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The following is a transcript of the interview:. Elizabeth Vargas: What do you guys remember about how it felt the first time you smoked a cigarette? Bobby: It was really strange because I remember my first cigarette, I didn't really cough. Or get sick. I didn't really like it that much.

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There was this little area, like this clearing in a thicket of trees. I did that thing where you take it into your mouth, hold it for a few seconds, and blow it back out. And there was this guy, oh my god, in retrospect he looked like a foot. Scared, I began to blow through the cigarette. And we were in my basement, which had a door open to outside, but was also next to the furnace, so when we smoked, it filled the house. Michelle Novak, at age 17 I want to say I was at Nitro, a weird and-over dance club.

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Sick to my stomach, palms a little sweaty, dizziness. I remember society not stigmatized at the time, but turning. You want one, here. It was a clove, which in retrospect is the gnarliest thing to start on. I got the cigarette from my younger cousin, who was openly a smoker, much to the chagrin of his immediate family.

Edith Zimmerman, at age 14 It wasin Cambridge.

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As she started taking a liking to me, I felt my anti-smoking grip ease. Rebellious, counter-culture. This was in Michigan. He left on his moped and left us waiting outside, so we decided to break in and steal a pack of cigarettes. I think it was part of the angsty teenage rebellion deal. So one day, my friend stole some cigarettes from his grandpa, I think More brand. He and I were close and would usually break from the rest of our family to hang out.

Of course my parents were home, so my dad came down and, instead of telling us to stop or punishing us, he proceeded to list all the relatives I had that died of cancer.

It worked. It was very dark, so we were keeping quiet, whispering.

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She was furious. We snuck out onto their deck. I only took like two drags before freaking out and running to the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth.

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She took a puff, and looked pretty good and then took a puff. Then, instead of going back into the theater, I called my mom from a pay phone to see if she could come get us. It was windy, and the candle went out, so I had to go back to the kitchen to light it again. It happened to be too big, so there was a Marlboro Red pack there as filler.

I was a punk gradually phasing into a greaser, so it suited the aesthetic.

I know now, it was totally just a tobacco high. I smoked two in a row and felt stoned out of my mind. Curious, I snuck to the still-smoking butt, picked it up, and put it in my mouth. I barfed. I think I claimed food poisoning. They made my fingers look so young.

I was as prone to anti-smoking propaganda as anyone else my age at the time, but like any teenager, it also seemed cool. She was beautiful, and hip, and smoked, at least when she partied. Alexandra, at age 14 I was totally sober, alone, and at my story in Venezuela.

Before I could make any sense of it, my mother screamed from the smoking and ran to me, grabbed my arm, and dragged me inside where she pulled a pack from her purse. Maybe it was just opportunistic. We moved onto clove cigarettes, but cigarettes felt like the final taboo.

One night, this girl breaks open a pack of cigarettes and I asked if I could have one. I decided to keep doing it as a habit, in hopes of remaining cool, but never got the hang of it. This lasted two weeks. They were Basics that his mom bought him. One day we were hanging out and she busted out the cigarettes.

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I was with a friend and we were walking along the train tracks on the way to see the re-release of The Little Mermaid. I remember him laughing, I assume at how terrible we were at not getting caught. But man, I am not good at smoking. Memories with cigs run deep in my family. I coughed, obviously. I only had a few drags, but it felt like I was doing the worst possible thing, and thought I instantly was addicted and had cancer.

I never planned to smoke or was trying to get past a fear or anything. Leigh, at age 4 My sister and I must have expressed some sort of intrigue around the little cancer sticks, since both our parents were smokers.

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After school we were having a rehearsal, painting the sets, putting together whatever rickety costumes. She was a friend of my friend, I want to say an inner city South Side of Chicago, Catholic school girl. She sat me down, put a cigarette in my mouth, and lit it. He was a very bad boy. During that time, the girl and I finally had a moment and we passionately kissed.

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I also got caught the first time I smoked pot, because I left the burnt marijuana out in the open in my room. My friend, who helped me clean up and never complained about any of this, sprayed me with peach perfume. Mary H. Our parents hung out together. But I think I was more interested in doing something new than something bad.

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There was a certain group who had ultra-hip parties in Los Feliz, and over time, I became smitten with a girl there. But instead he pulls out two cigarettes. Matt Dorsey, at age 9 This was late 70s. The whole place filled with smoke.

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Real genius here. It was all about Marlboro light s after that. How old were you? I was hanging out with my older cousin, who was fifteen.

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We both took one drag and coughed horribly, both right on the verge of puking. Like, not very attractive. I was way too scared to smoke indoors, so I took a candle, lit it on the stove, and headed to the backyard.

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The line you toe, but that, to cross, would be disastrous. I was cool enough that I inhaled properly and was completely chilling, but then Susana panicked and sprayed the deodorant to cover the smell and it hit my mouth.

I have no memory of what prompted me to ask for a drag. She pulled two out of a pack, handed me one. Kit Friday, at age 14 I went to high school in Maui, and I did a lot of work with the drama department. Suck in, like a straw!