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You don't need in-game recipes to craft anything, just the ingredients, so use the recipes below to craft to your heart's delight with the manual recipe function. Doing so will save you money and time as you won't have to purchase or find recipes. If you do acquire any recipes, simply use them from your inventory to add them to your recipe list instantly. Use Recipe Helper to find which recipes you can make with the ingredients you have available to you at any given time. These recipes are made in a kitchen or by using a cooking pot over a fire.

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Gold-Lich Claymore. Restore foods. Tuanosaur Greataxe. Restore foods More powerful than Jam. Restores foods; Useful when traveling from one region to another. Heal wounds over time, grant a warm blessing and an increase in stealth. Restores mana, burnt mana, and burnt stamina, but burns maximum health until you sleep. Link Copied. Heal a little. Heals wounds immediately, unlike most foods. Inflicts poison on enemies.

Heavy desert fruit that revitalizes and protects against the sun. Provides defense against warm weather. Survivor Elixir. Scaled Leather Hat. Scaled Leather Attire. Makeshift Leather Hat. Makeshift Leather Attire. Temporarily increases fire damage and resistance.

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Beast Golem Halberd. Cause bleeding. Give the blessing possessed. Forgot password? In the vast universe of role-playing games, as is Outward, we have the need to obtain certain types of positions that will allow us, for the most part, survive the complex challenges we face. Scaled Leather Boots. Restore 70 drinks; Instantly heals infections, protects against the cold Restore burned resistance.

Don't have an ? These can be made directly from your inventory.

Crafting recipes: supplies, food, alchemy, items, weapons, and armor

Applies the lightning element to a melee weapon. Inflicts bleeding.

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Crescent Greataxe. Table of Contents. At the end of all, the most important of the outward recipes will end up being the way you use them in combat. Stoneflesh Elixir. Crescent Scythe.

Outward – berg walkthrough

It rots more slowly. Combined bread and alpha meat, which maintain the combat enhancement properties of meat.

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Fang Greatsword. Increase movement speed, stealth and cover your melee weapon equipped with poison. Temporarily increases damage and Decay resistances.

Outward: how to get manticore weapons

Up. Please log in or register to like posts. Makeshift Leather Boots. Obsidian Greatmace. Restore 70 drinks; increases impact resistance, cure indigestion the full effect takes a few hours Restore burned health.

Outward: recipes – full guide

Restores Foods. Gold-Lich Spear. Restores foods. Resists impact and adds impact to attacks with the state of anger. Chitin Desert Tunic. Item Requirements. It has a warming effect. Assassin Elixir. Manticore Greatmace. Restore 70 drinks; heals the common cold takes a few hours to achieve the full effect Restore burnt mana. Restores 75 foods. Restore foods; it rots very slowly. Restores resistance and increases the physical damage inflicted. Inflicts pain.

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These recipes are made in a kitchen or using a pot over the fire. Golem Elixir. Restorative properties of high health and resistance.

Weapons crafting recipes

For boiled versions of individual ingredients, only one fire will work. Fang Greatclub. Restores Foods; restores Mana and provides elemental resistance. Or you can with: Discord Twitch. It confers immense resistance recovery. Warrior Elixir.

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Thorny Claymore. My Bookmarks.

Outward – equipment crafting recipes

Gold-Lich Shield. Inflicts haunted enemies. It produces several portions, each with the strength restoration properties of a marshmelon jam jar. Phytosaur Spear. Alperda Gorria Log In. Remember me.