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How old am I: 25
Hobby: Lonely Wife Want Casual Relationships Divorced Horny Wanting Women Who Love Sex
Orientation: Man
Eye tone: I’ve got bright gray-green eyes
My gender: Female
What is my figure type: Athletic
What I like to drink: My favourite drink champagne
What is my favourite music: Blues
What is my hobbies: Swimming
Tattoo: None
Smoker: No

Tasty … Love to look up to a Black man as I worship his ass. Only black. As you should.

About me

You will be bred out of existence only to come back as your dream: a voluptuous body with a natural tan.

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It's not cheating if he has a bigger cock. Size will always matter, and if you're too small to satisfy your woman then she deserves to cheat on you. I'm not into cuckolding, there's no fun for me if the husband or boyfriend knows.

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Boys will be emasculated and girls will rule over them. As the leader of the coming new world order, my job is to break the system one slave at a time by training such subs and slaves to do the good work of breaking others.

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Post Post piaciuti Sto seguendo Archivio. We will own you as our possessions as punk ass white boys look on powerlessly. You will be my emasculated bitch with the skills to pay the bills while wearing cheerleader mini-skirts, hot pants, daisy duke jeans, tight blouses like the true bitch you are.

Sissy cum whore dedicated to the elimination of my white inferio

I will always push the envelope until you are a complete and total bitch boi. This is just the beginning of reparations.

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The women of our own flesh and blood shall be personae non gratae because of their treachery, they are invisible. Only the finest of women will be our property and every man will be our bitch.

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Take that bass out your voice bitch! Resistance is futile.

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This blog is about women cheating on their loser boyfriends and husbands with hung, younger, hotter studs who really know how to fuck their brains out. Guys will cream themselves when they see how much of a boy bitch you have become Long live the Order!

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Choose wisely. Come worship before the BBC! Do not condone violence or hate. Your ass and tits too will be phenomenal. Sembra perfetto Bahhhh, non voglio.

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Every white female in the world falls under my stewardship and domain. You will talk and look like a total gurl with wrist bent, unclockable. This is the program, this is the Order: to establish a matriarchy across the nations with the Brotherhood as Masters, for all women need supervision.

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That's the way the world works. In fact more than a woman.

The black new world order

Deep delving recompense will everyday be the order. Total obedience will be your only job and means of survival.

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Breed me black. Your makeup skills will be pure art, Your walk will make a supermodel cry, your gait will be so fucking gay it hurts.

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Foto migliori. Hooker high heels to furry dainties, stockings and garter belts shall you also don. White Bois: I cherish the opportunity to bitch you out and make you pure sweetness in and out from your red lips to your sweet hot ass. I am the white woman's Lord and Master. I am here to fulfill my destiny and teach it to others in a precise manner. Women shall rule the nations and we shall rule the women.