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Is a 1 hour layover enough time in Denver anymore?

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Right now the schedules are a mess because of low visibility at DEN due to wildfire smoke from California ; I see 45 minute delay on all inbounds right now at 3pm local time. I do like to board with group A, so a 45 min connection might mean that you board near the end depending on how fast you walk, how soon you can deplane, how far apart the gates are, etc.

I'm not checking a bag because I don't want to take the chance that it doesn't make the connection. I tried 45 min layovers twice,in smaller airports than Denver.

Planes get it late all the time. Post by rob » Sun Aug 08, pm. Post by Tamarind » Tue Aug 10, am. Post by alfaspider » Mon Aug 09, am. Rob Its a dangerous business going out your front door. Would not recommend and won't ever do again. Time: 0. Post by 02nz » Sun Aug 08, pm. They probably have already given away your seat by then. Examples include discussions of the crimes, shortcomings or stupidity of other peoplewhether they be political figures, celebrities, CEOs, Fed chairmen, subprime mortgage borrowers, lottery winners, federal "bailout" recipients, poor people, rich people, etc.

Thanks so much for all of your advice. Normally it wouldn't matter, but my dogsitter is leaving town that night and I need to be home before that happens. Post by tibbitts » Sun Aug 08, pm. Re: Southwest: 45 minute layover in Denver risky? Post by hunoraut » Tue Aug 10, am. Flying Southwest both legs. Quote Post by Invest4lt » Sun Aug 08, pm 45 mins is about 15 minutes out of my comfort zone. Post by gwe67 » Sun Aug 08, pm.

13 things to do on a layover at denver international airport

Having said that - this is airline times. If you are going into some small airport that SW only flies into twice a day, in small planes, I would be more concerned. Post by calwatch » Mon Aug 09, pm. Post by Invest4lt » Sun Aug 08, pm. Quote Post by oldcomputerguy » Mon Aug 09, am An off-topic trolling post was removed. It's always a gamble--maybe your flight will be delayed or perhaps the inbound connection could run late.

DIA is big with lots of flights and people to process. This ature message sponsored by sscritic: Learn to fish. Somehow, when it comes to being sure my dog is taken care of anxiety gets the upper hand. Post by HomerJ » Mon Aug 09, pm.

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Post by Normchad » Sun Aug 08, pm. Post by goonie » Mon Aug 09, am. Post by danaht » Mon Aug 09, am. You can check the on-time statistics on the SW website.

Post by snackdog » Mon Aug 09, am. Post by BigPrince » Sun Aug 08, pm.

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Last edited by livesoft on Sun Aug 08, pm, edited 1 time in total. Not sure if I'm willing to sit in a center seat on that first leg if it gets me closer to the front of the plane.

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Post by galawdawg » Mon Aug 09, am. There is always 1 or 2 seats available in the front center seats. I checked and see that there are at least 12 other flights to my destination later in the day, so I'll stick with my current reservation. I plan on checking in as soon as I'm allowed the day before to get the best boarding priority that I can get for the first leg.

Things to do in denver colorado during a layover

The planes were nowhere near each other, and we had to run to catch the connecting flight. Of course, you are welcome to talk about the stupid financial things you have done.

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Minimum 1 hour, 75 min is better. Southwest: 45 minute layover in Denver risky? Post Reply.

Is a 1 hour layover enough time in denver? it might be too much actually…

Think about how long it takes to deplane. Post by 30west » Mon Aug 09, am. In normal times, it would be a stretch, but flying is a headache right now. As far as connecting in terminal C where all Southwest flights are that should be doable. I'll have to think about that.

What airlines have layovers in denver?

As a reminder, see Non-actionable Trolling Topics : If readers can't do anything with the content of a topic other than argue about it, it does not belong here. Post by Nate79 » Mon Aug 09, am. Post by oldcomputerguy » Mon Aug 09, am. Post by jebmke » Sun Aug 08, pm. Post by MilleniumBuc » Mon Aug 09, pm. Post by 2cents2 » Tue Aug 10, am. And we were the last to board as everyone had already boarded.

Post by Enjoy11 » Sun Aug 08, pm. Post by livesoft » Sun Aug 08, pm. Quote Post by goonie » Mon Aug 09, am I have a 55 minute layover in Denver switching planes later this week.

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When you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount. With a noon flight if you are going to a major airport with lots flights later in the day I would not worry about at least getting on a later flight if you miss the noon flight unless there is some widespread disruption. Post by tibbitts » Mon Aug 09, am. Post by siker » Mon Aug 09, pm. Quote Post by Watty » Sun Aug 08, pm One thing to look at is how many other SW flights are going to your destination later in the day.

Extending your layover

However the outbound flight is probably just as likely to be delayed as well. You might be ok with that, especially if you are traveling alone or don't mind having to check your carry-on. Post by Watty » Sun Aug 08, pm. Post by Duckinator » Mon Aug 09, pm. It could depend on how much closer it would get me.

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Questions on how we spend our money and our time - consumer goods and services, home and vehicle, leisure and recreational activities. Post by MDfan » Mon Aug 09, am. Most airlines close the doors and won't allow boarding if you aren't there 15 min before takeoff time.

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Post by MathWizard » Sun Aug 08, pm. The quickest option is to change planes in Denver, arriving at am and departing at Does that seem overly optimistic? Post by OnTrack » Mon Aug 09, am. Ran both times, made one missed the other.