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Looking for a Mistress to feminize you near? I hope you are still wearing panties and pantyhose, sissy.

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Take them home and put them in your underwear drawer. One must be a glossy, fashion monthly, one dedicated to hair and beauty, one aimed at somethings, with sexy, superficial questionnaires and one a trashy weekly. Even if she is plain, she is more feminine than you will ever be. Be sure to measure your hips before you set off.

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You have a new pair of panties to take their place now. Do not wear them… yet. This is your first step on your journey into femininity.

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You will also buy 7, yes seven, pairs of pantyhose. You will handwash each soiled pair every day. Have you imagined yourself as each of the beautiful women on the gallery s? It MUST be realistically detailed and it must have a pair of balls at its base. Is she wearing the same shade as you? Every time you pee, you will drop your panties. Perhaps the assistants will remember you bought some panties recently.

From now on you will sit down to pee like a proper girl. So far, all you have changed is your clothes. Have you cum since your last asment?

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Soon you will need this advice. You will get every issue from now on. Every customer is after one thing; lingerie. Is your boyclit standing to attention? You will have guessed why you have bought seven pairs of pantyhose. A journey that will change your life.

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Your cock does, no matter how puny and pathetic it is. No popping your boyclit out over the top, okay, sissy? You are free to masturbate, in fact, you must masturbate regularly, but you will not cum without permission. So, are you ready? Your first asment is to buy yourself a pair of panties.

It must also be thick. Follow the asments and tasks here.

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Even if you are an experienced sissy with your very own, feminine wardrobe and you dress regularly, the discipline of having your femininity enforced by these asments will still be thrilling. But you might not want to. Are you used to wearing pantyhose? You will go to a smart department store or, better still, a specialist lingerie shop. From now on, you may only cum when you have permission to cum.

What defines you as a man? You will read everything in all of them, but pay particular attention to hair, makeup and fashion advice. Discretely, look at the legs of every woman you meet. Hand wash your panties each evening and wear them every day. Even if you have to go to the doctor, you will do so in panties.

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If you ladder a pair, you will buy a new pair to replace them. Sissies want to be feminine. Purchase at least one pair in black and one in nude. Below, you will be given a series of asments and sissy tasks that will take you on a journey through humiliating sissyness and on towards your total feminization. Is she wearing pantyhose or stockings? Chose a pair of white, brief-style panties, but try to find a pair with a lace front panel. Pull down your trousers, pull down your pantyhose, pull down your panties and pee. Do you fantasize about being made to dress like a woman, look like a woman, think like a woman, and act like a woman?

Not any more. Did you find some pretty pictures to look at? You will be tormented by the sensation of your legs brushing against the sheets as you try to sleep. You will wear sheer. You will be feminine.

Your new panties will be alternated with your old pair. You will be humiliated and embarrassed. You are a sissy, not a tart.

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In fact, you can also wear them in the bath or shower if the mood really takes you. Your second asment requires some more shopping. If you are a good girl and doing as you are told, you will have been wanking furiously without release.

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Do you wonder about being discovered? Which magazine had the majority of chosen pictures? Are you frustrated? From now on, you will call it cum boyclit. Try to find one in pink. Most of all, you will be feminized. Be in awe of her; you are just starting out, learning to be feminine, trying to be more like her.

Tonight, when you undress for bed, throw away those nasty, male undies you are wearing. Make sure they are your size. You will return to the same store as last time. You will always wear pantyhose from now on — at home, at work, in bed, at the grocery store, at the gym, at a nightclub — wherever you go you will always feel the caress of nylon against your legs. One day, sissy, one making. You now have a different pair for every day of the week. To hear the clicking of your stiletto heels as you walk, feel the swish of pantyhose as your nylons rub together on your smooth thighs, beneath your tight, lined miniskirt which slides over your ass, your heavily-styled hair and heavy earrings brushing your neck, your shoulders feeling the pull of heavy breasts in your bra, tasting lipstick on your lips and smelling your perfume, makeup and hairspray.

After a while, you will have enough experience of hosiery to be able to answer these questions. Find three hairstyles, three faces and three outfits that you like and masturbate over each, imagining you are the featured model. When you go to the checkout, the sissy will have no doubt that you are buying pantyhose for yourself.

You will complete all the questionnaires. How humiliating. You will buy a second pair of satin panties; this time a thong. The other problem with your boyclit is that it enables you to pee standing up. Study all the available choices of panties. You will not keep any.

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Tomorrow, you will wear your panties all day. Discard a pair of male undies for each day you wear panties. You will buy a dildoeither online or from a good old-fashioned sex shop. Buy only 5, 7, 8 or 10 denier; no opaques or semi-opaque, no patterns and definitely no fishnets. Opaques are sweaty and dull and fishnets are for tarts. This is an investment in your femininity, so buy quality that will last.

In the next few asments, you will change your attitude. Is she wearing the same denier as you? Discard all your male undies now. Do not proceed to your next asment until you have read all your magazines and sent off your subscription. There is no going back. A cock is not a feminine thing. Sissies wear sheer.