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Insomnia and me: 'I've suffered for such a long time'. It often feels like there are two people, and BDD is a beast inside Liane.

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Beauty Laid Bare. It means we only ever 'do stuff' very occasionally. I really love my girlfriend, Liane.

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There was nothing I could say or do to stop her. I always reassure her that I am. Ending racism in business: 'We've still got work to do'.

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Friends are a different matter; they only recently found out about the BDD. The hardest thing for them to understand is the lack of intimacy between me and Liane. They were both really supportive. It was slightly different to her usual one and she got incredibly angry about it, to the point where she was kicking things over.

It can also be really scary. I use porn as a way of 'self-medicating'.

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But I have total trust in the love that Liane and I have for each other. The last time we were intimate, a few months ago, it was just foreplay.

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More from Body Image. Mitch Witham 6 June Share this:. Non-surgical beauty treatments: Undercover on a facelift training course.

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There was just something about her that I felt completely drawn to. I take each day as it comes and celebrate the good times we have together. As told to Jenny Stallard. We ended up having a massive row. Liane got angry when she found porn on my phone once. Acid burn survivor sees what goes into this beauty ingredient.

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Copy this link. Liane Piper.

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I was there when she tried to actually burn her hair; I had to grab the lighter and put her hair out. Liane has only recently started therapy for BDD, and even though she has a diagnosis now, living with this condition is hard.

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How to masturbate. If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, help and support is available here.

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In fact, she seemed really confident the first few times that we met. Transitioning teens: Is there enough support for gender non-conforming young people?

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BBC Three. Liane became so angry — I think she felt that she was ugly compared to them.

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I have obsessive compulsive disorder OCD myself, which is manageable but has been more severe, and I recognised that some of her behaviours could be symptoms of a similar anxiety disorder. But Liane hates the way she looks, and describes herself as ugly and disgusting multiple times a day.

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I could tell she was upset about it — and worrying about how her hair would look — so I went to the shop and bought her a new can. In it, Liane talks about wanting to scratch off her face, and burn her hair due to her negative feelings about her appearance. Young, female, and addicted to porn.

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Every question you ever had about female ejaculation, answered. She started snapping at me and then stormed off. We had an amazing connection, and within a few months, I knew I was falling for her.

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We met back in on Tinder — which Liane loved because she could control how she looked in the photographs. I suggested she go to her local doctor, and although she was unsure at first, I think she was relieved that we'd spoken about it honestly.

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I just wish she felt the same way about herself. Let's Settle This: Who can say 'wagwan'? Most Popular.

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Are your favourite beauty products recyclable? Once, we were in a bar with friends after a gig, and a couple of the guys came over with some women they knew. This was only a couple of months into our relationship, and I was really frightened.