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Town has agreed to call it "Katherine's Cooter" instead. A Maine town that spends hundreds of dollars annually to replace stolen street s is again asking residents to consider renaming one of the frequent targets: Katie Crotch Road. I like how this implies they keep asking the residents if they want the road name changed and the residents are like, "nah". You chose to name a street "Katies Crotch".

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But I daresay the combination makes this the most steal-able in the country, one that no teenage boy could resist. Did you know the Chinese think four is unlucky?

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So basically, just a whole steaming jambalaya of stereotypes. All things considered, it was horribly cruel of Stephanie Meyer to set the Twilight series in an actual town and not a fictional one.

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This gets stolen so often that, earlier this year, the town had a vote whether to rename it. Nor anyone with a fetish for water rodents, for that matter.

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Even with all of the iconic and real streets in New York, this symbolic Joey Ramone Place is the most stolen one in the city. Although, according to the liberal media, it achieved that mark after being stolen just four times in seven years. We need some new cursed s. If it were merely Big Beaver Road, that would probably be enough to get the stolen.


Apparently, everywhere you go in Portland you see Simpsons references. We love our road theft like we love our Seth MacFarlane comedies: Sophomoric and frequent.

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Matt Groening grew up there and used the local streets to name several characters. We need more of that.

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At what age do people stop being entertained by the mere mention of Intercourse, Pennsylvania? I wonder though — now that marijuana is starting to be legalized, do these lose their cachet?


As ofall three states agreed to change it to Route Up to seven times? These are just four of the many, many marijuana-related s that are under constant assault.

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These poor 3, Forks residents must just be overrun with shrieking teenage girls. These are 11 of the most stolen street, city, town and highway s in the U. Sound suspicious to me. And, on a related note, is there anywhere in the U. Or should I never say never? So I built this list anecdotally, by searching around for s that drew some media attention for being frequently stolen.


There is no Route anymore. I look forward to going to Portland one day and seeing these, as well as seeing Fred Armisen playing different hipster characters.

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S These are just four of the many, many marijuana-related s that are under constant assault. If it were merely Exit 69, that would probably be enough to get the stolen. The 11 U. Towns With the Least Badass Names.

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Fours are everywhere. Sam is a Midwest-born classically-trained journalist, now living and working in Los Angeles as a writer, author and entrepreneur.

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