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In. Triple Threat I Video. Hide Spoilers. Dina Lo Bianca Lorin Becker is out of the assassination game until she gets a call about one last job. The price is right and she's back in the thick of it again in this action movie by Mark Vasconcellos. This film is filled so heavily with filler material, that it takes 94 minutes for what could've been a 75 minute film.

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Things kick off with Doomed To Consumea zombie film that follows a woman scorned and the men who fall in line with her after they meet during a zombie apocalypse.

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A mute slasher like Jason from Halloweenlesbian stripper fodder, unintentionally hilarious dialogue work together to make one hardcore film — this film, as well as the others, are certainly not for the squeamish! I was expecting to hate these movies but I legit loved Strip Club Slasher — it has underground cult classic written all over it. Go to Top. No Trailer Available.

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Watching them peel the skin off of each other made my skin crawl! Adrienne Reese is a fan of movies - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and came to the stripper genre by way of getting over her fear of Adrienne also writes for the Frida Cinema, and in addition to film enjoys cooking, Minesweeper, and binge-watching Game of Thrones. I particularly felt this way after Terror Overload — as this is the third film in the collection, perhaps it was the feeling of being in a marathon by the 3-hour mark, but the gory buffet that this anthology film offered was triple slop, and moreover, each short in the anthology was much too long.

Jason Stephenson, who apparently has been slicing off the nipples of ingenues before Lars Von Trier made it cool, has a raw threat, barebones approach, and jaw-dropping depictions of death in his films — enough sleaze to please any indie, shot-on-video horror enthusiasts.

Movie rating — 6 out of 10 ☠️

Though at times the performances had the familiar rigidity of amateur acting, the acting in the majority of these films was at least a step up from porno-level quality. That is not to say that any of the movies, even the zombie apocalypse flick Doomed To Consumeplayed like thrillers. Stephenson obviously has a soft spot or a hard-on? About the Author: Adrienne Reese.

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EB Hughes. Hey kid, want to see something cool?

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Nicole Blessing as shrewish survivor Traci in Doomed To Consume was great, her strong presence and command of a scene was a perfect juxtaposition to the mostly macho male characters. I would attribute this to screenwriter Joe Knetter, who penned some truly LOL, foul-mouthed dialogue and one-liners that were good enough for an action movie. Over four hours of badassery and ghoulish entertainment, through squinted eyes, it is like a Barry J. Gillis marathon.

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Terror Overload is a fitting end to a block of entertaining, gore-filled, and erotic films. I did, however, appreciate the Romero-like zombies in DTC — the pale faces of slow-moving ghouls always made much more sense to me than the superhuman sprinters 28 Days Later popularized.

Each film has a triple genre it fits into, but they all share similar themes of SOV, stripper, and when all else fails, boobs. DTC is followed up by Strip Club Slasheranother smalltown t, only this time, following strippers as they live, love, and die in Minnesota at the threats of a horny and psychopathic murderer. These movies are to be taken with a grain of salt and viewed through your B-movie lenses to be appreciated, but in a world where staying inside is in vogue, this collection can help to kill four and a half hours and fill the void of visiting your local grindhouse for some good clean exploitative fun.

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The only problem with each of the films is that though the stories and characters are on the fun side, the plots sort of meander on and the endings are all flubbed — great premises, but the conclusions are abrupt and resolve nothing, leaving me wondering what was all of this for? Directed By: EB Hughes.

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With slight commentary on the plight of sex workers and the ills of human trafficking, SCS is every dark fantasy one can imagine happening in a strip club. Strip Club Slasher and Terror Overload pretty much turn into torture porn flicks towards the end — I felt this was gratuitous and mind-numbing after a while, but Strip Club Slasher overcame this fault with a darkly surprising plot twist for its ending that should put a smile on the faces of those who relish the unconventional.

Directed By:. Written By:. Scarlet Salem aka Sarah French in Strip Club Slasher was developed in a way where I actually cared about her and wanted to see her get some revenge on their silent killer.