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You come home from work, you relax, kick your shoes off, and then what? For some people, it's having a beer, watching sports, playing video games. That's right, a user on Reddit uncovered a fan-fiction story about Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon that has spanned well over a decade, 3, words and several hundred chapters, and involves the two characters being married. Four million words.

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The wager (wwe / stephanie / shane mcmahon fan fiction)

He was also the poster boy for the PG Era, with his many public appearances helping to paint WWE in a new light as they continued to move away from their supposedly rotten Attitude Era roots. WWE was onto a winner back then and they still are today, with this picture perfectly illustrating just how seductive and intoxicating her character was and still is.

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Following a spear to Steph both herself and Roman lay prone on the canvas, which led to a variety of memes from the WWE Universe. As the chorus of virtual boos rings around this article from the many Roman Reigns haters out there, we have to question whether or not the management at WWE actually have ears.

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In the present day, Randy Orton can be more accurately described as Randy Boreton, with his current exploits on WWE television being about as interesting as a snail race. Plus, better yet, her final appearance on Raw ended with Steph getting a face full of mud.

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He is the time world champion and a man who has granted more than Make-A-Wishes. Oh, and speaking of which.

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All eyes were on her for the introduction as was the aim, but the same can be said of the entire match given that it was an absolute snoozefest. Still, at least Roman looked strong and walked away with the title, right? Fan fiction is a big part of any sport and in particular WWE, and as you can imagine images such as these spawned quite a few "novels" of sorts. Of course, there were a few missteps, with one of them being this slightly awkward shot that was captured in the midst of one of their tussles on Raw.

Sorry about your damn luck, Hunter.

A four million word fanfiction about stephanie mcmahon and chris jericho exists

Nobody messes with Stephanie McMahon. Share Share Tweet. The Kurt Angle, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon love triangle from many moons ago was arguably one of the best storylines that all three characters were involved in. Still, there was a time when The Viper was a fascinating part of the programming on a weekly basis, and his feud with Triple H was a big part of that. Read Next in wrestling.

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So then, we should probably all try and forget that he once spanked Stephanie McMahon on live television. Harry Kettle Articles Published. Orton terrorised The Cerebral Assassin for months on end, with the final nail in the coffin being when he DDT-ed Stephanie just before sealing the deal with a kiss.

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On numerous occasions it seemed as if Kurt and Steph would finally get it on and whilst this particular image is from a different time period, it certainly encapsulates all of that frustration within just one shot. Related Topics Wrestling. At least, for now that is.

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No seriously, it did. Now before we get started we just want to say, on record, that Steph is great for the company. Going back to the Eric-Steph conundrum, the two were interlocked in a fierce rivalry in which many stipulations were put on the line throughout a variety of matches — and it turns out that Mr. Bischoff has quite the imagination.

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Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella engaged in a feud that originated over her husband Daniel Bryan back inand to be fair to both women, they built it up really well and then it paid off brilliantly with a solid match between the two at SummerSlam. The two were at each other's throats for the better part of a few years, and in that time we saw the best and worst of both characters in terms of the circumstances that came out of their association with one another.

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The fans bought into it hook, line and sinker but as we move forward into this "New Era," Vince will likely be scrubbing this one from the record books as quickly as possible. Not in the present day, and not back when she first introduced herself onto the world stage with her "mean yet sexy boss" persona. She came into her own as an extremely capable heel performer and the fact that she went out as a triumphant babyface made for a heartwarming moment for all.

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Stephanie McMahon is a highly respected member of the WWE family, and as such she holds herself with a certain level of class and pride. We all know and love Test, if only for how criminally underrated he was throughout his run with WWE. We apologise in advance for this, but it turns out that this is something that actually happened.

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One such example, in truth, would probably be when HHH drugged Steph and married her without consent. Every single week saw the story take a new and unique twist or turn, and the best part of it all was the chemistry that HHH, Kurt and Steph all shared when they were on screen together. A particular moment that stands out is shown in the above image when Eric actually kissed Steph against her will — and she seemed to enjoy it. Steph, in particular, brought out the big guns with her attire, as her glamazon-esque outfit stole the show in many ways.