviewed by Retired. A lone survivour of the Battle of Geonosis, Republic Commando - 'Taler' - finds himself alone in a galaxy he has no say in. When Han Solo talked his way onto a vital mission with Princess Leia, the last thing he anticipated was a deadly reminder of his past.

A one way trip, orchestrated by "The League of Assassins". Diary of a Wandering Princess Rating: 4. Reviewed by Ajibola.

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The Lightsaber Genres: ScifiPoetry. It is time for Wedge's friends to accept that even the greatest of them all must eventually fall. Genres: RomanceAction. This reminds me of both Star Wars and Star Trek. Warning: Dark Obi-wan! Jumping to the future caused a "Butterfly Effect". One man who clung on for all his worth was Talon Rake. This is how it began.

Tropes found long, long ago and far, far away:

Dark Decisions Rating: 4. Reviewed by TheJediGrandmaster. How it works. Genres: MysteryAction. Along the way, she finds new companions who is willing to her side to fight against her enemies.

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Reviewed by Troas. I loved this story and its pace, as Ben is slowly introduced to the Dark…. However I am looking forward to the continuation of this story. Together We'll be Legends Rating: 4. How will they survive the incoming onslaught.

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While I loved the story-line and how you executed it, it could use some polishing up. Now he'd fight the entire galaxy just to keep her by his side. Overall, a very enjoyable read! Struggling to adjust, he soon finds help, but at a price Coruscant Correctional Facility is the harshest prison in the galaxy. Even a Rogue has to go sometime.

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Genres: Drama. The day Luke Skywalker brought home the small orphaned girl named Rey, Ben Solo couldn't have cared less. Search Search. This is the first fan-fiction I've ever read, and it was well worth it! Thanks,… .

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Talon of the Empire: The Resolve Rating: 5. For the first time in her life, Princess Leia has more free time than she knows what to do with.

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In the years after Endor the Empire did not simply give up. Kanan x OC. A poem about a lightsaber. Once would have been enough. She hunts force sensitives and deals with them.

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Rated for T just to be on the safe side. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. It clung on to life, perhaps long after it should have let go. Crown of Light Rating: 5. What better way to get rid of all the crazy thoughts possessing her lately than to write them down?

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Fantasy and Werewolves the Pack! This story is really good,it's really sad,of how love for another individual can drive a person to sacrifice himself,sacrifice his identity,and who he really is,just to save his loved ones,anyways,back to the story,its really good and you "catch our feelings so that we get caught up in the star… .

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Who will come to their aid? Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. It plays in an AU. Obi-Wan must make a difficult Decision. After the Last Jedi, the Resistance is in great peril. Only the most damned and cursed men find themselves in this harsh system.

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So, when a jaded Mandalorian finds a new cellmate in Petronella isn't in for the action, she's there for the peace but when she finds Ezra again after eight years she's found something she wants to protect and a love that she has to admit to. As I read this, I could actually see it all.

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Write or Story. Infinity Gates, Cloud City, a fugitive of the Nagai Nova's a seer, and an assassin, who's been sent to the future to kill Ben Solo.

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Reviewed by Samantha Speed. I am not sure if that is intended, but it is what I see in this story thus far. Genres: ScifiDrama. This Decision will change the fate of the galaxy forever! Genres: ScifiAction.

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Kanan Jarrus has sent his Padawan, Ezra Bridger, on a simple solo op for his training. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. I found typos and shifts in the writing tense, but those can be corrected or skipped over.

Reviewed by Tinkerbell I enjoyed the story a whole lot and it has inspired me to write one of my own fanfiction for star wars rebels. I rated the author's writing style 3 stars because of the repetition of what happen to Taler and his Clone brothers in almost every in which Taler got angry. Genres: RomanceHumor.