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In that case it had nothing to do with Valkorion directly, they were healing the damage left from the fact that Viri had five different very strong Force ghosts involuntarily squatting in her brain, and as we know from the Sith Inquisitor story, Force Walking hurts a person on a good day.

And yourself. When Lana speaks, it is in Sith. Viri turns to her basket and picks up the wine bottle and a glass.

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She has to take the lead. Around them, people are laughing.

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You can do this. Viri swallows hard. Lana locks eyes with her and puts the glass to her lips, giving her a sip. A blue haze begins to fill the room, and both Lana and Viri feel their eyelids becoming heavier and heavier. We never were able to visit. I am yours.

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Viri is already battling a ghost; one that looks suspiciously like Darth Baras. I promise.

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Both women are giddy with excitement, and Viri is all but hopping at the controls as she sets the ship down on the makeshift landing pad that has been cleared for it… …Once the two women are showered and dressed, Viri le the way out to the sand. As the glow around them subsides, they sit back and open their eyes. She takes a larger drink herself, and then offers it back to Viri. Viri extends her hand without question, letting Lana cradle it gently. Luckily, her partner, Lana Beniko, is by her side every step of the way.

Their path along the beach has been illuminated with blue and green luminaras.

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At the end of the trail, Viri has placed a small canopy with a soft blanket and a few beach torches. Lana takes a long knife and holds it over the brazier, sterilizing it in the flame.

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And Revan. And Lord Draahg. When they reach the canopy, Lana sits and places her bag of supplies beside her. Keep reading. Together they can do anything, and with their dedicated Alliance team, they will rescue old friends and allies, make new ones, and forge a promising future for the galaxy. As she embarks on a new stage of her life, as the Galactic Peacekeeper, critical challenges arise. You know how you get. When she reaches the seventh line, she tosses the seeds into the flames. The air immediately fills with fragrant incense and purple flames. It ifies a successful ritual, where the participants also have a Force bond.

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Both women are giddy with excitement, and Viri is all but hopping at the controls as she sets the ship down on the makeshift landing pad that has been cleared for it…. She takes a Sith brazier and a small diffuser from her bag and lights them. As Baras goes down, Nomen Karr rises. The ocean crashes behind them. The stink of sulphur chokes the air. You are mine.

Black volcanic rocks cover the ground.

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Hills of ash surround them. She picks Lana up and settles her on her lap, then hands her the glass. But I was able to procure some of the incense blend.

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Lana catches her breath. The cuts on their hands have healed, and there are purple scars in their places.

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We will live in passion and strength; we will love and be loved. The waves roar soothingly in their ears as they walk, their bare feet sinking into the cool, soft sand. Uprisings and protests against the Alliance threaten to destroy all that she has worked for.

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Lana sets one more item next to her and turns to Viri. Would you like some?

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These seeds need to go in the cauldron when you get to line seven. You will walk with me and I with you. We found that out the hard way before. Safest travels, my love. Lana blinks as she stands up and looks around.

Rain of august — the eternal wrath - rainofaugust - multifandom

See this in the app Show more. Their minds are entirely open to each other, and their emotions are so raw and so urgent that they cannot tell who feels what.

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A blinding white light with purple and red sparks surrounds them as they lean into each other, forehead to forehead. Lana, sit next to her. As Lana slides into unconsciousness, she reaches out to Viri one more time. The stairs lead to a long corridor with open doors, and Viri peers through each of them, seemingly searching for something. Viri meets her eyes and repeats the process, and they press the wounds together as they clasp hands.