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A married detective who used his iPhone to spy on a woman in the shower has been found guilty of voyeurism. The victim said she felt "confused and shocked" after catching Benjamin McNish trying to take pictures of her naked on the morning of 18 February The year-old Met Police detective sergeant, who is currently suspended, claimed he had used the device as an "extension of my eyes" to find a razor. The married father-of-two was granted bail until his sentencing on 15 July.

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This can also include looking through a windowlooking through the fan in the roof or looking through a one way mirror.

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The problem with this method is that it is so obviousand people are always subconsciously on the look-out for it. Video Cameras The next method we will discuss is the usage of video camera s. When looking through a window; the entire top of your head, not just your eyecan be seen by the spyee in the shower or wherever. The latter are not as expensive as you may think, and due to their nature will be the choice which will be discussed here. So bashful when I spied her.

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This is placed on the ground under the bathroom door, and lying down you look at the reflection on the mirror. Small cameras usually need a 12 volt power source, which can be provided by 8 1. How to remain insane at the workplace. If you're serious and don't want to get caughtone of the following methods are more highly recommended.

Spying on people in the shower. These can go directly into the back of a VCR or other recording device for recording, or into the back of a television for instant viewing.

How to hide a camera phone in your bathroom – a smart guide

Looking through a fan in the roof also has many problems. Let sleeping demons lie. Also, using the mirror above the door, or in combination with the " peeping " method. Mirrors This is a truly effective method. It requires very cheap apparatus: one small 2"x2" or 5cm x 5cm mirror.

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People need difficult languages. It's also only a valid option if you are going to have spyees in your house. Intergender Sleepovers. in Password remember me Lost password up. One way mirrors are expensive and difficult to set up.

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If you are really poor, you can use what you no doubt have lying around: a Compact Disc. Since the power source does not have to be on or in the camera, it can be hidden in a drawer or wherever and have a long cable to it. On the other hand, if you don't hide the camera well enough and it is seen, it will be a very difficult situation to explain. One True Way of array indexing. The day I was showering with two black men.

Spying on someone in a public shower can be a lot of fun

This writeup will cover some of the most common methods, and a few you might not have thought of. Having the actual image sent from the camera to a recording device or simply to a television is slightly more difficult, but still easy. The camera needs to be placed where it will not be seen.

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For starters, lots of fans cannot be seen through, and can cause safety issues like you leaning to close and having the fan gouge out your eye. This can include places such as: Pot plant s, or other decorations In a small pile of clothes in the bathroom or wherever applicable In a normal dark area of the room, such as an air vent or fan People aren't usually on the look-out for such devices, and as such aren't usually noticed.

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There was a young lady of Riga. Once you play around with the angle and placement of the mirror a bit, you should get a very interesting view of the spyee.

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Wed Jun 13 at I like it! This node might be called "Spying on people in the shower ", but the spying concepts covered are really applicable to many situations. The two main types of cameras that can be used are common hand-held cameras, such as the Sony Handicam, or proper surveillence cameras. What happens when you tell a girl you'll call and you don't.


This writeup is intended to be as much humourous -- and to make you think -- as to be truly informative in the ways of being a peeper. Log in or register to write something here or to contact authors. There are a few problems with this method.