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The article was published in collaboration with Vice. O ur visits are everything to us. I have to plan our visits months in advance: packing prison-approved clothing, getting the right combination of coins for the visiting-room vending machines, double-checking my hotel reservations and safety-checking my car for a nearly 1,mile trip from Kansas to Michigan. He gets transferred pretty often, so I stay in a lot of different hotels, but the lobby attendants always ask the same questions:. I think fast and decide just how honest I want to be.

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He made me feel happy, wanted, and like a woman.

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When I finally did he said they were moving him to another prison. I was asked if I was having relations with him. We have talked for awhile about getting married since our love for each other has grown so strong over the year. Over the years we have endured many ups and downs with the ultimate jolt being my diagnosis of cancer in June of We were blessed by the Lord of my healing and remission after a few months. From there on out we talked on the phone. When I first came across his name I had no interest in any relationship and it was strongly advised not to get involved beyond ministry and support.

For the lives of prison wives

I have made a few trips ending with no visit. Unfortunately but fortunately, there was one man that caught my eye. Finally, he called! I was given the name and info.

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I denied everything to keep my job and to see him. My best friend told me I was crazy! Over time I was able to see how loving, kind and Godly he is. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be dating a 32 year old african american prisoner.

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He was more than just a prisoner to me and I was more than just a woman to him. My man ended up getting caught with marijuana. We wrote letters back and forth for two more months.

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It was two months before I heard from him again. Unbeknownst of one the most loving, caring Godly men I know, which would take my life in a very unexpected direction. They sent him to the hole and they investigated me which led to me being terminated. We were always sneaking around every chance that was given until one day I was pulled into the office and told that I was being watched.

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I was asked questions about my lover. In the beginning of he put me on his visitation list and now I go visit him twice a month. I told my best friend about him and I started to pick up all the overtime I could just to be around this man. I spent many of times in the officeI being questionned by administration.

I just ignored all of it. InI applied for a food service job at a prison. He easily broke that wall down. I am a 47 years old caucasian woman. Funny how love has a way of creeping into our lives!

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We talked when we could. After a few months of corresponding by letter, then came pictures then phone conversations. I never thought it was possible to love again. He is still serving time. We never know where or when love will strike, and many people have asked inappropriate questions, as to why or how I am enduring this journey. I never forgot about him and he never forgot about me. After we get married we are hoping to start the process of him being released. Things to make me better. My co- workers liked my man and they would try to pick fights with me to get me to quit my job.

By Deborah Peck February 27, February 27, am. There were other co-workers that were sneaking around also but I was the only one being watched.

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It was hard for both of us not being together to tackle that hurdle together as it truly tested our love and commitment to each other as well as to the Lord! I was so happy to hear his voice that I cried.

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To be continued …. And by the grace of God, we are looking forward to a long happy life together. I was one of the ones who listened and had every intention of just going to work to get a pay check. Some of my co-workers gave me a hard time about our relationship and of course rumors were going around. I just kept denying everything. I ended up purchasing a prepaid phone with different so that we could talk without it getting traced. I loved him for him! We have had a lot of struggles during this process and it has cost us a lot of money. Neverthlesss, next month, we will be getting married!!

He never told me things I wanted to hear only things I needed to hear.

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This definitely requires a strong commitment, self-awareness, a supportive personal life, and strong faith in God. To any other women who find themselves on this unique journey, I pray you keep the strength, love of self also and faith to get you through this, if you are truly with the right man it will last!! For the Lives of Prison Wives. Sometimes I wondered if I was crazy. It was something about him, he was hungry for my attention so I gave it all to him but we had to be careful because it could have gotten us in trouble.

After talking to him, I eventually found out that his feelings were mutual even though he was much younger than me.