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Originally posted by choibeomqyu. You had been thinking about it for a while, and you had been thinking about it a lot, especially this past week. The more time that you and Yeonjun had spent together, the more sure of yourself that you had gotten. Yeonjun knew you were a virgin and he was an absolute sweetheart about it. You wanted Choi Yeonjun to take your virginity.

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You feel yourself stretching to accommodate his impressive length. Upon hearing your desperate voice, he speeds up his thrusts. In such a hurry, you bump into almost everything. You and Chris hear a curtain sliding and some shuffling. You listen to the voices from the living area up front, hearing the boys about the show and how you and Chris disappeared.

Though he takes control in some places. When you manage to open the door, Chris pulls back and pushes you inside.

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You tell him yes and takes his time pushing in, pulling back and thrusting in if he meets resistance. He tilts your head and locks your lips together again in a battle, which he has already dominated.

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Requests are open and I am slowly running out of ideas. I see him taking his time going down you, finding sweet spots on your neck, giving your chest attention before finally reaching where you need him most. He replies with a hm.

So when you had met him at a party, you were shocked when you both hit it off. His body is flush against yours and you can hear his grunts. Definitely would take a nap with you right after. That changed when you met Chris.

I see him also whispering sweet things in your ear. He nods and starts slow, and even at this slow, gentle pace, he still hits places deep inside you. Note: If this seems similar to other headcanons, I apologize. You wanted to go all the way with him. He smirks and pushes himself inside your walls. You reach behind you, finding the door handle and fumbling to open the door. He takes his time with you, giving your body all the attention - to your chest, to your neck, whispering little things in your ear….

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You agree with him with a hum and grab his hand and drag him towards the bus; dodging security and fans. So you let him know. His bunk is one of the bigger ones but when both you and Chris are in it, it becomes small and cramped, which also makes it hard to breathe. If you get tired of the slow pace, you ask him to speed up a little, and he does, dragging out his thrusts. You both stumble towards the bus and suddenly you are slammed against the tumblr, the cool metal making you arch your back.

You expected Chris to stop but he keeps his pace, going a little faster even. I have some half-written fics, which I plan to finish and post soon…. You nod and as he pushes in, he makes you focus on him. Your thighs are shaking and you desperately want to moan his name, to shout the filthiest things that would take you blush on any other occasion, but the virginity of air in your lungs makes that a near-impossible feat.

He was funny, his laugh was contagious, and you somehow knew that if you were going to lose your virginity to someone, it would be him.

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He has you moaning in no time, even at a slow pace. Like you would tell him that you were ready and then the next day, he would be a total gentleman - taking you out to your favorite places, eating dinner, then coming home and just making sure that you were comfortable with him. He helps clean up the mess and you guys would practice some more, but maybe not as much as say, Chris or Richard, seeing as you would have other things to do than just fuck. You manage to keep yourself in check until the show ends. When you finally grow accustomed to his size and feel, you tell him to move.

You tell him he can move and he has you moaning. Until then, enjoy this Christopher Velez smut .

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Both of you pull away and a string of saliva connects your mouths. You on the other hand… Not so much. Chris is ready to wreck you here and now, in the open, not giving a damn if anyone sees the two of you. When he does finally bottom out, he continues to comfort you, letting you take your time adjusting. I see them all trying to make it comfortable for you. Soft lips are crushed against yours in a fiery kiss. I also see you and him having a relaxing day and you feel comfortable enough with him that you want to do it with him. You, however, were the total opposite. You watch as the rest of the boys ride the adrenaline rush of being on stage, noticing Chris walking off.

Sorry if they all seem similar, but these are my opinions and how I see something like this going down. Have any ideas for a Zabdiel story, or any other boy?

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You nod and he grins, leaning in to kiss your lips. Acting out in instinct you quickly close the curtain. You tighten around him and he would do things to help relax you, peck your lips, rub his large hands against your sides, etc. Soon, your hands also wonder and before you know it, both of you are naked in front of each other.

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I see him letting you explore his body at your own pace, let you get used to him in such an intimate position at your own pace. Your heart jumps at the size of him and he notices how you tense slightly. He smacks your ass as you crawl into the small space making you squeak. You get lost in his eyes and he bottoms out, hips flush against yours. Maybe he would stay in a cuddle, watch movies, really show a softer side to you.

Anon 1: Are you taking requests if so can you do a headcanon tumblr the boys having sex with a virgin for her first time. You smile as the boys walk backstage, biting your lip as Chris comes up to you and gives you a peck on the cheek. He pulls away, not all the way out, and pushes back in. You never went passed make outs and the occasional roam of his hands, and he never pushed you to do anything.

Also, I was too lazy to virginity in condoms, but please do use protection in real life. You and him have been together for quite some time now. I see him take you stroke him a few times before he makes it all about, bringing you back up and putting you beneath him.

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He pulls off his own clothes and throws them outside the curtain and onto the floor. He pulls you into his chest and you both relax and eventually fall asleep. Soon, he feels you relax and begins to pull almost all the way out. I say you and him plan a night in, just relaxing, watching movies, him playing guitar for you…. Okay, so I got two requests for the same thing literally seconds apart from one another. Also, you two would have been together for a while before this topic came up.

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He takes things slow, letting the fire build slowly between you two. You both are almost reaching your highs when you both hear the tour bus door open and laughter reaches your ears. Or just after a day out in general. Maybe he would pull out and cum on your chest instead of cumming inside you, to not go too far with you for your first time.

As you both get closer, he picks up his pace slightly and your seeing stars, putting passion into his thrusts.

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Giving credit does NOT count as permission. Being in such a cramped space had its own difficulties for breathing and when he pushed into you, any air left in your lungs was pushed out.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He makes quick work of your shirt and shorts, tugging and almost ripping your panties. When you finally reach the bunks, Chris pulls back the curtain to his bunk and gestures for you to go in first. You just nod, feeling drained of energy and basking in the afterglow. Also, this is my opinion blah blah, and not a reflection of their real experiences.

As he walks away to grab a towel those impure thoughts come rushing back into your mind. You feel the not-so-small bulge making itself known against your core.

Maybe you take a nap afterward. He hovers above you, brown eyes boring into yours, a devilish glint in his eyes and a classic Christopher Velez smile on his lips. He gently lays you on your back and lets his hips grind into you.