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Certainly there are quite a fewbut not nearly enough for a literal galaxy full of characters. This dearth is especially apparent when looking at both the Sith and the Jedi. With more recent shows and games like The Clone Wars and Knights of the Old Republiceven newcomers to the franchise have been able to see so many more ladies than have ever been hinted at in the movies. And Star Wars also has a prolific fandom we can always rely on when the other media falls short.

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It was for the best. Rating raised to M for Lemon in chapter 2. Sequel to "Ryloth" but works also as stand-alone. SW Chapter 3 spoilers.

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Spoilers for SW storyline. With a loyal crew and a mission to save the Empire, who could be behind it? Rayley, Corso. Imperial Agent. T for suggestive scenes and later violence. You guys bring me so much joy, you deserve kudos and encouragement on your work, just keep it up!

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The Point Of No Return by Bamfbugboy reviews When the irresistible force hits an immovable object, the resulting chemical reaction can be catastrophic. Don't read if you haven't reached Corellia in the game.

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Elviah Terms of Service. So I only created an here to give reviews and support to the ones brave enough to write. Will be jumping all over the place, through various scenes and interactions, starting with her daughter's arrival on Korriban. Drabbles originally posted on my Tumblr, set just before and just after the Quinncident. Forging a Destiny by phyreblade reviews Lord Lusiel, Sith Warrior, strives to prove herself, to create a legacy, to cast her name down in the annals.

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Tan'shae takes it upon herself to take Malavai Quinn under her wing for the duration of their vacation, determined to make the typically uptight Captain cut loose for a change. A Change in Plan by Verenda reviews One-shot. Imperial Agent share a mission and more while rooting out a threat to Imperial Intelligence.

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FanFiction unleash your imagination. I'll Understand by Cleopatra Antoinette reviews " Rated M for minor steamy scene towards the end. Seriously, don't. Quinn's POV. Major spoilers. It's not a bad word. The trap had been set, and there was no going back.

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Sort: Category. So far I've played all Empire classes to completion. Several mention of characters from my "Destiny" series set in the Old Republic era.

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Follows the story line created by Bioware for the Sith Warrior class. How do the crew members who were not present find out about a certain event? Le capitaine Malavai Quinn poursuit ses rebelles.

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There will be a chapter for each of the warrior's crew while on board the Fury. Other characters will be considered as story progresses. Greetings everyone. Reluctance by Verenda reviews The life of a spy is a dangerous game, even more dangerous if you don't want to play it.

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edid:Profile Updated: Follows the game storyline. Shattered Trust by N7angel reviews Lord Rhiallia only ever allowed one man to hold her heart and only ever placed her complete trust in one man, but when Malavai Quinn betrays her, Rhiallia has to question whether or not their love was true on nothing more than a cruel lie.

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Will contain smut and cameos by many. Rated M, of course. Do not read if you have not reached Corellia in the Sith Warrior class quests.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Quinn's musings during the end of chapter 3 of the SW story. Quinn keeps his desires tightly in check, unwilling to break protocol, but Morda cannot let Quinn, or any challenge, go unconquered. Eri'anya hide bio.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Started some republic toons as warrior but could never progress very far because the Empire is just cooler The Sith Warrior storyline is my favorite, especially the F! Not planning on writing anything unfortunately because writing about SWTOR in french just feels awkward and my english isn't good enough. Other OCs mentioned, but this focuses solely on the SW and Quinn's relationship, starting first with "the thing" and moving onward into a series of vignettes set prior to "the fanfiction. Fear and Forgiveness by SpaceDreamer reviews Morda has used her dark-side powers to draw out the passions in many a reluctant soul - even Jedi - yet Lieutenant Malavai Quinn, her stiff and proper ship's pilot, resists her advances.

Malavai Quinn reflects. With the help of Vette and Quinn and two mysterious republic agents the blood-thirsty Sith sets out to crush the enemies of the Empire! Follow Apprentice Swtor Nightstar as she navigates the challenges given to her by her Master, Darth Baras, and encounters sith variety of characters while clawing her way through the Sith hierarchy trying to retain honor from a secret society within.

Building a Legacy by singer11 reviews Skeletons from the past and the path of the Dark Side, if left unchanged, can completely consume one's soul, but is it possible that the ability to love can relinquish the bonds of duty and darkness?