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‘nightclub’ stories

He had very long and muscular legs. He grabbed the tub of lube from the toy drawer, and stood and watched Jill and Jay fuck for a few minutes, before he knelt behind her again. His fingers stroked her wetness for a moment, getting a groan from her, and then he knelt down and pulled them down. Matt scanned the bar area for a place to sit and saw many unoccupied seats. He trusted slowly, and then went harder and deeper. Jill gently wrapped her hand around the shaft and stroked it up and down, until she could see the pre cum oozing out the tip.

Jay let out a low, soft moan, as his hand went to the back of her head.

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With her mouth open, and tongue out just a little, she leaned in and took just the tip into her wet mouth. Matt sighed with pleasure as he entered Jill, feeling her tight ass engulf his cock. One than the other slammed into her and the three of them moved like a well-oiled machine.

It was ruby red, matching her lip stick, her skirt was light blue denim, and she wore her favorite boots, a very sexy and revealing outfit, and perfect for flaunting her stuff.

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He reached up, and grasped her breasts in his hands, pinching her nipples. She was almost frantic with lust at this point. His rod plunging deeper with every stroke until the tip hit the back of her throat again, making her gags slightly and he stopped. She sex then that she wanted them both to fuck her at the same time.

It seated around a hundred people and was story crowded on the weekends. The air between them became electrified, raising goose bumps on her arms. Matt worked the lube inside her with a couple of fingers, stretching her opening, and getting her good and relaxed. Jay moved his mouth down to her breasts, and grasped one gently. Matt leaned into her and aggressively kissed her, then worked his fingertips down her spine, to her ass cheeks.

Her figure had always gotten her a large amount of attention from both the men and nightclubs. A small group of men at the far side of the club caught his eye. Now work your magic babe. Her throat constricted around his cock, driving him crazy.

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She ran her tongue up the underside of his cock, licking all seven inches before tonguing the hole at the tip. Matt smacked her ass as he fucked it, leaving a hand print on her cheek. Besides the music they had 4 billiard tables and two electronic dart board. Her pussy began to juice up as Jay ate her out.

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As he made her moan, he worked three fingers into her pussy, and was thrusting them roughly as he sucked on her clit, and the actions sent her reeling into a crushing orgasm. I can see you riding his hard cock. Soon they found a rhythm, and Jill remained almost motionless as the men used her body for their pleasure.

Night club

Matt released her hole first and laid on the bed, then Jill climbed off Jay as the juices leaked from both her holes. The sensation was incredible; they circled her nipples then sucked until they were hard. The tall young man studied her out of the corner of his eye, taking in every detail of her sexy body. Her nipples instantly became erect at the closeness of his body and the anticipation of being with him made her wet.

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Jay began to move first, thrusting gently, and Matt followed suit. Jay led her to the bed; she lay down, and watched him undress. His hands urged her head down; she lowered her full lips around his shaft and slowly took him in. The three of them got up, leaving their untouched drinks and headed for the truck.

Hot sex with a stranger in the nightclub – sex confession

And you promised. The deeper he went the louder her moaning became. She lay in between the two men, as they all tried to catch their breath. Jill grabbed his shaft and slowly stroked, watching as his pre cum seeped from the tip. She took her tongue and dipped it in the hole of his shaft lapping up the juice and swirling the head. Her senses were becoming overwhelmed by the attention she was getting from the two men, and her knees buckled slightly. Jay pulled out and lay on the bed, grabbing her to straddle him. Just as Jill was getting into a rhythm she felt Matt grabbing her hair and pulling her head back to look at him.

She felt Jay kneel behind her, and he plunged his cock inside her.

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This was no longer gentle lovemaking. Once naked, Jay lay down on her right side and Matt sat in a chair across from the bed and watched. She bore down, and forced more of it inside her, until his fingers were moving in and out of both of her holes. All five were in a heated discussion, probably talking about her. He found her clit with his tongue and pulled at it with his lips, and sucked on it.

The nightclub – by racergirl14

His biceps rippled out of his short sleeved red timberland shirt, and he was broad across the shoulders. When she was down on him as far as she could go, she lay against his body and rocked, he continued to thrust into her, and manipulate her clit with his finger, as she moved up and down, faster and faster, harder and harder on his hard shaft. She sucked lightly, feeling his cock twitch, her tongue swirling over the head.

He was now fully naked, and hard as a rock.

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Jill would always run a hand up and down one leg to arouse a man, and it worked every time. Jill slowly moved lower, she sucked one then the other testicle into her mouth, bathing each one with her tongue.

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Her tongue undulating, her hand and mouth working together to stroke the full length of him, The tempo steadily rising as his cock is pressed against the back of her throat. Jill pushed back a little, enjoying the feeling of being stretched as he entered her. She opened her eyes, and found Jay below. The nightclub had lively rock music playing from the speakers scattered throughout and a thin haze of cigarette smoke lingered in the air as Matt and Jill entered.

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She turned her bar stool to face the group, leaning forward slightly, running her finger down one side of her lower neck line of her blouse. Matt wiped up the mess from Jill, and pulled her into him, kissing her forehead. She arched her back as his hands began to caress her body. Jill took a deep breath, forced her foot forward, and started to walk towards the group of guys. Jill came with a howl, and her clutching holes drove the two men crazy as they both filled her holes with their juices. Jay made his way down between her legs, and began to flick his tongue along her clit, sucking her lips, and delving his tongue into her pussy.

Matt handed her the money.

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She kissed the end, smearing his juices over her lips, tasting his salty musk. He ran his thumb across her nipple, while his mouth sucked on the other. True story: The Nightclub by racergirl I watch as another man takes my girlfriend. His back gave way to a wonderful, well-shaped ass, the kind you just want reach out and grab. Her lips full, wet and pouting smirk at him, taunting him. Jay wrapped her in his arms and kissed her lustily, and she felt Matt slowly unbuttoning her shirt from behind, and take it off her, then came the skirt and boots.

The deviance of the act they performed brought out the beast in all three of them, and the room was full of their moans and the bed creaking beneath them.

He pulled her tight against him, and she let out a cry as he stroked his fingers inside her pussy, then moved one down to her ass, and wriggled the tip up into it. He slid out of her mouth, and she leaned in and kissed the tip. She let out a cry as it ripped through her. Now we just need to find you that man. He had a short brown mow hawk, and a well shaved goatee.

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Then one mouth moved down her body, and sealed himself between her legs. This new sensation quickly got her worked up into frenzy. Jill began to slide his hard wet cock into her hungry pussy. Matt used their juices as a lube, swirling his finger around her asshole, than forced one finger inside her tight asshole, moving in and out of her.

The young man had noticed her and turned; she made eye contact with him and licked her full lips. His hands moved around her, resting momentarily on her belly, before moving them down into her panties. Still stroking, she looked up into his eyes, her lips twisted in a naughty smile.