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Peter Parker thinks he has everything figured out.

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And now, he was free. Besides, who would try to pick a fight with us? After all, standing up a former S. Oh please tell me I did not just see Beetle fly off with the money," Spider-Man pleaded as his gaze followed the supervillain fly off with a bag in each hand. Beetle was flying full throttle while keeping his grip on the bags nice and tight.

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Now, someone in his shoes would immediately go and hijack it. It didn't matter, though. His face was obscured by a purple mask with bug-like yellow lenses. The material on Spider-Man's right hand suddenly started shifting and changing shape to form a long, sharp blade.

Anybody know of any decent fanfics where peter decides to keep the venom symbiote???

Even your names are rip-offs! He looked at the webware's digital clock on the corner of the screen to see it display PM, so what was Asked the symbiote, tearing off Steel-Spider's mechanical legs at the exact moment his host's eyes widened in realization. The suit covered his entire body, leaving only his mouth exposed, the coloring was black with silver patterns.

We're practically making money by making people piss their pants, right, Beetle? He took a simple few steps onto the ship dock.

Venom symbiote fanfiction

Though, the most fitting of them could arguably be "The City of Dreams", since most of what is seen there should be things that could only be seen in your wildest imagination. Taking a few steps out of the destroyed gates, he could see to what most would be an obstacle, to him, an inconvenience. He then webbed the money onto the roof and jumped down to the floor below with practised grace. The man then dived straight into the waves, letting himself sink.

Happyaspie — soft-symbiote: the-thought-emporium-imperial:

Not because he can't sail a boat, but because he didn't need it. Rock fell, rock fell, rock fell Oh, right! A large, upside down silver spider logo adorned his chest. However, as they did, their bags of money were all suddenly yanked right out of their hands. And it doesn't look like someone was on it. Free to do what he pleased.

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Spider-Man sighed before shooting a web line while muttering "A spider's work is never done," before swinging off in pursuit. However, that left him open to getting smacked to the side by a mechanical spider leg and into some garbage cans. You call taking other guys suits for yourselves "new and improved"? The guards tried to stop him, but for him, they were simply fodder. It was a text message from Barbara "Bobbi" Morse, AKA his fellow vigilante and girlfriend Mockingbird, asking him where the hell was he. As the symbiote's tendrils hoisted the struggling opponent into the, Spider-Man texted back, "Watchu mean?

Peter parker (earth)

Spider-Man tried his best not to be spider kabob by jumping, rolling, and deflecting every swipe and stab while managing to score a few hits of his own. The other, a man in a green full body green armor and a metal scorpion tail about ten feet long. Spider-Man turned his head just in time to see Beetle, who was now in the air thanks to the purple wings his armor activated, charge up some kind of energy into his gloves and fire it as a concentrated beam.

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He recalled that they were supposed to have a date at the Rockefeller center at PM. He even set up his webware alarm to set off fifteen minutes early so he could get their on time. He kept on walking and walking until he stopped on the edge of the walkway and looked down at the rough waves below him.

And I know you're not Abner Jenkins under that mask," Said Spider-Man, who shot a stream of webbing at Beetle's hands and ensnared them. He then reeled his arm back and slashed right through the tail. As Scorpio stumbled back, one of Spider-Man's hands turned into a long, black tendril that wrapped around Scorpio and tossed him into the air.

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As he did this, the Beetle had managed to free himself by charging energy into his hands and burning the webbing long enough to tear right through using his own strength. Who knew a simple food tray could be so useful? While Scorpio was disoriented, Spider-Man him with a punch to the gut, following with a hook to the face, and finishing with a roundhouse kick.

And from his back, four mechanical spider arms protruded from it. Spider-Man showed no worry as he shot some web lines to a nearby lamp post and pulled himself away from the attack. Using his mechanical legs, he catapulted towards Spider-Man.

And once he reached land, he was going to do what he did best at. Spider-Man then followed him into the air, grabbed onto him, and slammed into the ground.

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But, he simply walked past it, heading towards the end of the walkway. Landing in the ground in the crouching position, Spider-Man's blade morphed back to normalize and he delivered a swift drop kick to Scorpio's straight into his chest, sending him flying back. The screams of panicking civilians and the ringing of the alarm bells filled the air while man in a sleek metal suit exited the bank with bags filled to the brim with money and a victorious grin on his face. We're gonna make your skin look like your costume.

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And in the complete opposite direction of the Rockfeller center, to boot. He didn't know what he enjoyed more, the one's that pleaded for their lives, or the one's who fought valiantly despite the futility. When the symbiote began to pull each of the legs in separate directions from each other, realization of its plan hit Metal-Spider and he pleaded "No, don't! One was a man wearing wearing a green and purple armor. Scorpio tried another punch, but Spider-Man grabbed it with one hand and used the other to punch him in the face.

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Scorpio groaned as he tried to pick himself back up, but simply flopped back onto the ground unconscious. Most men would die in seconds. That makes so much sense. Before he could get up, however, the scorpion-themed man shot his tail forward and wrapped it around Spider-Man's legs, laughing as he hoisted him into the air like a trophy. But this man was the very definition of insane.

It'd taken long hours of memorization for him to find a flaw in his prison he could exploit. He could see a supply boat stationed there, most likely for supplies like food for the inmates. But he was not like most men. The man snarled as he swung his tail at Spider-Man, but the hero ducked under it and backflipped away as the spider-themed man struck the spot he was in with his mechanical spider legs. Black and blue!

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New York city, a place that goes by many names. When he landed, he brought two of his Spider legs on Spider-Man in order to impale him, but he managed to grab them just inches from his glowing blue lenses. This super villain gig is gonna blast! The cold night air blew against his blood stained skin as he looked at his handiwork. He had killed anyone and everyone he came across. You think we're afraid of you? Spider-Man exclaimed when he realized what she meant.

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And what looked like suicide, was his escape into the world beyond the walls that contained him. You're all part of Hobgoblin's recycled villain's gang. He leaned his back as far as he could just as Beetle fired, the heat actually causing a slight stinging sensation to the symbiote as it flew past Spidey's chest by mere inches. Visitors from beyond time and space, gods spoken only of in mythology, and men in insect themed costumes robbing a bank.

In Beetle's haste to free his hands, he didn't notice as Spider-Man leaped from the post and delivered a punch to his mask, causing him to slam into the building's wall before hitting the ground. Bodies, some killed in different, yet equally brutal ways, strewn around the ground of what looked like where a fierce battle, but was in actuality a slaughter, had taken place.

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Now, most people would think that even thinking of doing what he was going to do would be insane.