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Ride the elevator Down from Brinstar and enter Norfair. Head to the save room and save your game, sprint through the next room on the right.

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At least if you are near them. If you can go through the wall here, then maybe you could go through the wall on the top left too, which so happens to be the exit. I sort of agree, but maybe the devs did not want the player constantly relying on the X-Ray Visor. But X-Ray visor doesn't detect the fake wall so I got stuck here. You can click on [.

Ridley's lair

Also, the small room on the top right has a Power Bomb that is only accessible from another unknown room on top of it, so that should also be a bonus indicator that you'll need to get there somehow. You'll be rewarded with an Energy Tank, a much needed expansion since you probably had a rough time with Ridley just before. If one doesn't work, try another! There are instances where it doesn't. I thought it would be worth it to share it with the whole community via a post.

It also doesn't detect the fake walls below though, does it? Regardless, many people have been in the habit of bombing walls. I don't think it's very obvious at all. SM has always hinted how you can escape from Lower Norfair a place where many newcomers get stuck through it's level de. Source Why? Creator ignoreme deletthis.

Super metroid walkthrough norfair entrance to ridley

Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image. Continue this thread. But still, I feel that the devs should've hinted it a little better. If you can't figure it out, you could always leave the way you came back, which is back up the elevator to Upper Norfair.

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On the top left of this very room, you'll encounter a suspicious-looking wall that you've seen multiple times before. Posted by.

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For example, there are at least four walk-through walls in Maridia alone. Sort by: best. If the encountered walk-through walls and the one you just saw in the room below weren't enough, then you'd have to figure it out with intuition alone, I guess. I think Super Metroid has one of the best game des ever. Plus, there are a few instances before where the X-Ray Scope doesn't reveal blocks or tiles.

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Even so, it's only a minor complaint because you can still leave Lower Norfair the way you came, which is back up the elevator. No stupid constant handholding like in every game released today: - When you shoot at enemies, they die, so they can't shoot back at you.

At this point I had the X-Ray visor so I was constantly scanning walls, rather than bombing them. But Samus encountered a few very similar-looking walls before. I know I'm just outing myself as a total noob but this was one of the many places I got hopelessly lost in this game. Maybe my age when I played it? That's what I did! Created May 15, Top posts september 27th Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top. Tip: Run before jumping to reach farther platforms!

No stupid constant handholding like in every game released today:. Also, you should've realized that X-Ray Scope doesn't always show you through walls. This was from my original comment which can be found here.

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Feeling lost? It's also worth mentioning that the X-Ray Scope is a secret ability, and is in no way required to beat the game. My younger self never figured that out. After I got out I just kept thinking to myself that there was no way I did that properly, but hey it worked so whatever right?

Lower Norfair is one of the more linear levels, but it's not that linear. The same can not be said for its sequel, Metroid Fusion, which is ridden with cryptic areas that have no clues indicating what to do. It subtly hints at things enough for you to find them out on your own and makes you feel gratified for doing so.

Hilarious parody.

If you tried to bomb that wall on the left, you'll realize you just went through it. Subtly done. I still say not making those blocks X-Ray scannable was a jerk move. They've thrown at us at least five walk-through walls before, so they probably wanted us to figure this one out though intuition and context alone, sans the X-Ray Scope. Those encounters you've had in Maridia and elsewhere and the encounter you just had in the same room with the dragon's mouth should hint that you'll be able to walk through this wall as well.

You can open doors by pressing the interact button. In these cases, the Power Bomb is a good second option. My go to solution was just having enough energy to survive the return trip through the lava room. I like the "Ammo is like food for your weapon. Hope this helped! I played fusion and corruption first which were fairly linear. Found the internet!

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Neat huh? Don't they? Yea if it's not gonna show you all interesting things, it's more convenient to just bomb everything. News, discussion and fan work about the iconic Metroid series from Nintendo.

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Yeah, I agree it's a little tricky. Super Metroid has been constantly rewarding your curiousity up until this point, so naturally you would want to walk through the wall and into the dragon's mouth. You inspired me some more Let's say they happen while you cross the door, because the player always wants something interesting to read during loading times. Other than this minor thing, Super Metroid usually handles these situations so effortlessly. I will never know why this one was so much harder than all of the others.

Norfair entrance to ridley

Once you see it you can't unsee. I thought it was pretty unfair game de. Kraid's Lair and Ridley's Lair. As you enter this room, you'll immediately see a dragon's mouth and eye, reminiscent of the ones you've encountered before e. Things you can walk through disappear when scanning. No big deal.