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The joking remarks came after she was asked who she would cast as her lesbian love interest if she played another gay part. Too bad we still need that PG rating. Despite that, she admitted that she still finds it hard to believe that some people consider her a gay icon.

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Straight men love lesbians — part of me believes the shower scene is solely in place for them — and they lust after lipstick femme lesbians especially.

Anna kendrick wants lesbian love scene with brittany snow in ‘pitch perfect 3’

Will she and Chloe ever do anything besides talk? You can practically hear the clock ticking backward on the gay rights movement. In high school, we saw Cynthia and her overt sexual harassment of the other Bellas and the conversation in school the next day was about that a cappella movie and how funny it is. Besides the bisexually coded Chloe and Beca there are never any solid declarations of sexualityPitch Perfect also has Cynthia Rose Ester Deanthe only explicitly lesbian character in the series.

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Pitch Perfect welcomes discussions of queerness, and the affections of its heroine, Beca Anna Kendrickpendulate scene to scene between guys and gals. On my second watch, I was squirming — if a guy were to do the same thing to Beca, it would be terrifying. Is Beca a repressed lesbian? The film may reinforce homophobic attitudes you already have. Instead, every girl-on-girl encounter is scary and alienating — and not just in a freshman-year-of-college sort of way.

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Similarly, when Fat Amy is burrito-bombed at a gas station, Cynthia is the first responder, taking the opportunity to straddle her and attempt unnecessary mouth-to-mouth. now! The first film is really not that queer at all.

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The trilogy abuses queerness whenever it can. Cannon clearly wanted to create a lesbian-leaning college comedy, but the film too often confuses sexual harassment with flirtation. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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What do you think of the first Pitch Perfect? But alas, film after film, the series turns its back to its own queer leanings.

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The first film seems innocuous enough. Every scene featuring Cynthia transforms into a doubling-down on her otherness. Beca moves into her dorm room and during a club fair, rejects an offer to the Bellas when Chloe and Aubrey Anna Camp try to draft her. Pitch Perfect plays things oddly safe from this point forward.

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Does content like this matter to you? We internalized the messages the movie was offering us by laughing with them. Neither of us understood the dormant homophobia in the movie.

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The male gaze is strong in this one. Beca sings in the shower, naked, while unbeknownst to her, someone enters the stall, quietly pushing the curtain aside. A fight breaks out at practice one day, and Cynthia tries to keep Stacie out of it.

And forthe film incorporates queer sexualities in a way that some would see as progressive. a community of like-minded readers who are passionate about cinema - get access to our private members Network, give back to independent filmmakers, and more.

Is it funnier when a woman approaches Beca, naked, prying, refusing to leave?

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The series gets close to depicting same-sex romance, though. Film critic, Ithaca College graduate, head of the "Paddington 2" fan club. All Rights Reserved. Become a Member and support film journalism. I saw the first film when I was on a date in high school, and my girlfriend and I both enjoyed it.

Singing In The Shower The first film seems innocuous enough. Both are steps ahead for an industry in which the unwillingness to change is a full-fledged business model. Not only does Cynthia help to justify for heterosexual people why women need men in the first place — to protect them from aggressive, creepy lesbians — but Cynthia also gets to touch and fondle hot girls.

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The films give the character room to seriously explore her own potential bisexuality, even if they trip over themselves every step of the way. Later, during a rehearsal montage, Cynthia keeps looking at her ass. Conclusion Paradoxically, the Pitch Perfect series is both the most queer mainstream film series and also horribly homophobic. And suddenly, it seems like Pitch Perfect is less of a positive force, less a light breeze aling change, and more a Trojan horse for homophobic sentiments.

Ideas, thoughts and feelings take root in people when their environments reinforce them. Or is she bisexual? Fat Amy spends the film outing Cynthia to the other Bellas.

Pitch perfect & the predatory lesbian

Fat Amy, like Stacie, is disgusted — Cynthia never receives consent, yet she continues to act this way. Paradoxically, the Pitch Perfect series is both the most queer mainstream film series and also horribly homophobic. Every entry teases a lesbian relationship for Beca before carjacking the Sapphic stuff and leaving her stranded with a dull male schmooze pal. Will she follow through with her comments about how hot the female competitors are?

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Home Film Reviews. Though they were initially hailed as being more game-changing than they actually are, their biggest contributions to American media will be the doors they open and the models they set for more daring films and television later down the line, when creators actually have the chutzpah to write proud, non-predatory, unambiguously gay or bi characters.

This film was instrumental in helping me discover that i liked girls.

She removes her cap and shows off her longer, dyed hair — what a twist! They flirt with each other relentlessly. Blog at marmaladecinema. These films are made for and marketed to teenagers. If not the Anna Kendrick—starring a cappella series, which film franchise do you think deserves to be hailed as the queerest mainstream film series ever?