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The baroness visits her mother's grave and faces her father since Marissa's meddling. The ladies uncover the reason behind Annabelle's attitude. Ladies of London.

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What the fuck does her husband do? What does her husband do to make money to support their family? Ladies of London - Julie's Unbelievable Balls. That mother fucking husband must have had radar to find such a dumb bitch. Link: Copy link.

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She'd be much prettier with auburn hair Hiya LTL!!! I don't get it. So Julie Montagu's husband has no job except running an estate that takes K pounds a year to run? Chances are her father in law was raped as well. Lux Lux Redux.

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Or Learn more Continue. She's like an unapologetic Cruella DeVille and it's amazing. JUB is the dumbest product name i ever heard of and it looks like it should be in a dollar store.

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Back to top. They should be wrapped in colorful foils like truffles. A waste of a plastic cup. I asked her on Twitter if it wouldn't be easier to get rid of the place and have her husband home with her and the kids but she hasn't answered : And, not connected in any way to how I may or may not feel about her and her HSPthat hair color is hideous.


I saw on Twitter they are trying to do things like make it a destination wedding place or something but why are they just thinking about that now? Dolliac wrote: Caroline Stansbury needs to be imported alongside Gina Liano to a HW franchise that actually garners some attention. Plus, I don't have any reason to believe Julie is responsible for saving Mapperton.

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I hate the Americans. Stanbury regarding Lady Hinchingbrooke: "Julie is a gibbering wreck. The packaging is for shit also. Sep 22, 61 T Sep 22, 62 T Sep 22, 63 T Sep 22, 64 T Sep 23, 65 T Oct 06, 66 T Oct 07, 67 T Oct 08, 68 T Oct 08, 69 T Oct 08, 70 T Oct 09, 71 T Oct 09, 72 T Oct 09, 73 T Oct 09, 74 T Oct 09, 75 T Oct 09, 76 T Oct 10, 77 T Oct 10, 78 T Oct 15, 79 T Oct 15, 80 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms.

I guess all of the HW series will get music now : I kind of like it!

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It isn't even hers until the old man passes and all kinds of trusts can be contested. If they traded places I'm pretty certain she would have plenty of time. Why the fuck would you wish this on your kids? ETA - I Googled. I think I'm going to start my own drinking game every time anyone says Mapperton. I love every word that comes out of her mouth. I love this show. Share Share with:.

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Related Discussions. A sick paternal predator doesn't stop at one.

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Caroline Stansbury appears to me to have a real bug up her butt that Julie is a complete mess and an American yet still managed to land an English aristocrat as a husband. Trompe L Oeil. Julie Montagu is a codependent idiot.

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I hope the Balls are a huge success, It'll kill Caroline. Manage the gardeners, cafe workers and housekeepers? This last episode was a bore. Why does she think it's her job to save Mapperton and raise their children?

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Caroline I is an amazing hilarious bitch. Everyone in London is named Caroline. Where does the money come from? This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Her website is pathetic. Am I the only one seeing this bullshit? So joyously airheaded. Cleofuss wrote: Hiya LTL!!! OK. Does anyone know about this English estate thing? The woman looks like We thought you may like this great deal survivor stuff.

She needed a hero, so that’s what she became.

Switch to Print View - posts 4 of 7. All of the Americans sound like Brits playing Americans - loud and such hard "r"s. I laughed out loud when they mentioned another Caroline. Survivor Sucks. posts 42 remaining.

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Julie Montagu annoys the fuck out of me. Mrs Krista Boogie. Every time I watch this show, I think my color is off on my television, because no one would EVER purposely dye their hair that color, right? Unless her balls make enough money for several generations, her kids are going to be faced with saving Mapperton. You'd think at their age we'd have a bunch of woman named "Diana" instead.

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