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for Free! The Student Teacher "The story of me and my not-a-teacher. Score 4. Famous Story. Published 7 years ago. My name is Alexis, better known as Lex.

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The Head then proceeded to tell me that the student had done badly on her two Teaching Practices, and was in danger of failing,and not qualifying as a teacher. Perhaps I should have gone in, but all her credibility with the class would have disappeared if I did, and so I waited till home time to find Amy.

I found her after a search, crying in the ladies. Any Comments to webmaster pixies-place. There wasn't really room to '69' in the back of my car but we managed. I put my arms around her as she sobbed uncontrollably, enjoying her fragrance as she trembled in my arms.

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I masturbated twice on the Saturday, and three more times on the Sunday as I gazed at the tiny photograph of Amy Cavanagh. Pixies Free Erotic Stories. I knelt in front and pushed my nose into her bush, sniffing the intoxicating scent of woman. With four fingers in my pussy and two more in my ass, Amy made me come like no one before. Amy sensed my frustration and stepped back, put her hands behind her head and invited me to get to it.

She knew of my inclinations and gave me knowing smile as she passed me Amy's file. It made a low "pop" as I pulled it out. I gathered myself quickly and I heard my teachers voice telling her to "Get the rest off At last her pussy was in view, and what a turn on it was with just a light covering of downy, soft dark hair.

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I pushed her back onto the toilet spreading her legs as I did so. My sucking and slurping, and Amy's moaning were getting a bit loud, someone might hear, so with reluctance I pulled my tongue out of her honey pot. I called her name but Amy was elsewhere!!!

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I was transfixed, Amy lived up to her photograph - and more!! She learned how to do everything to keep me sweet. I'll take some credit for Amy's development, as within six months of moving in with me her bra size went from 30AA to 32B, AND iI lost two stone in weight.

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The little hand trembled and so I helped undress myself, but rather selfishly Iet Amy struggle with my bra and knickers Amy quckly showed her learning skills as she sucked my twat until I begged for mercy. I waited a moment to let her blubbing cease, marvelling at the fragrance of her hair, indeed her.

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After school one March evening, the Head called me into her office informing me that I was to have a student with me, starting in June. Amy was twenty-two, but had a body less developed than some of my eleven year olds.

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Her liittle tits must have been red raw by the time I'd finished, but I headed south to finish her pussy off. She had a tiny, but perfectly formed frame, with small, pert breasts, and a tight little bottom to die for!! No Reproduction of any kind without permission. I looked up to see her head rolling and mouth moaning, with her hands still behind her head.

Teacher's voice took over again telling Amy to put her skirt back on and put her coat on, looking innocent, if a bit sweaty and wind blown. Explain that!! For a second time a hand stopped me, only this time the hand began to undo my blouse.

Lesbian teacher student stories

It turned out that the girls mother had been a college friend of my boss, and between them they had got Amy into this school for her final T. As the most experienced teacher, I was given the job of ensuring that Amy did not fail, and for that,my boss would be eternally grateful. I found myself flicking the file open on a of occasions over the weeked, to look at Amy's pretty face. A lesbian primary school teacher, a lonely, loveless life lay ahead, I ached for the touch of a woman, and I was becoming desperate.

I felt some resistance as I began to undo her bra, but with persistence, it fell loose. As the light bgan to fade Amy's arms weakened, finally giving me access to her breasts. Her trembling ceased and I asked her if she meant "anything. I knew then I had to have her, but in all my history I had been the pursued, could I cut it as the pursuer?

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Her pussy had dried a little, and her downy hairs were a little matted but my tongue soon had things as they were. It became clear that Amy truly was a lost cause, it looked like I'd got my work cut out, the photograph on the first of the file looked promising though! It felt wonderful, but I was struggling to get my thumbs under her tights and pants and pull them down. As I went forward to shift the limp bra, a hand stopped me.

Amy worked hard in her preparatory work for her T. Her Teaching Practice began on the 9th of June, the day the Heavens smiled on me!! Our 'extra curricular' work continued at lunchtimes and in the evenings back at my flat. I took down my coat from the rack, slipped Amy's pants into the pocket and we slipped onto car park.

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As I ate her I started to unbutton her blouse and soon I had moved up her body to kiss between her breasts wetting the fabric of her bra. Her photograph made her look about forteen, pretty but young. Then I asked her the big question, just how badly did she want to pass?

Evil thought rushed into my head as I lifted her sobbing chin so that our eyes met. My hands set to work hoisting up Amy's skirt so I could finally enjoy the feel of her firm ass. Amy had real problems controlling the class. I plunged my face into Amy's girlish bush with abandon, kissing,licking and sucking furiously. Before me, in the back seat of my Ford Capri, Amy folded her arms across herself, begging me to stop. In a blur we drove away, I needed to get somewhere quickly so that I could get my mouth back into her pussy again.

I sucked noisily at her immature top as I came over and over in waves of pleasure.

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I sorted out the miscreants in class and Amy passed with flying colours. We got in the back of my car and her coat and skirt were off in seconds. I rose early on the Monday morning, the day of Amy's first school visit. Her tights and pants held other aromas, a little sweat, a little pee and a stronger smell yet as my nose pushed against the fabric in the quest for her tight butt hole. I was excited about the the thought of seeing her in the flesh, but ready for the disappointment of her not living up to her tiny photograph!

She told me of her terrible day between sobs, and that she didn't want to disgrace her mother a headteacher in Newcastle by failing. At eleven o'clock the Head brought her up to my classroom and introduced her as Miss Cavanagh who would soon be working with them. Taking my chance, I whipped her tights and pants off, with Amy helping by kicking her size two shoes off.

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As I rubbed her pussy through her underwear I suddenly became aware of how wet she was. Into my forties, alone since Julie left for a younger model, life seemed empty, my job was all I had left. Teacher's comforting voice took over here as I put my head on her lap telling her everything was fine. A protest was stifled as my tongue thrust deep into her mouth. I smiled and took the bra away- as a of tissues fell from inside the cups.

For a few moments she stiffened in my arms, but she softened as my hand began to stroke her bottom.

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I led her into the toilet cubicle and clicked the door lock to "engaged. Thankfully circumstances presented me with a dream scenario. I was looking beyond her clothes however, and began to feel a damp patch developing in my pants.

We ended up in a lay by on a nearby by-pass, in broad daylight, but I didn't care any more.

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I raised her chin again but this time as our eyes met I kissed her full on the mouth. Amy was a brilliant pupil. Her answer was all I'd hoped and dreamt of I saw my chance and pulled her between my stiffening breasts. She ooked about forteen, a bit over five feet tall, dark hair, dressed as if her mother had done it, with tweed skirt, Marks and Spencer cardigan and thick black tights.