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How old am I: 22
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My sexual preference: Guy
What is my sex: Fem
What I like to listen: I like folk

Hospital supplied mesh underpants. Industrial-strength breast pumps and a nipple-free nursing bra. My unmarried brother-in-law once walked in on me — he never left the house without a condom again. The actress and stand-up comedian consistently shared photos with lengthy captions about her struggle with hyperemesis, a pregnancy complication that causes severe nausea and vomiting.

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And Chuck Taylors. Last week, as was reported here was Alex Wagner, I also noted Nicole Wallace and this morning Rhule with an evening dress style with a dropped shoulder. Purveyor 29, posts. You think it's not shameful to blame the victims? Wiseman posts. Lint Head 15, posts. LanternWaste 37, posts. The world is on fire and this is what you care about? USALiberal 8, posts. Thread info Bookmark this thread Trash this thread. Wounded Bear 46, posts. It's critical of course, to criticize the clothes other people wear.

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Justice 6, posts. LeftInTX 17, posts. I find myself looking at what the women on faux news wear. Does this have anything to do with the quality of their work? Ahhh, at last, a little insight. Well, it's clear who has the power! Iggo 44, posts. WoonTars posts. Pathwalker 6, posts. Hekate 71, posts. I am not shaming the women.

Stephanie ruhle: don't 'mom shame' amy schumer. thank her.

Yes and. Stephanie Ruhle looks great, no matter what she wears I don't have a problem with women choosing what they want to wear if it is a free choice.

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Thrill 19, posts. Back to top Alert abuse Link here Permalink. OnDoutside 18, posts. Yeah, WTF is up with that? Codeine 25, posts. Seedersandleechers 3, posts. Kahuna7 2, posts. Men's features are larger than women's, and that makes it easier to see.

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AJT 5, posts. Demit 11, posts.

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The makeup is used to add visual cues for the viewers. That is a deliberate misreading of what I said. MLAA 9, posts. Agschmid 28, posts. You dodged the question. When women are being pressured to look sexy, that's wrong.

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WinkyDink 51, posts. I suppose we have a different threshold for "excellent job". LeftyMom 49, posts. I disagree with you. Horse with no Name 33, posts. Rachel has that in her contract.

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Skittlesposts. LuckyCharms 10, posts. Toad 28, posts. Thank you. Add this point to Rachel Maddow's being the top ranked host there.

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DavidDvorkin 18, posts. You aren't ahsming the employers, you are shaming the women. Dchildr 1 post. DrDan 20, posts. JustAnotherGen 28, posts. CTyankee 59, posts.

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FSogol 41, posts. Maybe it's the same for Stephanie. These days when so many were talking about Weinstein. Lil Missy 17, posts. Start a petition. Site search Web search. Wellstone ruled 34, posts. EarthFirst 2, posts. No kidding. I find it far more offensive than any outfit.

True Dough 12, posts. Demsrule86 55, posts. They can all wear bikini bottom.

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Always professional looking with, I think, by now her ature black suit. Brhaw3 5, posts. Polly Hennessey 4, posts. SoCalDemposts. Baconator 1, posts. Cuthbert Allgood 3, posts. I can't stand to look at that channel, so I never think about their women.

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Rachel does not wear a black suit. Fuck "professional attire". Onyrleft posts. This message was self-deleted by its author. In the morning? And Obamanut was replying to the original OP. You have no idea if that is the case here. Yeah but men aren't wearing false eyelashes, are they? LexVegas 5, posts.

Msnbc host stephanie ruhle’s relationship with under armour ceo was ‘unusual and problematic,’ report says

And suddenly they are standard. Always highlight: 10 newest replies Replies posted after I mark a forum. Dulcinea 5, posts. Rachel wears. BannonsLiver 13, posts. Back to top Alert abuse. I agree. Exultant Democracy 6, posts. I wouldn't expect slut shamming at a progressive site.